Part 1: two of my favorite Gina Carano & Ronda Rou

Please read this carefully thank you
Yes I'm a fan of the 2 ladies! Gina Carano & Ronda Rousey.
2 MMA Fighters! Song: Blow Me Away
Music By: Breaking Benjamin Featuring Valora

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 3:10
Comments: 75

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Author Jay Zarna (1 year)
Carano is too pretty too fight damn!

Author A State Of Bikes (2 years)
imagine the trio aaawwhhh!!!

Author JeyWestclassic (2 years)
essa não é a rounda rousey

Author Zonk Zonker (1 year)
kick her in the vagina!

Author mbtoober (1 year)
Awww, was hoping this was an actual fight btween the two.

Author CHANCHAMALONERA (2 years)

Author larry baskin (1 year)
I like Ronda but i LOVE GINA!

Author True Martial Art (1 year)

Author ayden08mc00 (1 year)
Dana got to put gina and ronda together in cage!!!

Author John Allen (1 year)
Just saw that Gina is no longer fighting and is dating the guy in the new
superman role. she'll have a bit part as Wonder Woman meetin the Man of
Steel. Go figure. anyhow, the article mentioned how "topheavy" she looked
and it looked fine by me.

Author Justin Graham (2 years)

Author Fernanda Pinedo (2 years)
i love both of them, but Gina is my favourite, because she was the first
one to show up, Gina will always be my favorite, but now she stopped to
fight, so Im kind of getting Ronda's fan.But Gina will always be my first
inspiration.. xoxo from brazil...fuck Cris Cyborg

Author pouriabakhtiyari (2 years)
If ronda rousey breaks ginas arm than I'll break my arm too just for gina

Author Michael Somers (1 year)
my favorite part was when carrano had high guard for like 5 minutes... and
then that was it...

Author Fernando Rossi (2 years)
Is there any chance of a Rousey vs Carano? Is Carano retired?

Author Rachel Scott (2 years)
I hear Syd Duran of Valora and I see both of my favorite fighters! This
video is made of win. That is all. :)

Author brooke siens (2 years)

Author Joe Byrne (2 years)
LOL, thanks man.

Author Alejandro Garcia (1 year)
ronda is georgeus even when she is sweaty

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Gina Carano & Ronda Rousey won the fight! :)

Author lceYourPimpHand (2 years)
Can someone explain what happened to the Rousey vs Kaufman fight? I've been
looking around and they've seemed to have cancelled it. BTW, Gina vs Rousey
isn't going to happen, just sayin.

Author King Gusto (2 years)
I will always support my Babe Gina

Author itsmason41 (2 years)
2different weight classes and rousey would destroy carano easily.

Author hunterxbox11 (1 year)
jenny be great vid and there my fav too

Author Aluísio Alves (1 year)
Gina, I love you!!!!

Author Justin Graham (2 years)
ronda is the silva of womens MMA

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Yes the fight is still on! :) Saturday Aug. 18 on Strikeforce are going to
watch it? It's on Showtime. oh yeah by the way. I know that. (GINA AND
RONDA MY FAVOURITES fighters! Just sayin too.)  ;)

Author Wes Jacobs (2 years)
I think they are both awesome. Rousey is an awesome face for Judo. The arm
bars she does are the same ones I do in Dan Zan Ryu Ju Jitsu which is
totally different from BJJ and has a lot of throws do to the founder of the
style being a Judo player first.

Author dallasmavs411ify (1 year)
I have a feeling Gina would kill Ronda cuz how long she's been on top

Author brooke siens (2 years)
they haven eaven faught yet ... thts katlyn young who fught her .. not rousy

Author Joe Byrne (2 years)
Who ended up winning the match?

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Sweet hell yeah! They both hot ladies too! :)

Author mmachico (2 years)
Gina is too girly for Ronda. Once it gets to the ground Gina is history. I
love them both.

Author Cindy Lam (2 years)
It will be a classic Grappler vs Striker match if Gina and Ronda ever get
to face each other. The mentality of Ronda is rather tough and she won't
allow the opponent the time to move around. Gina would be in trouble when
Ronda got some part of her body. For striking power, you would find out
more about Ronda's boxing skill with the upcoming August 18 fight for Sarah
Kaufman vs Ronda Rousey. Then we can discuss about the entire set of
Ronda's technique.

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Your welcome. I don't have it on my itunes. lol.. Sorry. Maybe nextime
okay! :)

Author Alejandro Garcia (1 year)
ronda is georgeus even when she is sweaty

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Song: Blow Me Away Music By: Breaking Benjamin Featuring Valora

Author reallybigname (2 years)
You did, bro, you did.

Author Sean Wilkie (2 years)
Its cool that Carano was and is your fav, but Rousey is the new level of
woman fighter. With that being said, Carano is a great fighter and could
always pull something out.

Author MaiAntiMarxist (2 years)
Seems like Gina's elbow broke.

Author Elijah Velez (2 years)
I wanna be the sandwich meat in between these two hot buns

Author Debtbully Payup (2 years)
Sara Brick House McMann!She's Mighty Mighty!

Author Fitwarrior777 (2 years)

Author Anton Khuu (2 years)
lm caranos biggest fan .. gina is beautifull and sweet , great striker with
a lovely voice .. but ronda is on a different level of fighting !!

Author Jenny BE (2 years)
Yes the fight is still on! :) Saturday Aug. 18 on Strikeforce are going to
watch it? It's on Showtime.

Author KOHCEPBbI (2 years)
Carano THE BEST!

Author Ulises Aviles (1 year)
I like both Woman both are amazing athletes. But in my opinion Gina Corana
is the better fighter more well rounded up to now Ronda Rousey hasn't
fought some one with such crisp and amazing stand up not to mention heavy
hand like Gina Corano. Idk how good Ronda would do against Ginas stand up
not to mention Gina has amazing take down defense. I also find GIna to be
more attractive.

Author ioriyagami (2 years)
that arm break was brutal! if they fought i really dont know who would win.
classic striker vs grappler match up. when they i fight i will throw all my
money at that to see it.

Author Bray Freeman (2 years)
@Jett16Stylez they are women get it right

Author larry baskin (1 year)
I like Ronda but i LOVE GINA!

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