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Author cjcampbell37 (2 years)
Beautiful and great quality recording and sound. Thank you!

Author Rhisiart Gwilym (2 years)
Poor old Franz! Such a short life. Think what he might have done... This
piece, like so many of his works, is one of the very great pinnacles of
Western music, and of spirit.

Author jabdellatif (2 years)
Cet impeccable Nocturne stimule l'imagination et invite à la méditation.
Pourquoi ne pas l'illustrer par un vidéogramme susceptible de traduire les
sentiments, les réflexions et les réactions du vidéaste-mélomane?

Author ANDRE FOURTIER (1 year)
Oh no ! Not enough... It's impossible to say such words !

Author rosaloreto (2 years)

Author Daniel Messias (2 years)
Schubert lived enough time to create masterworks only a genius could

Author Vladimir Gusak (11 months)
Это рай на Земле

Author Toxxic88 (1 year)

Author Rose-Marie Kullmann-Barrat (2 years)
SUBLIME !!!!!!

Author SuperMuddywolf (2 years)

Author HUSAM .H (1 year)
Full of Beauty

Author sanne177 (1 year)
a wonderful piece, a wonderful trio. Thanks

Author ANDRE FOURTIER (1 year)
Une œuvre poignante, dans une interprétation "de référence"...

Author Drumminman4U (10 months)
This proceeded from his soul. Absolutely transcendent. The antithesis of so
much of what surrounds us in our modern world. I believe these moments are
further evidence of God. Can science and technology comprehend this realm
of art? Are other creatures capable of such expression? As Augustine said,
"God has made us for himself, and our hearts are restless until they are at
rest in him". This is also the most satisfying interpretation of the piece
I have heard. Thank you for this wonderful post.

Author Rui Silva (1 year)
duvido alguém com sensibilidade não se comover...!

Author James Alden (1 year)
This isn't the music of mortals; that no mortal has ever brought forth what
only Schubert could do.....Thank You!....

Author Jorge de Figueiredo (1 year)

Author Vladimir Gusak (11 months)
Это рай на Земле

Author Ann Edwards (1 year)
Love this slow tempo that showcases the sustained tension so often found in
Schubert's slower pieces. Most interpretations I've heard are much faster
and that exquisite tension is lost. As for the piece itself, it's sheer

Author Hyzaar12 (1 year)
We Want More !! We Want More !!

Author Mounier Christophe (1 year)
Makes me thrill of happiness...

Author Pedro Pablo Vidaurre (1 year)
...excelso...sublime...con una carga emocional de sensibilidad llena, que
para mí, manifiesta una melancolía extrema ante un duelo
existencial....como pocos: Schubert!!

Author Cva Andius (10 months)
A mon etoille toujours! It's more than ...immortal beloved! Fantastico!!

Author Drumminman4U (10 months)
Thank you. Here I am at 2:30am listening to this again, tears flowing. As
you are probably aware, the great composers appeared for a relatively short
period of time in the course of human history. Within less than 300 years,
in a comparatively small geographic area (Europe), they passed through like
a meteor shower. And now they are all here on Youtube! Magnificent rays of
light in a dark world. I think that while some music speaks TO us; this
music seems to speak FOR us as well. So expressive.

Author Theodore Angelos (10 months)
Whatever our background, we all listen with awe and admiration to this
sublime music!

Author Jeannine McGorray (10 months)
What an eloquent comment. It is all so true. This music was inspired by the
Lord God. Thank you for for this extraordinary post. I listen to it
enraptured not matter what is happening in this crazy world. God bless
Franz Schuber for his genius and this grea trio.

Author mmbmbmbmb (11 months)
... a treasure for my list of "Treasures beyond discription"

Author James McKinnon (1 year)
This must be the most heart rending music ever written. What a genius was
Schubert and how tragic to die so young. If there is a heaven this gives us
echoes of it.

Author Greg Shain (1 year)
I found myself holding my breath unconsciously at the poignant beauty and
nuances of his music. It brought tears to my eyes and I wondered what
exquisite emotions he felt.

Author Camil April (1 year)

Author mmbmbmbmb (11 months)
what a wonderful comment ~

Author 宮部正之 (1 year)

Author Michelle von Hershko (1 year)

Author juan jose raudales martinez (1 year)

Author Ivana Lepojev (2 years)

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