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Author anantdeep singh (7 days)
Brainiac is magnetic and use different characters for super strength and
laser vision and ice breath

Author Cartez Sheppard (3 months)
Hold up. How do you play with the other characters 

Author Khristian Bailey (2 months)
Oh yeah this game really does need green arrow and the rest of the teen

Author gerson pena (2 months)
Pick bane

Author Zander Schatzman (1 month)
How do you get the two packs

Author Isaya Shabazz (5 months)
Why do you say nicely do all the time

Author Khristian Bailey (2 months)
Last comments. So i see manbat got his butt beat by that goon

Author Isaya Shabazz (5 months)
How do you get a dlc pack for Wii

Author Khristian Bailey (2 months)
Yeah you kinda do curse alot . And i am only 13

Author Khristian Bailey (2 months)
I realized as i was playing as bane in this level, this guy is super
overpowered as well in the first batman. I wonder how long bane has been
around. I have seen him in most if the comic books

Author Clorinda Morse (1 year)
my son loves your legobatman videos but he is only 4 so if you could try to
stop swearing that would be very much appreicated ty

Author Omnis Ra (1 year)
You know the Riddlers hat aint that bad. At least they didn't do the look
in some of the comics when he had a purple hat and green suit.

Author Kelly McKenzie (8 months)
can you play as manbat.

Author lorenaestrella69 (1 year)
Why you say damn and fuck

Author wen131000 (1 year)

Author ravenwhittaker91 (1 year)
I love your videos

Author Jason Roddy (1 year)

Author stifwyn (10 months)
I. Whode. Like. The game. On. My. Ps3

Author BlueXephosify (1 year)
no she can't.

Author barakquiel gosh (1 year)
I'd never thought about this way.. I think you're totally right.. and well
sorry for posted that type of comment in your channel. God Bless you.

Author iain whittaker (1 year)
blitz look at my channel

Author dul elmus (1 year)
I hate the riddler he has grey hat LEGO DONT HAVE A GOOD PICTURE OF HIM

Author minecraftrockz123 (1 year)

Author kjdfghuaFSEvsgnrjodi (11 months)
Can you use bane please

Author Blitzwinger (1 year)
Well I hope that this horrific accident is not something that will attract
views to my videos it is very sad and unfortunate especially when you read
about the fact that this guy ( don't type his name don't satisfy his
monstrous ego) thinks he is the joker.

Author Lewis Searles (1 year)
Be mr freeze!!!!!

Author Jian Hoffman (1 year)
10:15 or a popsicle stick

Author Ibrahim Mudassar (1 year)
what is a citezen in pirel

Author pokemonlegoboy8 (1 year)
Can Batgirl wear any of Batman suits like the sensor suit? She could do
that in the first game.

Author UKF1901 (1 year)
It available in your x box store.

Author vcornelius29 (11 months)
Use other character

Author battleplan18 (1 year)
hey do u know the codes for x3840 multiply studs

Author DarkSparkzStudios (1 year)
Hey Blitz Im RLLLLLLLLYYYY Desperate for the cide for Shazam And Bizzaro
Plz im begging u to inbox me thhe code plz it would make my day

Author ravenwhittaker91 (1 year)
Anwer back

Author Carlos Chacon (6 months)
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

Author Jose Morales (11 months)
Other keafghschkffjhxghfgifdhu

Author Moritz Zockt (5 months)
Everyone WHO has left no Luke is stupid

Author cheeseyweasle (1 year)
true dat!

Author Tes Gatan (1 year)
Super man can die but I do not know why he can die

Author whatshisface559 (1 year)
Can you have a more than the carictors than the 9 or 10 you relly use
Brianieac Is a magnet, bane is just a plane bad ass. But I am not being
mean aninthing. Ok

Author bonxpearlpabon (1 year)
whyis bizarros superman

Author lugamer40 (1 year)
Adoro lego batman2 o jogo que jogo mais

Author christian stewart (9 months)

Author Zach Poma (1 year)
just wondering, why are there lags in your lego batman 2 vids?

Author Jollybee Cabal (5 months)
I need help with heroes unite walkthrough. Seriously!!! I only need one
last gold brick to unlock the unknown character!!

Author Elvis Gaytan (1 year)
I got to get this game

Author Anna Maria Johannesen (6 months)

Author Maarten Eylenbosch (9 months)
What are the codes of the stud multiplier

Author 재득 유 (8 months)

Author Matthew Furniss (7 months)
Can the Riddler's goons do that?

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