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Author peter john sagum (7 months)
the last fight of ichigo

Author Annit Das (10 months)
finally ichigo got his shinigami power

Author amazingsupersaiyan (7 months)
am i the only one who wishes that ichigo hollowfied when ginjo was like you
forget i have the powers of a hollow in me

Author Nero Dragneel (7 months)
yeah, i've seen the manga :p i was glad he's there and was looking foreword
to see more and more of him. I hope he surpasses Ichigo at some point x)

Author ルドーババ (7 months)
oh ok I just read this comment, my bad

Author Breana Bowman (7 months)
A thought just occurred to me .....hmmmm if Ichigo is this strong and so
bad ass and basically unbeatable with the combined abilities of him and
zongetsu and all of his forms along with his hollowfication I wonder......
how fucking strong, bad ass and unbeatable his kids r gunna be ......

Author Katlun Houssian (7 months)
perfect warm up fight

Author GTAPlAYa556 (8 months)

Author Casey Anthony (7 months)
And yet this whole discussion is pointless because Ginjou survived.

Author GeorgeMonet (7 months)
They will be much weaker. Ichigo's strength was a once every 100
generations sort of thing. Sort of like Yusuke's S class demon powers in

Author starsupersonic (7 months)
What happened with rukia when tsumiraki or whats his name now is decided to
kill ichigo?

Author Misaki Omorie (7 months)
I like throught ouy the whole battle ginjo is like:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH And
Ichigo is like:Pfft

Author TheProchaser (7 months)
I have to say that I completely disagrre with you. The main difference
between the Vizards and the Arrancars that Ichigo came in contact with and
these guys is the deep seeded deleterious deception portrayed by the
latter. The only other similar situations that come to mind are what the
9th Espada did to Rukia and what Aizen did to his past lieutenant.

Author Masked Mystogan (7 months)
i heared the final arc shoud be longer than arrancar arc, it could maybe be
animated who knows but even if just in some years dont ?

Author lucielm (7 months)
No you can take power from someone. You just can't take the smallest
droplets required to keep someone alive. If you do that you've taken
everything the whole soul. It would have been equal to a hallow consuming a
soul fully. Ichigo's Final Getsua was literally dumping not just every
ounce of his energy into his sword but the whole well of power. All that
left him with was a small bucket of power. That was where his full bring
came from. The Gotei 13 restored the well with Urahara's katana.

Author tower961985 (7 months)
i never thought am gona say it ever but i admit ..... " I MISS BLEACH -_- "

Author Era Flamehog (7 months)
I know that but, what about villains that his friends stand no chance

Author Angie Clark (7 months)
whats the music at 21:16 ?

Author Era Flamehog (7 months)
But that is the reason why Ichigo got his powers back so he can protect
others, that has always been the reason he wanted the power of the Soul

Author DoomsdayR3sistance (7 months)
The difference between Grimmjow and Ginjou is that Grimmjow stopped moving
before he died. Ginjou didn't stop after receiving already potentially
lethal blows. As for the Vizards, you can't judge them based of Hiyori and
also the process to survive the hollowification requires enough strength to
beat one's inner hollow meaning what Hiyori said could have just been a
provocation which after all is something common for Hiyori. Not sure why
you'd mention Pesche over say Stark or Barragan.

Author SilverWolf442 (7 months)
No. Ginjou's goal was to destroy the Shinigami the brayed him. So, a few
were on his hit list. Not the entire Soul Society. And ichigo didn't know
what Ginjou was after, because he told Ginjou to shut up, because he didn't
wanna hear it. So, I think he was pissed off that Ginjou took his powers.

Author Keith Chaffee (7 months)
imagine ichigo in bankai with his Hollow Mask, now there's some power

Author bmore142 (7 months)
anyone know the song at 44:20?

Author EMAGIC GodofDeath (7 months)
This shit suck's simple and plain!

Author Raas Red (7 months)
hey look the NSA is even in bleach

Author breakingjesus57 (8 months)
ch.518 pg.19

Author Gellmox (7 months)
Grimmjow coming back i rly would like if would get some more backstory of
grimmjow or ulquiorra,or perhaps vasto lordes

Author Jamie McDuyess (7 months)
Ulquiorra would fuck up Ginjo's ass and FAST. 'Nuff said.

Author justin rangel (7 months)
too many plot hole 1. ginjo why is he so young 2. how can teenagers have
powers that rival vice captains powers

Author Dejan Rešetar (7 months)
does anyone know the name of the song at 18:00

Author Alez Bodden (7 months)
his killled before. at least i think he has

Author Nero Dragneel (7 months)
haha, we seem you and i have the same taste in choosing awesome characters
:p i like Tsukishima too, especially his powers ''Memory manipulation''
it's just epic, and also that last scene in this video almost made me cry
xDlol i mean, after all Tsukishima was just a poor kid who knew nothing,
Ginjou found him, raised him, taught him how to fight. It was just fuckin
sad to see him look at Ginjou lying dead and Ichigo standing without a
single scratch

Author Ricole Ng (7 months)
Ate his a soul king dont u know?His mother is a quincy as his father is a
soul reaper,both his sisters have the power to see the monsters/hollows and
his powerful than everyone his hollow is the quincy king as his the soul

Author Kiefer Mattox (7 months)
What's the song at 21:12?????

Author killafreek101 (7 months)
34:45 the moment you realise that Ichigo is Byakuya's one true friend!!!

Author Katlun Houssian (7 months)
why me sad

Author breakingjesus57 (8 months)
ginjo didnt die at all.

Author SilverWolf442 (7 months)
Then don't participate in it. Simple solution really, with regards to stuff
you don't care about.

Author SilverWolf442 (7 months)
Grimmjow got up, sealed his sword, and tried to attack Ichigo again, Ichigo
threw his sword down, and told Grimmjow to stop for the time being, and
they could fight again, whenever he wanted later. Pesche was just a random
insert, and he fit. And Barragan is just as evil as Grimmjow, and was gonna
have his subordinates kill eachother for entertainment. So, he wouldn't
have been a good example.

Author Payitnov (7 months)
Anyone think that the spirit sword used to revive Ichigo's power looks like

Author l4d2charger (7 months)
20:13 yup.... ginjo shat him self

Author John Doe (7 months)
Yeah Grimmjow was only evil per say out of his nature, and because of his
time as a normal hollow gave him a kill or be killed mentality. :/

Author Keith Chaffee (7 months)
he probably could have too, to me Ichigo just used his bankai because he
was angry and wanted to end it fast

Author Breana Bowman (7 months)
True but ichigo is stronger than his dad as far as I've seen

Author alexhazel (8 months)
and where does this incredibly wrong information come from?

Author Angie Clark (7 months)
Lol he looks like hes gonna run and yell " mommy! " at 20:56

Author The Accursed Hunter01 (7 months)
Wow, I don't remember Ichigo being this damn powerful in his Shikai. I'm
still used to him using his Banki for EVERYTHING!!! Now if only he was as
fast as he was when he fought Byakuya, making 20-30 clones of himself

Author victor masaka (7 months)
Yeah, the fullbring arc. (Horrible arc if you ask me). The last animated

Author MrThe0joker (8 months)
what do u mean ginjo didnt die at all??

Author Richard G (7 months)
friends are still different than family.. especially little sisters.

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