Jeff Hardy Returns To WWE RAW 2014

This is an edited video & its for my subscribers who asked me

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Author The Rock (4 months)
I hope Jeff returns. He's one of the all time greats.

Author abhijith388 (3 months)
Please Subscribe My New Channel WWE PPV for All WWE Shows And Pay-Per-Views

Author Jaden Lupica (4 months)
Are you All Retarded? Read The Damn Description Dumbasses. Let Me Copy It
For You.
Published on Mar 6, 2013
This is an edited video & its for my subscribers who asked me
Duh Dumb Bitches

Author XxReDXxHAWK (29 days)
Jeff hardy will come back, he said once he is 40 he will return... Idk his
age now but I know he's in his late 30s so it won't be long for our high
flyer to return

Author El Wey De al Lado (5 days)
How upload this video on 2013 but thr title says 2014?

Author Ekko denari (2 days)
this video is SUCK men. c'mon i can do better than this
+abhijith388 u must learn more

Author janga manga (19 days)


Author commacuracy ___ (3 days)
Fake the fans were wearing Jeff hardy gear they wouldn't of known 

Author Sebastian STEWART (24 days)
This is a fake

Author Dominik Solis (3 days)
Please come back to WWE Jeff Hardy

Author XxReDXxHAWK (29 days)
Unless WWE fucks him up again

Author سيف المازم (21 day)
What a lie you upload the video in year 2013 how its 2014 u lier

Author Miguel Ángel Capitán (1 month)
Jeff come to wwe for interrup cm punk not john cena and heyman is edited

Author MrCodeerror (6 months)
Knew strait away when I saw that the video was published last year, fucking

Author Lea TheAwesome (2 months)
If only Jeff came back he needs to put super cena in his place!!!! WWE why
can't he come back!!!!???? :'( 

Author Evann Chase (25 days)

Author Oliver Thomas (6 days)
I want rvd back

Author MrJoec316 (7 months)
Jeff Hardy is currently under contract with TNA and won't be returning
anytime soon. He could come back to the WWE if he really wanted to but he
won't because of the WWE's hectic and very busy schedule. That's one of the
main reasons why he won't come back yet.

Author Jeff Nava (19 days)
Lame lame lame lame i hate the video

Author Christina Weber (21 day)
Ey thats a fake video

Author Smurfe Kop (1 month)
Jeff Hardy Returns To WWE 2014
Published on 6 march 2013

Author official epodinos (1 month)
you are a son of bitch ..!!!!!! left you mom to do video but in youporn

Author zain shah (4 months)

Author Kali Mert (4 months)
öncelikle bu videoyu yapanın ben anasının amına molotof atayım sonra amım
yanıyor söndürcek yok mu diye feyse yazsın senin burnunu sikeyim orospu
çocuğu duygularımla oynadın eğer görürsen google translate al bunu copy
paste yap anasını siktiğim

Author Raymond Deh (21 day)
You gassed my head up

Author Siddarth Anil (1 month)
Hey don't fool us by showing jeff hardy's 2008 return

Author Jesse Coronado (4 months)
i wish it was real :,(

Author WeeStudent 77 (1 month)
So he returned in 2014 but this was posted in 2013

Author Pohlotka Antonin (1 month)
Jeff will come back in 2015 and be the new wwe world heawy champion.

Author NicO SerVillon ™ (24 days)
Great Editing :D

Author Jaime Grubbs (23 days)
this is fake

Author Stage Forplay (9 months)

Author Messiah Haralson (3 months)
Everyone shut the fuck up, the uploader says its fake! He said he did this
just wonder if this actually were to happen. And look at the title dumb

Author Chris Redfielf (5 months)
100% fake

Author janga manga (19 days)
That a old video

Author David Patterson (2 months)
I really hope he returns to the www

Author Juan Centeno (2 months)
Please Hardy COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jackson Pav (3 months)
TNA isn't as busy as WWE. Reason why lots of wrestlers left WWE. TNA just
cruises along when WWE is everywhere, worldwide. Have interviews promos

Author Sham Hakim (2 months)
Thank you rock you return i like jeffhardy and you

Author chris vences (1 month)
He is back see tna you see him

Author ELI PARILI (3 months)
how it's 2014 if you uploaded this video on 2013?

Author Danwella Miradores (3 months)
Ofcourse its fake it says edited

Author AllAroundGam3r (4 months)

Author leonel puma iquise (26 days)

Author Jake Martin (1 month)
very funny

Author tyty walker (4 months)
Everybody knows jeffs in tna right now

Author Rosa Weaver (1 month)
No way

Author Alec Trupiano (4 months)
jeff is 8n tnt he was willow but now he is jeff in 5na again matt is back
to in tna

Author Mehmet Evinc (4 months)
Jeff is back to comfort CM Punk in 2012

Author jeffhardy4454 (2 months)
that was fake

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