The Sims 3 - A teenage pregnancy story

Please check out my other Sims 3 story and tell me what you think!

Tutorial on how to get a teen pregnancy mod. ( it is not my tutorial )

Her you can download a teenage pregnancy mod.

Links for the houses to download.

Thank you all for the views and nice comments! =)

Song one: Laura Jansen - Use Somebody
Song two: Anouk - Bitter ore Worse

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Thank you for watching!

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Author Alissia Adorni (8 days)
I love the sims :)

Author gigi babe (25 days)
this is sims 2 not sims 3

Author sandy dallas (1 month)
she is like my friend...ffff i like this story and this game too

Author sofia korro (4 months)
Why she take the baby?

Author megan ragan (1 month)
why was the fricking baby taken away?

Author Εφη Κ. (1 month)
Εχω κολλημα με το sims μαλιστα το παρειγγειλα..και αυτη η ιστορια ηταν πολυ
γλυκια ωραια και συγκινιτικη ιστοριαα...τον παλιο μαλακα της πειρε το
παιδι...αξηζει να το δειτε πιστευω..!

Author Molly H (2 months)
very good job on this ;)

Author Amelia Dance (2 months)
Does the baby actually get taken away in sims 3? None of my babies have??

Author Mr. X (3 months)
What am I doing with my life?

Author Danielle (2 days)
Wow... it's so real!! 

Author Flikkerpigen (2 days)

Author liat toty (11 days)
but how they do this so soon? they only meet and then to the bed?

Author Samantha Rivera (14 days)
How did you get a teen to have a baby? I tried once and it didnt even have
that as an option.... I'm so lost

Author Leigh Harrell (15 days)
this is just sad

Author gomamamias (16 days)
... why? ...

Author xkenzie (19 days)
No it's sims 3 look at her most recent video..

Author Katie Leever (5 months)
LOL this is hilarious and retarded at the same time xD

Author Emily RedSed (24 days)
the baby has my name :3 

Author Joana Rocha (4 months)
why was baby taken away?

Author Ellie belly (4 months)
my sisters b'day is on the 2nd of june

Author Cadence Gregory (26 days)
very cute

Author princeeeeess (1 month)
why she so skinny and her head big as shit

Author Alice Jackson (4 months)
omfg laughing through the whole thing CX wtf type video is this 1st they
just meet start flirting then magically they at a haouse doing it and than
all of asudden she throws up and she pregos wtf kinda nvm

Author Karen Telle Hille (1 month)
this is beautiful

Author VidGirl (1 month)
i feel so bad for her

Author Quisha Allen (1 month)

Author Annalise Burton (4 months)
that was sad

Author K Hughes (1 month)
This reminds me of an episode of 16 and Pregnant... reminds me of the one
with twins.

Author Mikayla Yoder (5 months)
wtf was that? So this is how it all went down:

girl: **swinging**
boy: **Looks at girl** **sits on swing next to her**
girl: **starts looking at boy**
boy: **starts looking at girl**
**both start taking to each other**
girl: **flirts with boy**
boy: **flirts with girl**
*magically at the girls house** **start to fuck**

that escalated way to quickly.

Author Breda Browne (1 month)
im pregnant too .

Author rhode berkhoff (1 month)
mwah alf l o l

Author Katty Might (1 month)
I Mean I Dont Udnerstand About The Baby? I Wouldnt Just Kicked This Ladys
(Sorry But Its TRUE!)

Author Forever Simmer!!! (1 month)

Author Rakayla Bennett (1 month)
the father was not there to take care of the baby when she was at work so
she dint had time for the baby so she give it away to that lady woman

Author masterskyrunner (1 month)
What the crap did I just watch? Did she hope the same thing would happen
again at the end?

Author ponlinkdoesgaming (1 month)
very emotional, love it! 

Author Даша Кравчук (5 months)
Все не руссскии??

Author Andrea Weiger (5 months)
Hello, I have never downloaded mod's before into my sim's game. I was
wondering how can I download this one into the sims 3 pc game for Windows 7
on my Dell laptop. I tried your links to get them and they don't work

Author Meg Dyer (2 months)
I'm sorry, but I could not take this seriously with the whole video game
characters thing, the expressions on their faces, and the fact that they
went from swinging to having sex in a matter of 15 seconds.

Author Ashlynne Mae (5 months)
why did the baby get taken away

Author maddie luna (2 months)
:( poor girl.

Author Havvanur Yılmaz (2 months)
Very bad... !! 

Author emily p (2 months)
it was sad have a heart.....jerks

Author ImAbout HavingFun (2 months)
You really know how to make your stories sad and very good

Author EmmaHearts (2 months)
I'm glad I'm not a teen anymore. I kinda act like one sometimes, but, no, i

Author BarkyTheFox (2 months)
My wife and I watched this when she found out when she was pregnant. No, we
aren't teens, i'm 26, and my wife is 24.

Author Troyler Overload (2 months)
One thing i just noticed is how horribly thin people make their sims.. its
literally disgusting, and unrealistic just to make them look good.. being
thin doesnt make you prettier...

Author Jermey Wilbourne (2 months)
did the baby die

Author Aria Seymour (2 months)
what town is this?

Author Ridel Sim (2 months)
Once they took my toddler away from me Couse her mother did not listen so
she hat to be took bur I just didn't save it.

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