George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker" - New York City Ballet, 1993

Darci Kistler, Damian Woetzel , Kyra Nichols,Heather Watts,Robert LaFosse,Macaulay Culkin,Jessica Lynn Cohen,Bart Robinson Cook,Wendy Whelan,Margaret Tracey,Karin von Aroldingen,Edward Bigelow,William Otto,Robert D. Lyon.........

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Runtime: 92:26
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Author Trey Haas (1 year)
+Debbie Smith +Alan Zeni Jr. 

Author Patricia Vilcapuma Vinces (1 year)
"El cascanueces". La escena de los niños dormidos y su curiosidad me
hicieron recordar cuando éramos pequeños +VeJota Vilcapuma Vinces 

Author Trixie (1 year)

Author Maddy Jean Longo Ciccone (1 year)

Author andres lopez (1 year)

Author Trey Haas (1 year)
+Debbie Smith +Kia Rawlinson +Alan Zeni Jr. +Angeli Jolyn Moscarella +Evelyn

Author Trey Haas (1 year)
+Debbie Smith +Alan Zeni Jr. +Angeli Jolyn Moscarella +Julie Brozovich +Neon

Author Lena Pascal (1 year)
i wish i could be as gd as they...

Author vivian imes (2 years)
i loved it i always look forward to the nutcracker every year. Happy
Holidays to everyone enjoy!!!

Author gabby33384 (1 year)
This holds special memories for me. My family used to go see the New York
City ballet's Nutcracker ever single year because my grandfather was head
percussionist in the orchestra. I remember being a little girl going in the
pit before the show and saying hello to my grandfather and some of the
other instrumentalists, and then after the show I got to go up on the
actual stage and play. I still have a bag full of "Snow" that I picked up
off the stage floor. It was a magical experience every time!

Author Emily Matulic (2 years)
my whole childhood is in this <3

Author Katie Cadet (1 year)
Jessica was only 10 years old (since she was born in 1983)

Author CoteBrockman Gabriel (1 year)
Too bad you are dumb and didnt know that the credits are at the beggining

Author Claire Harmon (1 year)
The pax de deux. O.O

Author CherryFrog321 (1 year)
I took dance when I was a kid and I loved this video. I used to beg my
parents to move to New York City so I could go to the NYC ballet and be in
this Nutcracker. lol. I did get to perform in the Nutcracker at my own
dance school though which was still fun. :)

Author André Luis (1 year)
This is my childhood when I started dancing... Nowadays Grigorovich >>>

Author valerie8961 (2 years)
Macaulay Culkin

Author j1a2v3e4 (1 year)
this is just the very H. C. Andersen Story - from Denmark, The Nutcracjer
is playing in december with hopefully snow all over the place and Clara in
a very exinting movement from the 5th to the 22nd December.

Author Nancy Lawrence (1 year)
I love Darci Kistler, Damian Woetzel, Kyra Nichols, Wendy Whelan, Margaret
Tracey, Gen Horiuchi, Tom Gold, Lourdes Lopez, Nilas Martins, William Otto,
Peter Reznick, Edward Bigelow, Karin von Aroldingen, Heather Watts, Robert
La Fosse, Bart Robertson Cook, Jessica Lynn Cohen, and Macaulay Culkin.

Author Tyler Samanns (1 year)
yes yes yes YES

Author Sofía Paredes (1 year)
You're welcome.

Author ADD (1 year)
definitley !!!;)

Author AdmirableProductions (1 year)
tommorow is my nutcracker audition hopefully i'll get prince again :)

Author Kitty le Fay (1 year)
Oh, the nostalgia! I used to watch this one all the time just to listen to
the music even if it wasn't Christmas. I adore Tchaikovsky!

Author java leru (1 year)
For those watching this video for the first time. STOP! there is some
unknown music by someone x wanna-be composer individual.

Author A. Zhang (1 year)
God, I love this music.

Author Lauren (1 year)
it's the grand pas de deux

Author Prancer1231 (1 year)

Author valerie8961 (2 years)
me too!

Author Sofía Paredes (1 year)
He's just a forever alone: 6:40, see? By the way can someone tell me the
name of the song the Sugarplum Fairy and her Cavalier dance?

Author Tajayona Wilson (1 year)
home alone kid is on this movie

Author AdmirableProductions (1 year)
Thumbs up if you were in the nutcracker!

Author Jeff Sanders (1 year)
too bad its not a movie, its a ballet performance!

Author Sofía Paredes (1 year)
Thank you

Author WahiniWarrior (1 year)
I go to New York nearly every night on my job as a truck driver. Yet of all
the years I have been going to New York I seen The Nutcracker only one time
live at Lincoln Center in November of 2009. It was the only time and I
thought it was wonderful. We lost our account to our customer in New York
in the summer of 2010 and I lost my lady about the same time. As of this
past July 2013 we got our old contract back and I met a new lady in life
and I have vowed to take her to see The Nutcracker.

Author twoscoopsofhappiness (1 year)
You are my favorite, thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Enrique Guzman (1 year)
I wanna take a girl like that to this show on the 29th of November (in NYC)
for her birthday. Is it worth it?

Author Sami Nishi (1 year)
I love it.....

Author Emily Hills (2 years)
this was my childhood fantasy

Author 71crm (1 year)
I always thought Marie's little brother Fritz was such a little bastard for
breaking the nutcracker!

Author CherryFrog321 (1 year)
Thank you so so so SO much for putting this up! I loved this as a child and
watched it all the time, and I hadn't seen it in years!

Author AdmirableProductions (1 year)
10:50-1:32:56 did you even try looking at the screen?!

Author kblock03 (1 year)
Nein, es ist nicht sinnlos

Author Lauren (2 years)
omg the nephew is from home alone didnt know he was such a good dancer and
that he was so hot <3

Author sunnysowelu (1 year)
Classics never get old. I remember watching this movie long long time ago
and instantly fell in love..

Author Anna Bekah (1 year)
best version <3 been watching since i was a little girl

Author MsJennyVegas (2 years)
OMG!!! i freakin love you! lol ive been looking for this everywhere! thanks
so much for uploading <3

Author Wynrider (2 years)

Author Farao Hixa (1 year)
блин, ни фига себе, чернокожая снежинка))) теперь я видела всё)

Author WishfulThinkingArt (1 year)
I haven't seen this movie in a long time, but there is almost a kind of
magical charm that I didn't really notice before... :-)

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