Aftermath Of Georgie's Death Pt.3-General Hospital 12/18/07

The final pt. of the aftermath. For all of you G-Spin fans out their this is the one year aniversary of the day Spinelli met Georgie. GH blows! Anyway the scene at the end where Spinelli lights a candle for Georgie brings me to tears and the final scene with Mac, Maxie, and Robin just kills me. Oh, poor choice of words. I'll miss you Georgie!u_u

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Author KMfan3 (5 years)
Yeah it is stupid!

Author aradiaj (6 years)
man G was my girl, and i still cant stop crying

Author swoody2686 (5 years)
this still makes me cry!

Author potterfreak07 (5 years)
OMG that was sooo cute when spinelli lighted the candle and sooo sad

Author CrackerJackers97 (6 years)
The idiotic writers should take a look at YouTube and type in G-Spin.
There's a lot of results! I think I read somewhere that the reason G-Spin
never was is because they wanted to leave the viewers wanting more. My
response: ... What?! How exactly does that seem right. It seems stupid

Author illyria74 (6 years)
I can't believe they killed of such an amazing character and never giving
us G-Spin fans what we were waiting for.

Author tmwalkerm (5 years)
If "GH blows" so bad, why do you watch it? Just sayin......

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