The Sims 3 - A teenage pregnancy story

Please check out my other Sims 3 story and tell me what you think!

Tutorial on how to get a teen pregnancy mod. ( it is not my tutorial )

Her you can download a teenage pregnancy mod.

Links for the houses to download.

Thank you all for the views and nice comments! =)

Song one: Laura Jansen - Use Somebody
Song two: Anouk - Bitter ore Worse

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Thank you for watching!

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Author Reidedeidei (3 days)
the boy is actually pretty ugly.

Author Annalise Burton (20 days)
that was sad

Author Sanuli Buddhipala (1 month)
i was laughing through out the whole thing

Author Mikayla Yoder (25 days)
wtf was that? So this is how it all went down:

girl: **swinging**
boy: **Looks at girl** **sits on swing next to her**
girl: **starts looking at boy**
boy: **starts looking at girl**
**both start taking to each other**
girl: **flirts with boy**
boy: **flirts with girl**
*magically at the girls house** **start to fuck**

that escalated way to quickly.

Author Tarsha Andrews (2 months)
Lmfao a glass window wall in the BATHROOM XD

Author Isa Monii (3 days)
Name of all songs please ! :) 

Author noelle hayes (6 days)
So sad! but why did she take the baby?

Author Ariadna Oniria (3 days)
I think that the woman that came was from the Social Services.
This video really hit in the heart

Author Julie Flores (5 days)
it was very very very 1,0000000000 times sad

Author Joana Rocha (9 days)
why was baby taken away?

Author ah mc (5 days)
That's the most ugliest effing waistcoat I have ever seen. 

Author rocio hernandez (10 days)
that was very sad i cry a lot they take her baby they are very bad people

Author Mara Joy Faber (15 days)
All the names are really Dutch..

Author delia Boyette (20 days)
Why did DAT MOTHERFUCKER take Emily away?!

Author Sam Robles (13 days)
wow this was so.... amazingly entertaining :D stupid teenagers getting
pregnant for no damn reason at all then her player leaves her :D

Author Giovanni Hogan (24 days)
kill yourself

Author Cherry Candy (28 days)
I like how the ending related to the beginning (when she sat on the swing).
I really liked this story, mostly the furniture but also what it was all do I sound nerdy.......

Author Samara Sanders (15 days)
omg that was so sad

Author Dawnelle Guyton (24 days)
i realize this is sims and completely fake but i seriously cried

Author Henrico Yudha (25 days)

Author Haley Champlin (2 months)
This wasn't the pc version was it?\

Author CLICK Christopher (26 days)
Nearly 3 million hits... The soundtrack was hilariously fitting. 

Author Hien Lloyd Agpalasin (2 months)
So sad I hate that lady 😭

Author cara jagur (25 days)
I am sad!

Author Love Simmer (18 days)
I cried cause it true D:

Author Wesburg Willies (27 days)
so deep.... i need some time.... i think i can hear colors

Author Ben Paul (3 months)
Why are all of these all over youtube

Author jononoon (3 months)
y did they take the kid

Author lollipop (1 month)
So sad! :(

Author HardPlateGaming (22 days)
BTW this vidoe is not the best come on everyone will say that rights come
on guys who s with me people boom what

Author Christine Kyagulanyi (18 days)
good video though

Author Lily Drummond (2 months)
so sad I was crying

Author Steph Hodgson (1 month)
loved the video but the house wow im jelous!

Author Bree Ooten (1 month)
that is sad did that baby die? or get token away

Author bellatrix fortissimo (2 months)
sad :(

Author Taliyah Gabrielle (21 day)
@AshlynnO'Keane lol

Author Julie White (25 days)
k then

Author Iveta Sietkovska (1 month)
normals vidijo

Author caitlin chambers (20 days)

Author Celeste Gowins (1 month)
Kinda sad...

Author Travis Shan (22 days)
Too depressing. SIMS is a game,

Author Andrea Weiger (25 days)
Hello, I have never downloaded mod's before into my sim's game. I was
wondering how can I download this one into the sims 3 pc game for Windows 7
on my Dell laptop. I tried your links to get them and they don't work

Author Ekaterina Franzeva (1 month)
it's not real
when they talking in the game they have a clouds up

Author Tajh Ling Choung (1 month)
haha it is really funny love it hahah

Author ice age (3 months)
I find your video so great! I find it sad that her baby was taken away!

Author Meglizabeth13 (2 months)
Only in the sims would cleaning your house result in neglecting your baby

Author madison woods (3 months)
that is sad the ex husband must of call that lady on her now that is messed

Author Paul Lees (2 months)
It looks more like Sims 2

Author Heather Kirkpatrick (23 days)
Beautiful. Almost cried. 

Author Renae Traynor (1 month)
Great Storyline

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