BILL ENGVALL - 21 Years Of Marriage (Part.1)

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Author Robert Didszuhn (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos No you sound like Heaven!

Author Carisa Bucholz (2 years)
@ajayfromreno OH NO. SO SORRY I MISSED IT X(

Author mindtwirls (4 years)
shits funny as hell

Author emily anderson (3 years)
im a girl all i need to live is football beer sex and sleep

Author CCRockit (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos Not really a bad thing... it just means your different, :)
God gave us the ability to be different, if we were all the same life would
be way too fucking boring.

Author Moodo1 (2 years)
Can you do it better than him?

Author MeRkDaT LiLBuSh (4 years)
@0LYRAWILL0 i love poking fires with a stick

Author scienceatheism (3 years)
Noooo you sound like the perfect woman.

Author xXxdeadxXxloverxXx (5 years)
LOL. I LOVE this guy.

Author liminted6215 (4 years)

Author Alexandria Baylee Zachary (2 years)

Author Shadowybladeatgmail (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos that is a GOOD thing to realize. We're not as different as
society makes us seem.

Author Marion Learman (3 years)
ok guys i think you scared her off good job xD lmao

Author TheLissygirl101 (4 years)
wow lol this guy is hilarious

Author InvisibleToOnlyYou (1 year)
Oh my god I love him soooo much!!!! <3

Author Joe Gerke (2 years)
funner than a cat with a mouse!

Author amodking (2 years)
@DirtroadCountryBoy64 Beer is old school, football is just like wrestling
guys tackling each other trying to get the balls from each other and..
trucks ain't bad.. too bad it isn't good as a car in gas mileage.

Author Cat Wolf (2 years)
Thanks for uploading this :D We lost our DVD copy ;A;

Author William Dasse (3 years)
he forgot beer, and football, and trucks

Author TwistedDevil17 (4 years)
sound like the perfect girl lol

Author Erika Lovitt (2 years)
like this if u still love him and he is as funny as b4 as he is now in

Author thfrbiddn1 (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos Marry me.

Author mrquackadoodlemoo (3 years)
@relegasianchaos that was beautiful..... you now undertsnad

Author 0LYRAWILL0 (4 years)
@MeRkDaTLiLbUsH Doesnt everyone? :)

Author MrPman851 (3 years)
Sounds like Bill's wife says things that blanche a kumquat!

Author TheCozar123 (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos and depending on looks every guys dream :P

Author theanguished1 (4 years)
about engvall's remark at 2:18 if he wants to call himself nothing but
animal fine but dont label everyone

Author cheddar1998 (1 year)
36* people missed the like button

Author tomboy9612 (5 years)
not ALL guys like football

Author TranslatorCarminum (4 years)
@Smasho8000 Keep watching. I'd be more concerned about his daughter, LOL!
Later on, he does a whole anecdote about her first period. No real details
to speak of, but still...

Author shadowbloodful (5 years)
ohmy freakin god this is killer!!!! im freakin dyin

Author cdtretta (4 years)
@RelegasianChaos Having a vagina is NEVER a bad thing in my book.

Author EnigmaBeats2K8 (5 years)
Electric and acoustic guitar

Author LandoMan09 (2 years)
looks like it was recorded with a cardboard box

Author iceprincess0007 (3 years)
@iangreenish For future reference, people who act like they know everything
are seen as the most ignorant fools in society. Step off your high horse
princess, and just let people enjoy the video like it was meant to be.

Author copnite12342 (4 years)
months? try years...

Author Piroborian (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos Not at all. That just means you're a good woman.

Author Сюзанна Лу (2 years)
WHAT? Evel knievel couldn't make that leap!

Author USSWISCONSIN64 (2 years)
here's your sign

Author Brittany Watson (3 years)
6:05 is the best freaking part!!! "Don't be drivin without your wife

Author SavTotallyRocks (1 year)
Oh dear..ahaha :(

Author therandomdot (2 years)
I love Bill, but good lord, his wife would drive me crazy.

Author alpeah28 (2 years)
Fuck you fucking haters saying that this is lame and saying this guys a
clown. Bill Engvall is the BEST comedeny EVER so fuck off.

Author QuarstyAndZack (3 years)
8:50 Hhwat??

Author Amy Soderstrom (1 year)
41 people missed the like button

Author Raoul Duke (3 years)
a spine and tescticles

Author macinlilisdaddie (5 years)
bill engvall is fukkin awesome

Author altitudeFlies (4 years)
"How can I get sex?..." "Women, good God, y'all are like camels. Hell,
you'll go months. You may not want to, but if it's somethin' that proves a
point, by God, you will go the distance." Totally true. lol!

Author MrAZB101 (3 years)
@RelegasianChaos wow where have u been all my life? O.o

Author themeemz (5 years)
not really. just the rednecks and drinkers

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