Canon SX40 HS Zoom Test From Empire State Building Top

An amazing zoom demonstration with the Canon Powershot SX40, You can see individual people skating half a mile away at the Rockefeller Center.

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 1:11
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Uploaded by: Senthil Kumar
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Author Артур Юрченко (1 month)

Author Ismael Rodriguez (10 months)

Author Andrew Fitzgerald (7 months)
I have this camera also...When you have the time have a look at some of
my zoom test videos...

Author Ahmed Alwahsh (1 year)

Author Andrew Fitzgerald (8 months)
Nice...A Great Viewpoint too...

Author YqueSales (11 months)
Canon sx50+Fotos,view? /watch?v=CddKWFbzYx4

Author jumpa01 (2 years)
Yea well we use to have these 2 huge massive towers you could see
wonderfully from the Empire State Building that was until some jerkoffs
took care of them!!

Author JoeSzilagy (2 years)
Of course, I have one too!

Author SAIF ALMOTAIRY (1 year)
هذا زوم ولا تلسكوب !!!!!

Author huyamd (2 years)
Hello, have you heard about "PhotoSFXart" (just google it)? There you will
find a great free video explaining the right way to create better pictures.
It helped Daniel to make photographs that have that wow-effect after you
take a look at them. It might work for you also.

Author Josh Walnut (2 years)
Hahahaha yea, you could catch somebody picking their nose a mile away!

Author Anand B S (2 years)
R u an Indian?

Author Senthil Kumar (2 years)
Please suggest what description i can add, so that i will try the same

Author susan creamer (2 years)
Unbelievable! My camera arrives TODAY! Can't wait! Thanks for the video.

Author Senthil Kumar (2 years)
Thanks for you comments....

Author Rick Jones (1 year)

Author De Naja' Handy (2 years)
just got this camera and i'm glad I did :)

Author Rick Jones (1 year)
just dont move the camera much when its totally zoomed out..because this is
a common mistake for some....ewww nausea!

Author amr alkot (1 year)
waaaaaaaow what a fucking great camera unbelievable zoom

Author steve forte (1 year)
That's crazy

Author kelasmaire (2 years)
someone said it is Ilayraja and tamil movie ? did he lift it ?

Author zilzila007 (2 years)
nice camera

Author r.mohnish kumaran (1 year)
awesome \m/

Author Rickzzz81 (2 years)
This Music Name is- Secrets In Stereo - Again Instrumental

Author Senthil Kumar (2 years)
I am from India... Shot this video during my short visit ti US

Author Adam Fackelman (1 year)
very cool, I'm looking at cameras and trying to find one with good video
quality. great video by the way

Author Hurensohnologe0711 (1 year)
Seven people still recording with Appels, Potatoes, Calculators... Did I
forget something?

Author sherysheryable (2 years)
my bf got me this. so happy he picked the canon sx40 hs. love it

Author CametteOlivette (2 years)
you could zoom right in to someones appartement.. ;)

Author Austin Howell (1 year)
kid falls at 0.25 haha

Author Anand B S (2 years)
Which film?

Author Chavon Shepherd (1 year)
Which would you recommend the nikon P510 or Cannon SX40 ??

Author Ross Ronald (2 years)
Wow - I'm looking at an SX260 for Quad Copter Photos. If the images are
anything like this... great! Thanks for posting this, great demo

Author kelasmaire (2 years)
whats the name of this song? which album?

Author theitfashionista (1 year)
What you are zooming at is actually bryant park, not Rockefeller center..

Author angellinegirl (1 year)
nice vid! got a question: how do u minimize the blurring? i've got a sx50
and it temporarily blurs between zooming in or out.

Author technophilee (1 year)
That's Bryant Park, not Rockefeller Center

Author neoindiesoul (2 years)
I just purchased this camera today and I can honestly say that the zoom is
really amazing. Great investment.

Author keithsbustrainvideos (2 years)
i assume it was the full 140x digital zoom and not just the 35x optical zoom

Author Kenneth Benson (2 years)
What format did you save this video in?

Author pictobug (2 years)
That is just awesome!! I ordered my SX40 about an hour ago from Amazon, so
glad I did, this camera looks great fun!!

Author Hebrew Saint (2 years)
HO- LY - SHIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Joey (2 years)
sweet lord that is impressive.

Author bad0ng1 (2 years)
hi sir, its bubz. i really like the background music you put in this sample
video. may i ask who is the artist? or at least the title. thank you.

Author MorreskiBear (2 years)
Skate fail @ 0:24 shot from the top of the Empire State. LOL.

Author As Judgement Day Approaches (1 year)
lol the kid at 0:24 who fell

Author TheHaphazardStudios (2 years)
holy shit that was amazing! I cant wait for it to come in the mail!

Author Adam Fackelman (1 year)
how's the video overall on the camera? i can see you uploaded in 1080p, but
is that the camera resolution or just exported in a high resolution using
an editing program?

Author kumarromeo007 (2 years)
Hi. The music u have used in this video is Tamil movie right(ilayaraja
composing).. am i right?

Author Stella Oliveira (1 year)
I has been going to the empire state today and i bougth my sx 40 today too.
It is very amazing, very good zoom and i love it... Good price and very
nice too... Who want buy, but is indecise, i just help u , speaking that
she is amanzing ... (8

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