funny and crazy arabic guys

u must see these guys

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Arabic havin fun


Author soulwithholes (5 days)
Holy Shiite ! I laughed so hard !

Author evzenstyl karas (9 days)

Author Chris Mari (1 month)
If all Arabs were that funny the Middle East would be a better place. 

Author falastinoo (3 months)
ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Author DjBarbieRudy (3 months)
Hahahahhaha this old video i am arabic girl these guys from Ksa

Author happy anis alger (4 months)

Author Latifah muslima (4 months)
whats the name of the song????

Author Waleed Nabhani (4 months)
i dance like zis all za time 

Author YankeesRap (6 months)

Author Heheueueue Steve (6 months)

Author Elvin Aliyev (7 months)
Hey heey

Author noura Ali (7 months)
00:50 look at da one in the middle lool :)) .. They're Saudis it's an old
vid i remember when it first came out was 8-9 years ago ... still hilarious

Author Nazir Nakhal (8 months)

Author iskander x (9 months)
such a banging sound; whats the song called? 

Author Mudug2006 (1 year)
because you are a despicable human being!

Author Kalid Alharbi (1 year)
We are get fun without drinking hhhhhhh

Author maghor1 (1 year)
وش عرفك بالادلة ؟ انت غافل والله انك غافل الحين شيوخكم يضحكون عليكم لانهم
تمتعو بنسائكم حتى الاولاد ما سلمو منهم وسمعت انه الذا سافرت مع رجال (على
حسب كلام احد شيوخكم) انهم لازم يبادلون بعض يعني قوم لوط راحو وانتم تكملون
شغلهم وباقي الدار الضلماء طف اللمبة ودخل على اي واحد موجود بالغرفة حتى
يدخلون فتحة بالجدار اذا ما فيه فتح شاغرة والله الدين الشيعي باطل كله باطل
وينكرون بعض صفات الله سبحانه وتعالى ما تكفي الاحرف باكتل الباقي بتعليقي

Author nuke20009876 (11 months)
fuck salafi up

Author HeRoTK100 (1 year)
im arabic but wtf ._.

Author EatActionzz (1 year)
you can find it in all humankind

Author happy anis alger (1 year)

Author SHK CrAfT (1 year)
name of the song ???

Author nammydear (1 year)
hahaha ชอบท่าจับหนวด

Author nirvomind (1 year)
My Father fought for Bosnia Muslims in 1994 ,,how dare speak about them
like that ,, u speak about Politics . I was always rased for Palestine
thats my Case ,,and it well never be a glory to Islam from people Like you
,,inchallah you will see . I work and Study hard for the Muslim and Arab
Civilisation ,,i live in the Reality with my PEople not in Finnland !

Author seeda273 (1 year)
كل زق

Author Dina Macarandan (1 year)
Yala kila siop!

Author yonki wQw (1 year)
go home ur drunk!! Dumbass¡

Author Meer Khan (1 year)

Author blueyedboy077 (1 year)

Author mohammed ainabosi (1 year)
Fuck You,, mother fucker ass _|_

Author Josh Butterballs (1 year)
You are a stupid motherfucker

Author Eugen Grosu (1 year)
So funny lol

Author Kat Neep (1 year)
this aint arab...this is punjabi and their big tummy dancing

Author ish king (1 year)

Author nirvomind (1 year)
Akhi !! i'm not Racist , but i'm Talking about Facts and History ..

Author unknown445mo (1 year)
you can find this in America too.

Author susi cute (1 year)

Author lolo soso (1 year)
نفضحنا عاااااا

Author bill black (1 year)
harlem shake

Author Marzouq Alajmi (1 year)

Author puntlander (1 year)
Am wondering how they avoid hitting each other, Arabs are funny !

Author SHK CrAfT (1 year)
haha...funny ;)

Author EatActionzz (1 year)
no they arent africans because africans dont wear Thobe and Besht im arab
and i can make a different between an arab or an african

Author noviie hermawan (1 year)
arab pea funny gaje

Author Rida Ameri (1 year)

Author Loyal6900 (11 months)
noo Arabs ... the clots like ...

Author veronica osorio (1 year)
These ppl are funny. We should all laugh at ourselves once in a while.

Author Tahir Sani (1 year)

Author DawryMasry (1 year)
They are probably Arab but they are making a funny joke Arabs don't act or
dance like that normally This is just a funny video

Author harrisondorothy1 (1 year)
dat was cool

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