Jeff Hardy Shocking Return To WWE 2014

This is an edited video & its for my subscriber Eli Truth who asked me

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Author xDarklogan57 (5 months)
FAKE ...

Author MrCodeerror (1 month)
Knew strait away when I saw that the video was published last year, fucking

Author MrJoec316 (2 months)
Jeff Hardy is currently under contract with TNA and won't be returning
anytime soon. He could come back to the WWE if he really wanted to but he
won't because of the WWE's hectic and very busy schedule. That's one of the
main reasons why he won't come back yet.

Author neprijatnyjtip (3 months)
the human who makes this video is at least 5 years old! and he is black
monkey! stupid black monkey!

Author Rebecca McKenzie (1 month)
Hey guys important message if you miss Jeff hardy he evaluated nxt cause
his contract the drugs wore off and should return by 2015

Author dane dailey (3 months)
Me and all my friends stopped watching wwe because jeff left but if he
would come back after 5 years I'm sure we would all start watching again

Author Saarah Rowshan (4 months)
i hAte U abhijith for TRICKING mE

Author harvey richarardson (2 months)

Author Crash Chambers (3 months)
He is still keeping a contract in TNA as Willow. Don't think he will return
anytime soon.

Author TheLSzockerextreme //Youtube Pause\\ (3 months)
so a sally fake -.-

Author evan woda (7 days)

Author Chris Redfielf (9 days)
100% fake

Author AnneMarie Keane (23 days)
I wish this was real!!

Author Stage Forplay (4 months)

Author The TCB Gamer (1 month)

Author CrazyMonkeyGaming (2 months)
Worst quality EVER

Author Zach Schroeder (1 month)
Yo I wish he would come back I heard that when his TNA contract expires he
is gonna take a small break then go back to WWE, idk tho

Author Johannes Rau (4 months)
Return to wwe 2014... Uploaded in 2013...Seems legit

Author muzaffar aidid (5 months)
hardy please return!!!

Author Chris Redfielf (9 days)
100% fake

Author RYse Arrow (1 month)
Hardy left TNA 5 months ago, he is taking a long break, he might come back,
he has twitter

Author Jayce H (9 days)
Jeff hardy is in TNA 

Author Chuck Norris (5 months)
Whoever keeps saying fake read the fucking description.

Author Eddie Bedolla (3 months)
Date 2013 it say 2014 lie

Author UnknownMaster (4 months)
What's Jeff Hardy's theme song called?

Author Zachary Stewart (7 months)
Fake 2 reasons
1: JR was commentating
2: did anyone else here the cut scene at 0:36

Author Purjon Jaryce (8 months)

Author KittyKatXGaming (1 month)
bull shit jeff hardy had an injury back then real bad 1 as well

Author Ricardo Codinha (5 months)
He died

Author SolidSnakeBoss (26 days)
OMG!!! Jeff is back!! When did this happen 

Author Lucinda Tair (5 months)
Super. Duper. Fake

Author Eyal Riva (6 months)
so fake and untrue

Author donnell shelton (6 months)
i watch raw that day and I did not see no jeff hardy what a idiot who ever
post this

Author Nykko Galarraga (7 months)
Fake because he doesn't know if he is going to return and 2013 he was with

Author Maria Soria (5 months)
fake he did not die stupid

Author Salia Berthe (3 days)
Damn!! what that hell is that fucking fake video 

Author Keaten Geiger (4 days)
Jeff hardy has been in tna since last year. This video is very fake

Author zain shah (4 days)

Author Tomas Jimenez (9 days)
Before you say it's fake read the description

Author Trevor Phillips (8 days)
Jeff hardy in in TNA but his TNA contract is running out so Jeff will wait
until his TNA contract runs out before he returns to WWE

Author the lucas show (4 days)
hardy returned to tna as willow but angle made him return as hardy in the
20 man battle royal

Author john ziggler (8 days)
Shut up he tried his best

Author Jesiah Henriqes (17 days)
The quality is ass

Author Cathrine Tassopoulos (16 days)
This isn't true

Author Mariama Gueye (16 days)
He fooled u people

Author Arul Anand (13 days)
Jeff Hardy Shocking Return To WWE 2014 Published on 6 Mar 2013

Author Karlen Hovhannisyan (15 days)
The one who made this video is probaly five years old and he managed to
make me laughing.

Author Return Cursed (2 months)
FAKE, first at the bottom you can see "W Live", buy when Jeff Hardy
"returns", only appears "W".
Really fake

Author Rexmasterofwind (13 days)
It says returned on 14 but then posted on 2013 lol

Author Essance Lightell (11 days)

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