Top 10 Minecraft Songs November 2012 [HD]

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Herro Guys and Welcome to the Top 10 Minecraft Songs in November!
As always those top 10 songs are just my opinion. If you don't like my opinion don't dislike! Just leave a comment what song you would have added and what song should have been on what rank.
I hope you guys enjoyed! If you enjoyed make sure to like this video and maybe subscribe if you want to see more of those videos!

I do NOT own any rights to those Songs/Videos! All the righs go to the Producers/Uploaders of those songs!

Here all the Songs/Videos from this Video:

10. Diggy Diggy Hole (Dwarf Hole) by Bluexephos

9. Minecon Tonight by TheFamousFilms, Voice by Bellabeth

8. Cube Land by Slamacow Creations (animation) and Laura Shigihara (voice)

7. Mine by Brad Knauber

6. In Search of Diamonds by Eric Fullerton

5. Revenge by Captain Sparklez

4. Screw the Nether by bluexephos

3. Like an Enderman by ThnxCya

2. Fallen Kingdom by Captain Sparklez

1. Minecraft Style by Captain Sparklez

I hope you enjoyed this video :D

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Author raza aziz (7 months)
9 th song was long

Author Bronie Gamer (1 month)
#8 is my favorite

Author CyberxLighting (1 year)
Each Month Of Your Parodies there the same order as Mine Would Be What are
the twins of of parodies

Author Asa Beckham (1 year)
these songs are awesome good job Phil

Author ScorpionCraftero (1 year)
24:55 Problem Steve?

Author PhilCrafting (1 year)
lol thanks :D someday i am sure your channel is going to be as popular as
mine ;D

Author saudrais jérémie (1 year)
trop la bal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author lizer32 (1 year)

Author dred1969 (1 year)
30:02 made me upset :(

Author Jen Kozlowski (1 year)

Author Loser FTW! (1 year)
Number nine on list sux who put that there

Author mine garcia porras (11 months)

Author LifeHaax (1 year)
Me too, I liked it, but not that much.

Author CraftyCreator (1 year)
Another song is "from the ground up" also by the same person on number

Author Carl Clark (1 year)
i dont understand the 10th song

Author Carl Clark (1 year)
i like this

Author sissyprosopro (1 year)
I Hate Creepars is pretty nice. I think it deserves to be in december's top

Author hjfkljhg (1 year)
ANY captiansparklez parody is better than like an enderman the like an
enderman lyrics were just wired for me

Author Jasper Twitchell (1 year)
yaaa! revenge!

Author Joshua Wear (1 year)
just before 34 min you can see herobrine on the far right you can see also
ths skin from fallen k in the group

Author michael ourso (1 year)
dig dig diggy digi hole digy hole hole digy hole

Author Brajan P (1 year)
fajne muzy

Author FD NETHER (1 year)
for minecon 2013 vote for sydney australia

Author cesar cantoni (1 year)
I am not a big fan of cubeland

Author ignacio curumilla belmar (1 year)
dont like ender style

Author elyjel1 (1 year)
Hopyfully antvenom posts his parody soon!

Author CincyCburton (1 year)
So is the theif.

Author Isaac DeGolier (1 year)
Digging minecraft style

Author NeutronAleks (1 year)
dude this is amazing i love the 7th place one

Author LegoKiva (1 year)
Hey, thought you might want to check this one out! It's "mineshaft" a
parody of Maroon 5's "Payphone", and it's really good, you should consider
putting it in for December top 10!

Author basecraft (1 year)
philcrafting you need to add the song mincraft song by bobby something!

Author Flinger5000 (1 year)
that would be ok but most of the minecraft players come from u.s.a and
europe and would have to travel half the world to get there

Author james perry (1 year)
when is that coming out

Author robotechjhuggins (1 year)
#2 Viva La Vida style nice

Author TheMRfreekwillem (1 year)
like the minecon video, didn't knew that one

Author PhilCrafting (1 year)
It's a sweet song the problem is, that it was released a few hours after i
uploaded my video. If it would have been on time i would have put it in

Author ColliderSlender (1 year)
Yeeih Fallen Kingdom i lovet :´)

Author Robert Hardeman (1 year)
I think Fallen Kingdom should've been nr. 1 because Minecraft Style is just
a remake of Gagnam Style while Fallen Kingdom really has emotion and a
story to it.

Author Dominykas Slušnys (1 year)
waths is mean herro

Author basecraft (1 year)
I came to mine is awesome

Author Karina Anderson (1 year)
I have a couple of suggestions: "Minefall" and "A Creeper Like You," both
by NowLetsPlayMinecraft... Really good animations and vocals in both...

Author YousGamer Aka JustThisGamer (1 year)
guys check out my channel

Author figgrole4real (1 year)
apart from that it was EPIC LISTTTTTTTTTT

Author Ching Edwin (1 year)
hate 'like an enderman' !!!!!!!!!Like Captain Sparklez ,yaaay Revenge

Author hjfkljhg (1 year)
well i guess it's....ok

Author SquidPVP (1 year)
30.05 made me sad

Author PhilCrafting (1 year)

Author zidclaw (1 year)
wow at minecraft style there is a dancing balarina skeliton

Author MinecraftGTA V (1 year)
same song but its going up

Author Crow_MK03 (1 year)
where´s "From the ground up"??

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