Extreme Mules

Mules can do more then you think they can. These are some pics of my gang of extreme mules and their riders.

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Author Dan Downing (11 months)
Sure feet!

Author XxHazelEyesxX (3 months)
I want a Mule so bad!

Author robert williams (1 month)
Making a mule do something dangerous to its self-preservation is
impossible. Do alittle research. Also do alittle research on the muscle
conformation and stength. Mules are 4 wheel drive, horses 2.

Author Robert Harrison (10 months)
back wood round up S.A.R.S. salute

Author Rori Yates (1 year)
is this a grupe? and can you tell me the names of the places you went, and
where, that would be wonderful!! :3

Author SinnisIsatum42 (1 year)
No way. That would be like putting horseshoes on a real mustang. Their feet
are tough as nails.

Author kaaazperman (1 year)
looks like some type of mule rodeo where the mules are trying to dump the
rider then someone photoshoped the horse and rider into some senic just saying lol.

Author Sian Mrae (1 year)
there is a bitless bridle which applys pressure and stuff if you search on
google the diagrams help you understand as its hard to explain i've never
used one though my horse is so strong i ride with a bit in mouth and a lead
rope round her neck to hold onto if she takes off (so i dont pull her teeth
out trying to stop her)

Author TutorialDeadRed (1 year)
i got a tenneessee walker and a horse would not do them things them mules
do so im really inpressed btw im gavins sister

Author ExtremeMules (1 year)
Hello! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. We have definitely had
mules that are that tall. All of these mules are different sizes, kinds,
backgrounds, and owners. I am 5 feet tall and I had a mule that would do
these things that I could use his shoulder as an armrest. His name was Pee
Wee. Obviously you wouldn't jump Pee Wee off the same stuff you might jump
your 16 hand mule off of. You just have to be aware of their size and don't
push them to do something that would hurt them.

Author BleedingHeartWorld (1 year)
It's fine jumping in western saddles once in a while.. But do you guys do
this all the time?

Author summersong100 (2 years)
those mules are beautiful. what's the name of the song?

Author Irish Saddlebred (9 months)
Urg, I wouldn't say that western saddles are more comfortable for the
animal. My horse does prefer English over his trail saddle.

Author Jess T (1 year)
Love this! I've always wanted a Mule! ;)

Author gorryta (1 year)
no they are 4x4 thats all

Author keepitclean46 (2 years)
We used to ride horses, but now we always ride mules when we are in the
Idaho wilderness. It is true that they are more sure-footed and less likely
to spook than most horses. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but
overall, mules are the way to travel in the high-country.

Author Heather Lynn (1 year)
I live on a farm n SE Ky n the Appalachia & I have mules,horses,Jacks &
ponies I have 2 say my mules r my fav there sure footed where the rest
isnt, My mules can b worked or ridden. & as 4 the question I seen about
mules getting tired,well the answer is that my mules r worked so they can
handle a whole lot, but thats what mules want, they want 2 b worked &
ridden,they actually live a more healthy & long life if there used
properly..& there 4-ever faithful companions

Author ExtremeMules (1 year)
We're not show jumpers. We love to ride, we love our animals, and we ride
together because we love it. We ride just fine thanks.

Author sonya sowell (1 year)
Amazing animals and yeah theres no way I would try any of that in an
English Saddle. Srsly fer real lol. Everyone has their preference:) Western
for me ty. Great photos btw.

Author pinz2022 (1 year)
Well, they do kinda sorta look smarter than horses.

Author Mark Ward (2 years)
touched up and fake

Author ExtremeMules (2 years)
Also you spelled DAMN wrong. Just thought I'd point that out. At least this
"stupid rider" knows how to spell.

Author Juliana gonçalves (1 year)
Mula e Burro de boca dura e uma desgraça mesmo sobe e desse aonde que KKK'

Author shelby lynn (2 years)
i have 4 mules and have grown up riding them. im not sure if they can out
run a bear but they can travel pretty fast!

Author Chris Latham (11 months)

Author Kendall Follert (1 year)
why do the riders look left behind in every photo?

Author Hushpuppygirl (1 year)
I rode a mule for the first time recently, and got thrown off. :) I must
say, I am now completely in love, and obsessed with them.

Author trulyanimalistic (1 year)
Shoeing horses helps the hoof not to be worn down quickly and studs can
also be put in to give traction so you wont slip. Shoes also help fix
cracks and ailments of the hoof. If a horse spends a lot of time on
pavement the hoof will wear quickly so it is advised to shoe the horse/&
possibly have studs. Horses/mules can go without shoes if kept trimmed
nicely and looked after. Sometimes I let my jumping mare have her shoes off
got a small break, no harm once shes not worked on hard surface

Author Min Pin (2 years)
It's a brother sister kinda thing!

Author ladyjtrucker (1 year)
Oh I can't wait til my baby hits the ground in April (mammoth
jack/Percheron,QH). It will be trained with lots of love and kindness and
plenty of treat from the grand kids and will have a home forever : )

Author ExtremeMules (1 year)
Yes sir/ma'am (?) Most of this is in Utah

Author Lilly Dragon (11 months)

Author Eagleguts (1 year)
Actually I think the book is called 33 years among our wild Indians

Author Bridget B (1 year)
You're either a good rider, or you're a bad rider. There is no "type". That
- in the video is a bad rider no matter what saddle or no saddle is on it.
A six year old kid could do better with a week's experience.

Author Dessun (1 year)
Awww!! I want a mule!

Author Optimistic Ignoramus (1 year)
I'm just curious, do they make reins that are attached to the sides of the
head instead of a bit in the mouth?

Author CowgirlGoneJumper (2 years)
Dear she is just some all natural extremist parrelli don't touch your horse
unless you're this level person. lol And don't you love their ears? lol

Author Mrsangelcakes1 (2 years)

Author Ryan Gordon (1 year)
i like alot of "country" things but i HATE country music... cool video

Author Spencer House (9 months)
Whats up with the negative comments ya'll? You all jump HORSES. These are
not. they are mules. built different. Different everything. They are fine.
BRED for riding like this.

Author Rabbits101a (1 year)
You dont have to train a horse to jump.. Its natural! But great video!
Reminds me of a mule named Danny Ross where I work! He jumps the pasture
fence ALL the time!! He did it just twice today!! Haha! Its hard to catch
him though! Its always funny when he screams!! But mules do better things
like this beacuse unlike horses they can see there hind legs there fore
they know where they are stepping and know not to step on that looks rock!
Smart creatures!! Great video:)

Author Tiahna Flemming (1 year)
Omg I wish I could do that bareback on my mule! (I'm a crazy bareback
rider.) That looks like it is so much fun!!! I want to do that!!!

Author ExtremeMules (2 years)
It really is amazing how someone can come on here, comfortably hidden
behind a computer screen and judge others and what they do. It's amazing to
me that they will sit here and tell us how stupid we are when they don't
even know how to say what they're thinking without using the wrong version
of "you're" which should have been learned in like 3rd grade. Mrsangelcakes
has probably never ridden a horse in her life. Thank you Slaughter for
being on my side and for enjoying the videos I've made :)

Author Raven Roth (1 year)
my friend owns a mini mule and me and her mule are great together she
stupidly jumped on his butt to get on his back while i was on (bare back )
she fell not me and i am best with him in western my self so please bridget
b mules good with any tack

Author Jennifer Holland (2 years)
OMG YOU MEAN NOBODY HAS SAID THE WORD CRUELT!!! wow, i must have found the
right channel, and just kidding about the cruely thing, i love your mules
they are AWSOME, i have to admit, i have an appy mule that i just adore,
and i ride him every other day

Author RidingTheBreeze (1 year)
It's like riding mountain goats!

Author ExtremeMules (2 years)
Me and My Gang- Rascal Flatts

Author Katie Toler (11 months)
Some people don't get to buy any kind of saddle you can get. And in my
opinion I think a western saddle is safer. You fall off to easy with an
English saddle bc of no horn or leg protection. Plus if your someone like
me and live in the mountainous area around.. WEST VIRGINIA ! Then most of
the time a western saddle is better for the trail type riding. Yes I jump
horses over logs ,creeks, etc. it's not my fault if its there so if I wanna
jump with western saddle I freakin will its my decision not

Author Rori Yates (1 year)
{or look this up "gaited racking mule for sale johnny ringo"} hope you
find a good mule. :3

Author Robert Hubbard (1 year)
Hybrid Vigor to the upmost?

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