Baby View - High Contrast Patterns, Shapes and Animations for Infant Visual Stimulation

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Baby View is a great way to stimulate eye co-ordination and focus in babies in the formative months of their lives.
HUGE update!

Baby View's biggest update yet! More scenes, more colour and more fun! Baby View now contains over 30 scenes of high contrast fun animations for you and your baby to enjoy together!

Improved the Home button - at last! Cheeky fingers will no longer be able to quit out of scenes and back to the menu. I'm sure you can work out how to get there though!

Welcome to Baby View, a stimulating world of high contrast scenes designed to engage and delight your baby!

Baby View is a great way to encourage eye co-ordination and focus in babies in the formative months of their lives.

It is a well known fact that that while babies are very young, and their sight is developing, their vision is much more attuned to black and white, and high contrast images.

Babies love bright and sharp images. You can see their eyes light up and their interest is visibly raised when presented with these strong images. Add to that the extra dimensions of movement and sound, and your baby will be suitably impressed!

Baby View contains a variety of simple and interactive scenes for you and your baby to enjoy together.

The scenes promote visual development, focus and motion tracking.

Each scene falls into one of four main categories:

Black & white :

The highest possible contrast will engage even very young babies immediately! You will be delighted at how quickly they take to tracking the shapes across the screen. You will see your baby's eyes following the shapes around as their interest is peaked almost instantly!

Black, white & primaries :

Introducing simple colours along with the black and white patterns adds some vibrant colour to the mix!

Colours on black :

Bold, bright colours standing out against an all black background make these scenes great fun!

Full colour :

These scenes are no holds barred - all colour, all the way!

The scenes have great interactive elements for you and your baby to play along with. Some may be tricky for baby at first, but I'm sure you'll be surprised at how swiftly they learn!

You and your newborn can get creative with images and music, introducing your little one to the sights and sounds of Baby View!

As well as being superb fun for healthy children, Baby View has been used specifically for helping babies whilst they are recovering from surgery after having their congenial cataracts treated. Also, Baby View is gaining popularity as an incredibly useful tool for the ongoing care of severely handicapped children.

We are very happy and proud of the success of Baby View so far. From all the customer feedback it does appear that it is proving genuinely useful and helpful to a great many families. We hope that you find it fun and useful too!

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Author Kibzaim Alcala (2 months)
Can you please make a free app for me i realy like the vids and im sure i
would like the app.

Author Jason Hatherlee (28 days)
My nephew just lost his mind during this video.

Author VeeTheAmazingGreek (9 months)
Ryker, my new son, is 9 weeks old and this was great for him. He got
excited and kicked around. Then he would stop cold and focus so hard on the
screen. Thanks.

Author Florida Man (4 months)
My cousin's son gets upset during the transitions between the animations.

Author cocosoluvly (6 months)
My son is 9 weeks old and he LOVESSSSSS this...!!!! Thank you very much for
this video. :-)

Author Anna B. (2 months)
My nephew has been in love with this video since he has been 2 months old.
He is absolutely intrigued by it and will watch the whole thing in complete
amazement each and every time. Thank you so much for creating and posting
such an amazing video!! Thank you!!!

Author Olivia Burton (1 month)
My 2 month old loves this!!

Author Penny Luce (2 months)
This is the only way that I can get my 4 month old baby to happily sit
still while I pump! haha Are there more videos like this that I can play
for him? 

Author dresai (8 months)
2 day year old baby loves this. Follows the screen and gets excited when he
sees this. His eye coordination is amazing

Author Madeline Torres (4 months)
My 3 month old nephew loved this. Decided to put something random for a
baby to be entertained since I don't have any experience with kids of my
own lol. He had just got off his first flight ever and he was a bit upset.
This was the 1st video that popped up and he enjoyed it very much. He was
kicking his feet, moving his hands and smiling. Especially with the
swirling colorful stars. Thank you. I'm definitely keeping this in mind.

Author Melissa C (6 months)
Im downloading the app now 😀😀

Author Never Be Game Over (2 months) daughter said "screw dat, lemme play wit dat keyboard"...

Author Mahesh Nagineni (1 month)
Thanks for the videos.

Author Charlee Langwell (5 months)
Thanks for posting these. My new baby sister loves them :D

Author indycardvr1 (7 months)
my son loves this but too bad there are more ads than the video itself

Author Zuzel Garcia (10 months)
My 8 month old sister wasn't very interested in this.

Author Claudia Balzac (4 months)
My 7 month old grandson was interested in the animations, but I think a
techno/skrillex/dubstep beat would have kept his attention longer.
(Although it would have driven me nuts sooner. lol)

Author Amfobea Gyamerah (4 months)
my daughter got bored during the black and white ...but she loved the
colours her favourite is the star with the purple light trailing behind. 

Author Ahsek101 (8 months)
My 6 week old stopped crying right away and was mesmerized! Thanks for the
break ;-)

Author Solomon414 (2 months)
My baby licked my ipad

Author Kim Elder (7 months)
Yea my baby loves this!!

Author marin Steel (4 months)
you have too many subscribe prompts. They are really annoying. Just thought
you should know.

Author Chevelle Chevy (5 months)
my baby brother is 6 months and he loves it i like it to he kicks and he
laughs and smiles and keep saying Dada that means he is excited thanks my
baby brother Kolton does not like the other videos of baby stuff thanks hey

Author Sharmila Manokaran (9 months)
really an amazing video .. showed to my 6 month old baby .. she enjoyed
...truly educative... was searching for this kinda videos....
thanks a ton .. hats off to the creators :)

Author orangecandy151 (6 months)
The 6 month twin boys i baby sit love this they were so happy and calm

Author mjcp25 (9 months)
I want to buy this app , but I want to know first , is it just video ? or
is it something she can touch and kind a play with?

Author marcellino alexander (5 months)
My two month baby loves this... i bought the app.

Author MassiveSquad DCUO (5 months)
My 1 year brother wasn't very interested either.

Author Latina Grant (6 months)
My 7 month old loves it. He tries to grab things through my tab let lol.
You can tell that he is seeing it because he follows it with his hand
trying to catch it.

Author BenCMXI (9 months)
subscribed. My 6 month old loved it :]

Author Kyia Chamberlin (5 months)
my baby bro loved this!

Author khloe brooks (10 months)
Awesome video! My baby cousin couldn't take his eyes off this! ( he's 4
months :P )

Author Natayla David (11 months)
I'm showing this to my baby sister she's 3 months old and she loves it! :)

Author Melissa C (6 months)
My niece is 2 weeks old and she loves this. She always has her eyes on it

Author Tonya Smith (1 year)
My two month old loves the video. Thank you!

Author Diallo Kreed (11 months)
+Chantelle Aguilera See how Kamalei responds to this.

Author kselement (8 months)
My 14 week old didn't like it. He was either bored or it was too much as he
kept looking away

Author Chris Tsutsui (3 months)

Author Rebecca Succi (4 months)


Author Brian Tesoroni (1 year)
This has to be the best thing we have ever found.. this makes my kid stop
crying instantly! It's a very relaxing 14 minutes for my wife and myself!!
Thank you very much and I hope you include an updated video soon !

Author Banan Al-Fayez (1 year)
on min 6:45 my 3 months niece started to cry ! that's weird isn't it !?
I wonder what was so special about those flying stars, or even the sound !?

Author Studa Baker (1 year)
How is a baby supposed to watch this with those obtrusive pop ups every 10

Author Giovanni Ruiu (11 months)
The ladybirds video rulez. Best baby tool ever, after the baby bottle.

Author Sara Roman (1 year)
I have a questions is this really ok for babies I read somewhere that tv or
videos are bad for babies brain development 

Author ana gonzalez (1 year)
Hi I put this on for my 3 week old boy and just loved it he stopped crying
right away thanks for the good video.

Author Danielle Laybolt (6 months)

Author Banan Al-Fayez (1 year)
+Ray Bear
what stars you meant !? I didn't play the game I just watched this video. 

Author Orley Gonzalez (1 year)
Great video. My little one cant stop staring at it everytime she sees it.
It is really eye catching and amusing for babies ...wonder why???

Author miriá dos santos (10 months)

Author Adek P (1 year)
byloby fajne gdyby autor nie dodawal co minute linkow:(

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