Roblox Scream 3

Whats your favorite scary movie... Watch in 480 HD and in Full Screen. ENJOY

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Author skit44 (27 days)
Wait wait wait,she has her phone out and still doesn't know what time it

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)

Author Carlos Rodriguez (9 days)
what server was it in

Author masoncooper9 (1 month)
Um, so theres one from 2008 by the chat and stuff, and 2010?

Author god's best angel (2 months)

Author saje ehrman (4 months)

Author Thomas Wright (3 months)
Where did you get the scream mask? I wanna prank my friends at my place

Author Secret Softy Notebook (5 months)

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)
It took scream 7 minutes to kill a guy, in the same room? Wow.

Author Daniel ROBLOX (4 months)
In USA this film would be rubbish the victim could just pull out a gun and
*bang* dead lol, whereas in Britain were F**ked, the only thing we could do
was use are hands and feet and call the police and run away lol or shoot
air rifle or rock salt but we wont be able to kill them.

Author Anya Latyshev (4 months)
i like you spra paint the stuff

Author James Dragon (3 months)
walk down stairs with hands in air lol

Author Frank Burgess (1 month)

Author ♣Odeley♣ (3 months)
So spooki no clock!

Author Алекзандър Владимиров (2 months)

Author GeneralSmeePlays ROBLOX (3 months)
I did it way better. i just did a prank. it was awesome

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)
THe graphics from 2008 roblox. SO SHITTY

Author Frank Burgess (1 month)
also would be nice

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)
Plus it is easy to tell she is alive AND, everyone has a knife, phone, and
building tools :P

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)

Author Virginia Slay (4 days)
Sweet Love it!

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)
Scream has the best grammar of them all XD

Author toneydavid09 (3 months)
where did you get the script on they fall and there antimated?

Author Gigi armstead (4 months)
<3 cool!!!

Author Charina Fernandez Paragas (5 months)
Well remember what Scream is? The killer like his face is Slender-man?
Too late if he's true, maybe you survive em' or.. kill himself by you use
your knife like Jeff used.

Author Lucas Hughes (8 days)
Really sucked ass.
BUt good job

Author Emperor Zorro (4 months)
XD Damn right over in Australia we would Call the kangaroo patrol.
In Iceland, IDK Throw ice?????
5 Star.

Author Steven Stack (18 days)
What game is this called and what owner?

Author toneydavid09 (2 months)
???? WHERE

Author stealthmarco (4 months)

Author John Moscoso (1 year)
thumbs up if your phone rang when they said *phone rings* :) Cause it
happend to e

Author tom hill (1 year)

Author SquarePantsMan1 (11 months)
get you home is from PIRAHNA

Author Drake Proctor (1 year)
whats the ragdoll tool and the game? it looks cool thumbs up.

Author MelonialZac Luay (9 months)
Me:Whos this? Scream:A killer,ill kill you Me:you cant kill me Scream: Haha
im at your back,time to die Me:Pica boo yougonna die after 1 hour Scream:
X_X Me:XD After an hour Me:X_X My Friend:Oops,why i kill you my friend
*crys* My Friend: Its time to kill myself too My Friend:X_X The end

Author clubzacyhgg45 (1 year)
check out my amry of two show first ep is made

Author Alexander Espinal (7 months)
that was awesome

Author Iron spider/JTH (9 months)
I love this vid

Author Surprise Muthafuka (7 months)
Lol in the chat it says the history "Ok Action" lol xD fail but good video

Author GAMERXD (1 year)
sorry but i kinda got bored at the secound persons house

Author Ben Hunter (1 year)
GBB, the music is ePiC

Author vertti onni (1 year)
nice end song

Author Alex Man (7 months)
Jess was killed WOW it did not show his death

Author Orion Gashi (1 year)
Nope,they didn't use blood script at all,cause if you look closely you can
clearly tell they have full health,and they have the spray in their
inventory,and you probably can't notice that they used the trip command to
make them fall you piece of shit fucking ass gay shit cunt!<3Go kill

Author ☣ Hoodie Dude ☣ (9 months)
Boring :P he killed all

Author Kpoeckh (8 months)
Nice movie bro.

Author coolmariopro (1 year)
someone should of killed scream like the real movie :|

Author DragonRobot7 (7 months)

Author Chris Quirante (1 year)
Add me Psyguy351

Author Ben Hunter (1 year)

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