Lala's Lullaby Lyrics and Translation

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Lala's Lullaby from the anime series D. Gray-Man, with Latin lyrics and English translation. Enjoy!


Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce, Deus,
Pie Jesu Domine
Judicandus homo reus
Huice ergo parce, Deus,
Pie Jesu Domine

Singer: Eri Kawai

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Runtime: 2:00
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Author Liquid AMVs (27 days)
Mr. human, do you want me to sing you a song...
Mr... Human...

Author Faith Cole (1 month)
Lala had such a sad back story :(

+1 in memory of lala

Author freak1807 (1 month)
I get goosebumps every single time I listen to this.. :'(

Author blackskullraven (1 month)
Too many feels

Author 17funnyface (1 month)
every time i listen to this song it makes me want to cry. JUST THINK ABOUT
HIM. plus *couch* the yullen was pretty cool *cough*

Author Daniar Vermilion (2 months)

Author Pinkypuff Pinkstar (2 months)
beautiful! also you translated this? awesome! ^_^

Author Gasai PlaysMC (2 months)
Made me cry '-'

Author Tainá Wittkowski (2 months)
Actually, she sings a requiem, so "Lacrimosa dies illa" actually means
"Tearful Day of sins", wich means the apocalypse. In normal requiems there
is always this part, the "Dies irae"
In this one, the text is a bit different, but it's just... beautiful

Author Nanakuro (2 months)

Author Haven Benham (3 months)
i wish this song was on iTunes, it would never get old :')

Author Jeanette Castro-Louis (4 months)
T.T im cryig now i never heard the english version.....T.T.....T.T ....T.T

Author Erza Scarlet (4 months)
Wat the song message wwt does thse word mean

Author nico robin (7 months)
I love this lullaby
R.I.P Lala :'(

Author SunnyPsychosis (4 months)
As much as I love the anime, the mispronunciation of the Latin as well at
the missing line are annoying me a little. lol.

Author SamaelCubus (4 months)
first time I heard this song I had a feeling in my gut that I had heard it
somewhere before, it was very nostalgic for some reason.

Author Johnny D (4 months)
There is nothing to dislike about this song apart if you are an imbecilic
retard who doesn't know anything about deep human feelings. (Song sang by
the beautifull and lonely Lala doll from the D.Gray-Man anime.)

Author Kelly Glass (5 months)
Such a cute song looks sad

Author NamiAnAngel (5 months)
you did a great job I was even able to sing in english ^^ nice!

Author لولو الدلوعة (5 months)
Very nice

Author rosefangles (5 months)
I love this song sooooooo much and I have sung it so many times that I know
all the words! In fact I'm singing it as write this comment :3

Author creamgravy1 (5 months)
Always wondered what Avens - "Night Happiness" was sampled of. Thanks to
the comment section!

Author The lost maiden (6 months)
*Victorique outside in the garden singing a Latin song quietly that no one
can hear her* ((open rp)) 

Author Tamar Zedginidze (6 months)
I have an insomnia and most of the sleeping pills stopped having effect on
me, but every nigh I listen to this lullaby and I go to sleep like an
innocent baby.. thank you arvyknowsbest for uploading this!! :)

Author Abdulaziz Bastaki (6 months)
One of the best songs in the whole show.

Author Yaya The Otaku (6 months)
Such a sad scene. The music makes me want to cry.

Author john willams (6 months)
First time i actually cried during an anime

Author The lost maiden (6 months)
*Fujiwara at the school roof singing a lullaby quietly during the full moon*
((open rp))

Author Peng Vang (7 months)
when lala died allen got pissed off and his anti-weapon change his combat
to his range combat

Author Ayşe Bademci (7 months)
çok güzel ya <3

Author Büşra Şen (7 months)
kusana kadar dinlerim artık...

Author kanda (7 months)
lala's story made me cry

Author Blair Houston (7 months)
"Thank you... For letting me sing until I broke... Thank you."

Author Moira Feehan (8 months)
I wish there was a way to describe this song. Seriously. It's just so
beautiful. I have no way to put it into words.

Author gabriellez613 (8 months)
So beautiful.

Author dormansi b.ş. (8 months)

Author Andre Jackson (9 months)
This song is sad but beautiful love it

Author Catherine Bravo (9 months)

Author Aster misue (10 months)
So pretty.

Author kanna yaj (1 year)
this translation is way better than others..:)

Author iPauGonzaga (1 year)
Oh oh oh my bad

Author Darwing Rodriguez (1 year)
the anime looks for childs but its stories are as deep as Elfen Lied and
sadedt anime ever ANGEL BEATS I recommend to all to watch both ((_-)

Author hihirandomppl (1 year)
I have a lot of friends that are christian and their parents won't let them
watch anime because it's apparently the devil trying to corrupt our souls.
With songs about god and jesus. And god's gift which we use to fight
demons. Is there some kind of church for atheists?

Author orange18 (1 year)
so peace

Author 11Talleyho (1 year)
ok glad you know latin but one major flaw...Deus means God, not Lord. It
changes the whole context of the meaning if you mistranslate like that.

Author RESIDENTHOB0 (1 year)
:D thanks dude! Also, please say yes to this, but do Allen and Lenalee...
develop a romance? :3

Author lollypop292 (1 year)
Yeah, verbs are awful. xD

Author taqwaaldabagh (1 year)
I more than love it I see it like 1000000000000000000 times .

Author goldenswitche (1 year)
The anime hopefully continues, but the manga is currently on a hiatus

Author arvyknowsbest (1 year)
The anime does deviate from the manga somewhat. Personally, I think the
manga does a better job of storytelling, and the art is much better, but
the anime does have beautiful music and atmosphere. Maybe you could read
the manga for the storyline and watch your most favorite parts again in the
anime (assuming your favorite parts come in the episodes before the anime

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