Cathedral - Vaulted Ceiling FIX - DIY- Upgrading to Cellulose Insulation - Save $$$ on energy with this DIY Video. Vaulted ceilings can be a nightmare for energy efficiency. In this video, host Corey Binford presents a creative approach to fixing an inefficient vaulted ceiling. He uses cellulose insulation to fill the rafter cavities making the room more comfortable and efficient.

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Author Matthew Schofield (2 months)
I've worked in many ceiling spaces over the years, installing home theater,
lighting control and intruder alarm systems. I HATE this kind of
insulation, with a passion. It covers everything, so you have to feel your
way around, making installations very slow. Also, it tends to settle after
a while, reducing the air pockets and the effectiveness. 

Author MAD King (1 year)
Excactly what I got. I would need a second guy. Can I hire you?

Author Jason Woodbury (2 years)
Cathedral ceiling is where there is no airspace left between the insulation
(usually batted) and the roof. Vaulted is where it is sloped, but still
some roof to walk/crawl above, inside the attic.

Author Corey Binford (3 years)
Hey Jgspeer, Yeah there's plenty of baffles running from the eave to a
ridge vent. Before I added the insulation I reached down through each
rafter bay as far as I could to connect the new baffles with the existing
ones. This allows air to flow through and remove heat and humidity.

Author John van Gurp (1 year)
Great videos! I've been browsing all of them and enjoying seeing your
creative approaches to common challenges. I'm going to insulating a 22'
high vaulted ceiling at my cottage this year but it's unfinished so I'll be
able to use Roxul mineral wool batts that mice tend to leave along, at
least compared to blown in material or fiberglass batts. I'll add vent
strips and make a small attic space like you did in this clip and then vent
it front to back and along the soffits. Should keep me busy!

Author waynerd23 (1 year)
Cellulose... I can smell it just be thinking about it. Fiberglass is much
better to blow in my opinion.

Author Joshua Speer (3 years)
Nice vid man. I believe it's called cathedral if it has a peak and comes
back down the other side. To be real technical there is supposed to be a
throne on the floor just below the peak. hehe :) Vaulted is where it only
slopes up from one side from what i've understood. The reason I'm
commenting was, I wanted to ask you, if there's an air space for your roof
sheathing to breath and keep from overheating.

Author Corey Binford (2 years)
@KeyEnergyID Thanks man. I really never knew there was a difference. I
thought it was just a Tomato - Tomato thing. Thanks for watching!

Author fecim (2 years)
hey , I did this just this way. I'm smarter then I thought

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