Evelyn Turrentine Agee - God Did It

Evelyn Turrentine Agee, God Did It

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Author Shirley Lindsey (3 days)
Yes ,everything that has happen to me that was good ,Yes ,God did it,,Amen

Author luenetha epperson (6 days)
My God, my God
Yes, everything that happened to me that was good God did it.

Author grown man (5 days)
I love that cd-I wore it out.

Author Consuelo' (18 days)
Evelyn can BLOW, Burn..What a Voice..Powerful..

Author Marion Taylor (6 months)
#GLORYHALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! #RAMADAN2014 !!!!!!!!! #THEE21stCENTURY
!!!!!!! #LORDhaveMERCY !!!!!!!!!!! 

Author MOGnoel (1 year)
when i was lost ,jesus came and snatched me from the world . Halleluyah God
did it oohhh yeahh

Author tmarcial28 (1 year)
Who did it, God did it, yes, he did it. It's not done yet, but I'm counting
it already done in Jesus name. God did it!

Author SHAWN MIDNIGT (1 year)
love this....

Author mizzdiva007 (1 year)
She is very anointed in person as well!! She came to my church earlier
this year. 

Author Patricia Ann Breland (8 months)

Author sybil dees (1 year)

Author David Wrushen (1 year)

Author Patricia Ann Breland (1 year)

Author ruthboaz44 (3 years)
Kirk acts like a little kid trying to draw the attention from the other
singers to himself. Everything does not revolve around him. He looks
foolish. I feel sorry that he does not know it.

Author Michael Jenkins (4 years)

Author TheMICHELL54 (4 years)
That was not Ossie Davis but he could be his look-alike! When he started
singing I had to do a double take. Praise that Name of Jesus!

Author sexyACity (2 years)
She will in Anniston Al on June 3 @ Smith A.M.E.14th Street

Author kevinthemaster225 (3 years)
@mbrooks7608 they are not the gaithers. these people are from the
traditional gospel field featuring shirley ceasar and lots of others

Author nohwhey (4 years)
10-1/2 minutes..... and still too short.

Author trice1387 (3 years)
@tambourine4lyfe09 where can i get this dvd? what is the name of the dvd?

Author ArethasChild (4 years)
what the heck is Kirk Franklin

Author armand4189 (1 year)
Kirk need to sit down sonewhere! Why was he even with them? He aint even a
legend? Probably begged to be apart of it lol. Jus making a fool of himself.

Author Lilroxy Johnson (3 years)
praise him i feel go in my home i feel like i'm bck at church cause God did

Author Veronica Blair (3 years)
I absolutely love it!

Author tighmir (3 years)
I wish our younger generation (which I'm a part of) would realize the class
and elegance of those before us... and I say that because look at that suit
Kirk is wearing.......... God doesn't run a circus... he runs a kingdom.
Act like royalty!

Author TheMICHELL54 (3 years)
"IN THE BEGINNING 'GOD'.....!!!!!" Thank You Lord that chose me to be one
of Your believers. I will continually give You praise! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

Author YR B. (2 years)
Wow! Just lifts me right out of my seat!!! Love it!

Author jspotmusic (3 years)
could this be any longer?

Author TheMatteaMarie (3 years)
Kirk had me laughing the whole vid...LOL!!!

Author morticin (1 year)
Looks like Kirk was just enjoying himself, there you saints go again,
putting someone down, he is a legend in his own right, let him praise on,
it was good for him to be there with those pioneers.

Author Anthony Johnson (2 years)
@mansanraps haha is that what you think....what if its not him thats worthy
to be called GOD but if your not worthy to be called a human being or be
called gods children ... im not trying to be mean when i say this but you
probley think god is crazy, for example: you think he wont punish you if to
do something wrong or you should aske him for something and its supposed to
fall out of the sky and get something you probley dont even deserve.

Author kevinthemaster225 (3 years)
and he looks way out of place

Author joepowe1 (4 years)
love this song, but look at Kirk Franklin in the video. lol

Author chris holmes (4 years)
So true absolutely true

Author shantelh (4 years)
hello friend i miss meetin up wit ya

Author Larster911 (4 years)
How you gonna keep still listening to this?

Author mansanraps (2 years)
@ajsoturntup There are 7 billion people. Most of them are not sick. If God
heals just one billion per day, all would be well within a week. And no, no
amout of good deeds justifies his evil ones. Good thing about God is that
he has the cortsey of not actually being real, makling life on this planet
somewhat more pleasant. How do you explain the complete absence of any
evidence supporting the biblical claims? =)

Author kevinthemaster225 (3 years)
@mb980992 its a shame when you dont know who these people are. especially
the ones you've seen before. These people are legends of gospel.

Author Senese Hamilton (5 years)
I love this! Evelyn is sold out and she means businessss! LOVE IT!

Author Cheri Hines (1 year)
I don't understand if God bless u with a spectacular voice, most Gospel
Singers will not perform without getting pay. God did not charge them for
the air that their breathing into their lungs everyday.

Author mansanraps (2 years)
@ajsoturntup 1. Was this a just and fair punishment? 2. Nowhere does it say
that the kids had a chance to ask for forgiveness. Also god orders the
killing of NEW BORN infants and pregnant women in the bible. He burns two
men for not performing animal sacrifice the right way, he demands 32
virgins to be sacrificed to him and threatens to make people eat the flesh
of their children. How is this not evil? How is this moral? How can you
think that this is love?

Author Antwon Thomas (2 years)
what is kirk

Author nolagemini (4 years)
2:24 I wish i knew who was hoopin lol! and Kirk wasn't ready for that old
school lol!

Author 2cool4fools (1 year)
Woke up with this song n my heart this morning :)

Author mansanraps (3 years)
@antoinecarie You mean all Muslims, Hindues, Buddhists, Shintoists, Jews,
Jainists and so on will do that? That out of Zeus, Jehova, Allah, Poseidon,
Osiris, Yahweh and Belenos only Yahweh is real and the rest are made up?
This would mean that 80% of all people will end up in Hell. Why does that
make sense to you?

Author Devin Bussey (5 years)
Everything that happen to me that is good, God did it. Amen.

Author Luiza Barros (3 years)
oh yes God bless! muito bom louvar a Deus vem para o Brasil Fazer
avivamento Para as almas se salverem

Author Geraldine Dawson (1 year)
God is an Awesome God. God did it, is a very inspiring and true portrait of

Author mansanraps (2 years)
@ajsoturntup Yeah I got that :) That means that god really really really
HATES humans and wish them close to 100% harm. This makes him a horrible,
evil and cruel being, not even worthy of the title god, just a celestial

Author shirleybates3 (4 years)
All things work together for our good as long as God does it. God is GOOOD
ALL THE TIME - I love this song!!!!

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