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Intro Song Name: Come To Die

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if this is iphone specific you really should have put that in the title.
thanks for wasting time.

Author john averei ramos (4 days)

Author Luke Mallett (1 hour)
i am going to try it

Author Andrew Mulville (1 hour)
When I get into the achievements in ifile, the words are not in english..

Author Fat Wolf (3 hours)
Lol almost 6 mill people have watched this

Author 10VenomBoy (1 day)
It's awful cuz it doesn't save

Author //-SedStudioProductions-\\ (1 day)
You can't even get cydia!!!!!!

Author DC-XY (1 day)
Best intro :0

Author BEASTUUP1 (5 hours)
So do any of the hacks with surveys actually work?

Author Kae'Ronn Robinson (3 hours)
can someone please do it for me name is Black Thoughts!

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Please hacking mine my username Raihan2004

Author Jacques Stevens (2 days)
For Christ's sake, Of course it doesn't work. Clash of Clans Developers or
Workers Patched up the iFile coding, encrypting it so that Hackers would
not be able to change important data that would give an advantage any
player. So basically it can't be changed, unless you understand or know
what the encrypted text says.

Author Venom AMP (2 days)
This doesent work anymore cuz the ifile lettering is wierded

Author Isad R (1 day)
Where's the link?

Author joel stewart (1 day)
So if your offline make your changes then go into the game settings and
save the village would it keep the cheat

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does the coc even have the offline mode?

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Is this Walt Jnr from Breaking bad?

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Gamer hero what to do after downloading the file

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does this still work even after all the updated

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Can i come in Journal clan im lvl 75 and my clash of clans Name is Birdy

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waste of my time why watch this when it doesn't help at all

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