Computercraft - From noob to pro [9] - Mining Turtle

This tutorial explains a simple mining turtle program.

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Author Will Vernmindf (4 months)
can you do this with a wireless turtle

Author Lars Inge Meås (6 months)
when i do this it says "attempt to call nil" Why?:)

Author NelaNorymNwaD (6 months)

Author andreas dahl (10 months)
For some reason my turtle keep spinning around and destroying my disk drive

Author Ben teh (8 months)
U can do without a disc drive u need to label it so when u destroy it it
saves its commands

Author Ares God of War (1 year)
how are you going to get your turtle back now?

Author Alexander Druen (1 year)
I did everything you said to do but it says, [string "name of my file"]:5:
'.' Expected

Author jusan binning (9 months)

Author Jay Morris (9 months)
When I write it in disk the turtle only works when it is next to the disk

Author Aaron Scott (2 years)
I copied your program as well as I could for a wireless turtle and it
destroyed the disc drive and then started spinning, can you help me?

Author myranuse (1 year)
WTF is happening!!!!!. when I do ANYTHING in the turtle say's "no such
program" £!&£^&$(£)$£$*£ [insert bad words here] btw when I put
"turtle.refuel 1" It says "no such program" but when I put "refuel 1" it

Author DJDuckLord (2 years)
youtube derped it just hit enter after the ()

Author ButtTrumpet100 (2 years)
This has been a great series. id really like to see a tut on how you get
your turtles to return back to a certain point and dump their inventory,
then return back to what they were doing. it sounds complicated but im sure
that im just overthinking it

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
What does the code around line 8 look like? Missing any brackets, equal
signs, commas or anything like that?

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
On line 6 you are missing a ','. Check the arrays and make sure there are
commas between the numbers.

Author marnick los (2 years)
when i do "turtle.forward" is saids "No such program" please help! (its in
turtleOs 1.4)

Author Wolffyy (1 year)
Coal, wood.

Author Mippsplays MC-FIFA-CoD-Horror (2 years)
i do everything the same but i get this message go: 9 : attempt to call nil

Author BucketsAMF (2 years)
This is a dumb question but, is there any way to keep the mining turtle
from dumping it's fuel when it's full? Kinda sucks when you put stack of
something in it to power it and it dumps it off after 5 minutes.

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
So there is also a block in front of the turtle when you call turtle.dig()?
Also, you have to put turtle.dig() in a program, not type it in the command
line. Sorry if I'm mentioning very obvious things, but just making sure
it's not something silly like that. Other than that, I have no idea why
it's not working.

Author BladeBlitzz (2 years)
you need to type edit dig then write turtle.dig ect....

Author david xiao (2 years)
hi this is a great video but for some reason my turtle wont dig when i type
turtle.dig() and when i also type turtle.turnright() it does not turn same
with left pls help it comes up with attempt to call nil

Author ryandudea72 (2 years)
I believe he was joking and stating that, Turtles. Don't. Mine.

Author Josh Reynolds (1 year)
i got your code for "mine" i get a thing that says "mine:21: 'for' limit
must be a number" what do i do? cause i copied it straight from pastebin

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
I can't acces those files myself as I play on a server that I don't have
acces to. So I'm afraid I can't make a video on that.

Author PIRATEOTR (1 year)
I'm on an FTB server in 1.4.2 and when I enter "go" to the disk I get
bios:338: [string "go"]:6: '=' expected What am I doing wrong?

Author Bill -Cardzy- Schultz (1 year)
PLEASE make it day time or at least place a torch or two when you are
recording at night. Can barely see a thing. Other than that, great

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
out = put

Author HJK148 (1 year)
Why not? If you can do it with Lua outside of the game, you can do it
in-game. I don't know if there are actually any viruses made with Lua, but
it's probably possible.

Author TekkitBoy1 (2 years)
ok thank you

Author kacperak45 servers (2 years)
how do u make it dig down?

Author Mauricio Garcia (2 years)
whenever I do one of the moving commands it wont let me, when I tried to do
it in lua it said "false"

Author SoGxCRACK3R (1 year)
when I say turtle.refuel() in a program it says attempt to call nil I put
coal in the slot and it still does not work help me please someone

Author BSGSamuel (1 year)
You're probably using computercraft 1.4 and need to refuel the turtle using

Author NinjaGangstaBunny (2 years)
thanks man!

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
Did you make a new document by typing edit PROGRAM in the command line? You
have to type turtle.forward() in the document and save it and then run the
program by typing in PROGRAM in the command line.

Author HuntersOfGameSecrets (1 year)
turtle.forward() turtle.dig() turtle.forward() for i = 1,60 do for j = 1,4
do turtle.dig() turtle.forward() turtle.turnLeft() end turtle.digDown()
turtle.down() What am i missing? My turtle broke the computer thing, then
it started spinning around :(

Author BSGSamuel (1 year)
You need to refuel the turtle first. As of 1.4 turtles require fuel to
move. Dump some coal in slot 1 and type refuel in the command line. Or do
turtle.refuel() in a program.

Author thecouchman2112 (2 years)
How do I get it to deposit the inventory in a chest automatically? Plz
answer/ make a video!

Author BSGSamuel (1 year)
Have a look around line 6, probably just a small typo. What does the code
look like there?

Author Luminarada80 (1 year)
so this is how excavate works :D

Author BSGSamuel (1 year)
If you're in computercraft 1.4 or higher you can have to turtle sit in
front of a chest and use turtle.drop() and the item will end up in the
chest (also works for dropUp and dropDown). If you're in a lower version
you will have to use some tekkit trickery to get the items in a chest
(obsidian pipes, black hole band, those things that suick up items).

Author AIGS1902 || The Nigga Army Boss (2 years)
In my commands it dosnt work the turtle.forward() program. Can you help me?

Author rick1chick (1 year)
LoL after making my first turtle script I was like WTF its really working
xD thanks man for these tutorials their nice and simple ;)

Author Jeremy Perkins (1 year)
BSGSamuel, here was your mistake xD 5:35

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
Are you sure you are using a mining turtle (one with a pick axe on the
side)? As for the turnRight function, make sure you are using a capital 'R'
and have spellt it correctly.

Author TheLonelyDragon (2 years)
Loving the series, I have been looking all over youtube for a full
computercraft tutorial *subscribed*

Author Jeremy Perkins (1 year)
oh sorry thought you deleted the whole program, forgot bout the disc

Author BSGSamuel (2 years)
In Computercraft 1.4 you need to give the turtle fuel before it can move.
Put some coal in its inventory and use turtle.refuel() before trying to
move (with the correct slot selected).

Author MrKarasio (1 year)
what did i wrong ? turtle.down() for i = 1,60 do j = 1,4 do
turtle.forward() turtle.digdown() turtle.down() turtle.dig()
turtle.forward() turtle.turnLeft() end end

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