Move Like Jagger Line Dance

Move Like Jagger Line Dance - Choreographed by : Melvin Tan (Kickick Line Dance)
Part A - 32 count
Part B - 32 count
Sequence : AABB AABB AA tag 4count BB.

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:20
Comments: 32

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Author Pie Navapas (2 years)
My group did this dance (changed it a little bit) for our talent show! she
ended up getting second place! thank you so much!!! i really mean it :)

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
@harrisongrace1213 Yup:) You're most welcome^^ Regards, Melvin

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)

Author Ong Inru (2 years)
舞, 是给会欣赏的人看,给喜欢的人跳;是怎么样的舞有那么重要么?

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
@CuteWonderlandGirl Thank Cute Wonder Girl^^

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Thank you^^

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Hi Linedancergal, Thank you^^ Haha... Ages is not the matter. Just enjoy
the music, steps & moves. Happy dancing. Melvin Tan

Author hyeja0506 (2 years)
Melvin, i agreed with u. I'm also a line dancer 4 more than 8 years. I like
to watch your videos. don mind 2 other persons bad comments. continue your
good jobs.

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Thank you for your support^^ Regards, Melvin Tan

Author Pie Navapas (2 years)
My group used this for our Talent show (changed it a little bit) and we got
second ^^'' thanks so much!!

Author Haley V (2 years)
That's so cute!, a dance for all ages! :) Love it

Author Karen Hannaford (2 years)
I think you've done really well. We do a different dance to this music, but
I like this one a lot. I'm not so sure about the all ages bit though. A lot
of the ladies I dance with are 70+ and I can't quite imagine them doing it

Author Cheerbabetumblr (2 years)

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)

Author Leah Claudine Umilin (2 years)
i like some dance step///

Author shiaungan47 (2 years)
this is a stupid and silly dance absolutely not might for adults but for
teenager the grown man looks out of place...................

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Haha... Is great to hear that :) Congratulation^^

Author Maryjcr88 (2 years)
Shiaugan47 Go get a life and get off your high chair!! You don't like
it...DON'T WATCH IT! Does it thrill you to post such nasty and unkind
comments about people you don't know? The man in the video is our very good
friend who is super duper good in what he does for his kids, his friends
and his students!

Author SoJerz609 (2 years)
Awww, I was enjoying watching the kids do it (especially the girl in the
black tank top, she was rocking it!)....then the guy had to get in
front....guess that's the choreographer, but the kids were doing a great
job and it looks kinda silly to have a grown man out there with them.

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Thank Ru225^^

Author Grace Harrison (2 years)
mind if i borrow some of this for a talentshow??

Author Melvin Tan (3 years)
Thank Lilly :)

Author windanceschool (2 years)
身为老师有时候真的可以说是 “蠢” 。但,蠢的有价值,因为看到学生学得开心活得精彩,又有什么所谓?

Author LILLYLEE0825 (3 years)
WOW ~~

Author Susan Libitzky (2 years)
My friends like this and I think Shaungan47 is stupid. Good job
MelvinTan8888. fromTutz.

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Shiaungan47, I'm 46 years old and I don't think i'm stupid and silly, I
just want to make my friends, my students and kids happy and make it fun
when we grouping up and dancing  together. you're 30 years old living in
the world and you don't know how to respect peoples. When you said stupid
and silly I think you're talking to youself, because you will make Line
Dancers dislike you, If you don't like my Channel just go away.

Author Suzzanne Teo (2 years)
AGREE!..This kids rocks!! Good Job..;)

Author Rock Queen (3 years)
Level:Asian u guys ROCK :p

Author Melvin Tan (2 years)
Thank you :)

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