The Birth of a Baby Cow (Reality Warning)

The following footage is of real life.
If real life disturbs you, please stop watching now.

At a traditional sugar shack we met a lovely couple who own an organic dairy farm just outside of Quebec City. We took the invitation to visit their farm two weeks later. It was a beautiful blue-skied sunny day; the warm welcome to the family owned farm, horse back riding and seeing a baby hedgehog made it even better. The opportunity to visit an organic dairy farm in action is such a special experience; however the most amazing thing that happened that day could not have been planned and I will remember it forever. A dairy cow was ready to give birth to a calf, and as luck would have it, she gave birth soon after we arrived. We watched this miracle of life unfold with awe. The cows have a name which is given alphanumerically and I was given the honour to name the 19th cow.

So, welcome to the world, Sydney - born on the 1st of May 2011.

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Author Justin Beaulieu (1 year)
1:10 dafuq just happened? 

Author makayla daniels (1 year)
That is water is meant to happen ..not kill the mother take the baby and
kill it then throw it down a garbage sute just becouse the mom couldn't
give birth to it. Or it got stuck in the birth canal or something ...this
is wat is supolst to happen in another vid I watched they killed the mom
and the baby that wasn't right perfectly fine baby and they killed it...and
they were laughung the whole time

Author Adima Sund (1 year)
@ uploader Don't the cows have umbilical cord like humans have? and what is
that pink sack hanging ?

Author casie boaks (2 years)

Author pdmftw1 (2 years)
i stop eating red meat, i may add pork to it too just fish and chicken...

Author Ellie Spence (2 years)
That's so cute 😊

Author Madhur Patel (2 years)
I do not use a car. I have a bicycle. Mind your own business.

Author hautepower (3 years)
@starphoenix297 haha they know what they're doing, they look after those
cows their whole life :)

Author Lily Rose (1 year)
I Got Scared When The Calf Fell xD but Its So Cute :)

Author jOHN Thomas (2 years)

Author abbyatemyfood (2 years)
do you use anti freeze for your car? You're not vegan. be quiet.

Author horselover0011 (1 year)
we separate them so that they are easier to handle. and the babies can get
the care that they need. babies dont need to be in the barn with the big
cows. not all farmers are cruel to their animals. our dairy cows love us.

Author Carl Tuttle (1 year)
Gross but sooooo cute

Author Madhur Patel (2 years)
A cow's love for the calf is the purest.. Immediately after the birth, the
cow licks all the dirt from the calf's body and comforts it. No other
mother would ever do that. And the sick humans separate the calf from the
mother on the very first or second day so that the humans can drink the
cow's milk which is meant for the calf and enjoy veal. Go Vegan!

Author ThatguyNice (2 years)
Yep. That's how it would happen in nature. The cow would call a human to
help pull and help the calf stand up. So very natural.

Author girlygirl0418 (1 year)
That's beautiful I love Mother Nature!!!

Author mwedzi (1 year)
Are cows no longer able to birth on their own like other animals? They have
to have it pulled out of them?

Author thingsonmyfoot1 (3 years)
it reminds me to not eat hamburgers ^^ lol

Author TheCoolCat2310 (2 years)

Author Brighton DeChienne (1 year)
What is Life?

Author PurpleMushroom105 (1 year)
Aww so cute :D

Author Jessica Atherton (2 years)
give it a year running free, then, mmmmm steak

Author Justice Miner (1 year)
grosses one ive seen yet

Author kayla Kling (1 year)

Author Bianca Lingo (1 year)

Author OmppuJaska (2 years)
1:55 super-aww

Author payingwithfire (1 year)
Dairy farms are terrible to their cows. the calfs are separated from their
mothers within a day or two of birth; the males are sent for slaughter and
females sent off to live the sequestered, lonely life of a dairy cow.

Author hautepower (3 years)
@FishWitch that's awesome :)

Author Heatseeker872591 . (2 years)
lovely, always been a dream to work on a dairy farm just to i can work with
my favourite animals

Author Adima Sund (1 year)
Well, what about Pork,mutton and chicken ?

Author Richard Mason (3 years)
Love the warning in the beginning. Being a farmer myself, it's so foreign
to me that people are disturbed by real life! I've witnessed births like
this since I was a little kid and assisted in several calvings and
kiddings. When I was in middle school, we had to take a mandatory sex
education class, and it amazed me that my classmates knew nothing about
where babies come from and how they got there.

Author augustise638 (1 year)
I will give up beef i dont need it ^.^ saving one cow each time you dont
eat beef

Author Typosable (1 year)
While size in a calf is desirable to a degree, this cow likely had a narrow
pelvis. Because, you know, they have unique bodies just like we do.

Author hautepower (3 years)
@thingsonmyfoot1 True :)

Author LivyRoseable (1 year)
I've seen some really gross one hut yea this is the grossest

Author George Braithwaite (2 years)
cute wasnt the word i was looking for

Author Em Evanescence (3 years)
cows are the cutest animals ever.

Author FishWitch (3 years)
Aww Glad little Cow din't land on it's head. Had some friend years ago that
got a Milk Cow while remodling their house & it became a House Cow!!

Author bryant MCcray (1 year)

Author hautepower (1 year)
bahaha that is awesome

Author Akoyan Net (2 years)
Beautiful nature.

Author Jessica Deiter (2 years)
Yep I've done that, that's what happens I'd the cow is having problem, you
gotta do what you gotta do...

Author hautepower (3 years)
@cowboyrich6 thanks mate, I totally agree, it's truly sad how a big part of
society these days has no real connection to where their food comes from.

Author mwedzi (1 year)
So is this video then not indicative of the most common type of cow birth?
It just seems unusual, comparing them to the vast majority of animals that
can birth on their own. Is this a rare circumstance? Or is this a result of
breeding, where cattle were bred for other characteristics, with the
knowledge that humans can assist in birthing if need be. I imagine for wild
animals, if they could not birth on their own the vast majority of the
time, that feature would be weeded out evolutionarily.

Author The123diesel123 (2 years)
Poor baby's are killed so people can have the mothers milk

Author GroteB (3 years)
After the first minute, it's so cute!

Author 4frantastic (1 year)
and my mum walks in.... what are you watching uh a cow giving birth why.....

Author McZachary44 (2 years)
Aww that's so cute how the mother starts cleaning the baby like that.

Author radiosmacktive (2 years)
Anyone got a bucket?(to late)blaaaargh!

Author ll4m4tr0n (1 year)
I'm not all anti-meat and such, but are these cattle going to live out
their lives in a lush grassland just giving milk and given respectful
burial? If not, let's not gussy it up with music and say this is a
beautiful event and they're not just a future resource to be consumed.

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