The Sims 3 - A teenage pregnancy story

Please check out my other Sims 3 story and tell me what you think!

Tutorial on how to get a teen pregnancy mod. ( it is not my tutorial )

Her you can download a teenage pregnancy mod.

Links for the houses to download.

Thank you all for the views and nice comments! =)

Song one: Laura Jansen - Use Somebody
Song two: Anouk - Bitter ore Worse

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Thank you for watching!

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Author Ashlyn Dino lover (2 months)
MORAL OF THE STORY: dont kiss boys at swing sets

Author princeeeeess (6 months)
why she so skinny and her head big as shit

Author Maura Clerc (2 months)
I showed this to my sister and now she is scared t get preganant...this is
why we take the medicane

Author Finesse Father (2 hours)
This gives guys a bad name. 

Author Jonathan Gutierrez (23 days)
That's crazy. Nice vid! That's reality sometimes... Awesome vid tho (:

Author Rami Sofia Malek (9 months)
Why she take the baby?

Author joao vitor dorneles (1 day)
sempre tendo cuidado por que vc pode larga curço escola e seu marido te
larga ,, pode ter o bebé mas quando te ver condiçoes de cria um filho

Author Dulce Alvaro (21 day)
This is how I was born my mom comes from Guatemala but she wanted to go to
college and met a guy fell in love and I have a wonderful family

Author Alissia Adorni (5 months)
I love the sims :)

Author ilsa saleem (1 month)
wait why was the baby taken away T-T

Author Sound Arena Magazine TV Drima (27 days)
No offence sims three, but if your girlfriend or wife is already pregnant,
why kiss them so much??? ‼❇✴✳♠♥✴✖

Author karissa brekke (19 days)
That's sad

Author elsa frozen (17 days)
I hated when they kissed 😨 👎👎👎💏🚼🚼🚼🚼no no no no no!!!!

Author Gintautė Sinkevičiūtė (1 month)
she was pregnant i was crying after she was like talking to her mom and dad
because then what she will do not meet her dad or mom :( ):< bad parents

Author grace klozyk (1 month)
one kiss doesn't make you have a baby this is how so the girl and boy agree
to have a baby, if yes they kiss more than 60 times a day have you know
what 2 times in the morning and afternoon when they get to the hospital the
doctor leave the room and lets the girl and boy kiss in the room

Author Emily Wells (23 days)
No affence but it is story not storie

Author Nicola Gilbert (1 month)
I dont get it? What did she do that would have caused the baby to be taken
away ?!?!!

Author Sam Hunt (21 day)
Whats the Boyfriends name?

Author stewart comrie (1 month)
U need to have sex about 10 times u don't just give bearth nigga ps shit

Author Madysen Miller (24 days)
Aww that's sad when the baby gets takes away that happeds to me on the sims
I the sims

Author Alisha Flatman (16 days)
That was emotional 

Author Djullietta Konwetta (26 days)
Чё все по анг яз ?

Author julio flores (1 month)
She didint taje care of The baby

Author sady101 cool (3 months)
you mas as well just put on 16 and prgent

Author fxxferrari09 (29 days)
Should be the story of the Social Services.

Author Amanda Rose Littlejohn (4 months)
O.K., so my boyfriend helped me put on the mods I need to get a teenager
pregnant, but it's not working yet. Is there a certain time I have to wait
for it to work? We followed tutorials step-by-step. Someone please answer.

Author Muffinka Pączuś (1 month)
Baby Blues

Author Hatsune Miku (10 days)
Are you Dutch?

Author Leah Nance (1 month)
Don't listen to what all the hatters say you make wonderful videos thx for
making the video you should make some more ☺

Author Alissia Adorni (2 months)
please be my friend i sent you a friend y thing :) i need your help please

Author Siti Rania (2 months)
my sims cant pregnant anymore!!

Author Eliena Holtrop (3 months)
Welcom on earth

Author Deville MarieFrance (1 month)
comme sa va je regarde barbie

Author liat toty (5 months)
but how they do this so soon? they only meet and then to the bed?

Author darbee aleena (2 months)
Way in the world did the baby get took away from her i thank that she was a
good mom 

Author Julian2 (1 month)
3:06 she felt the baby XD

Author Chichester Girl (4 months)
In The Sims 3 Can You Fet Teens Preggers

Author shayla foster (3 months)
1:22 why you have the bathroom near a window..... anybody passing could see
their buissness?!?!?! think.

Author karissa brekke (1 month)
That ending was so sad I almost cried ALMOST 

Author Ashley Cheak (1 month)
do you actually puke when you get pregnant

Author lovely liliy (1 month)
how they had it in sims 3 you cant do it if you are a teenager

Author Paige Odefey (2 months)
Where did you get all of that awesome furniture?

Author Joeylynn Gray (2 months)
this was soo sad ; ;

Author DarNina Greenhow (1 month)
what a sad story! :(

Author Cristy Vazquez (2 months)
This is actually sad😢

Author Imma Problem (2 months)
I aint suppose to be here. Ima real nigga!

Author Gintautė Sinkevičiūtė (1 month)
i liked it alot 

Author Katelove (1 month)
but sort of funny

Author Jesus Christ Superstar (2 months)
why. the. fuck. am i watching this...

Author gardith germain (2 months)
Waaaaaa very emotional

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