(MMD)self destructing russia

i own nothing. enjoy:)

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√Bestmadsofalltime Creator - なまづめの中の人 All the channels i use for uploading are listed in my channels subbox.


Author Gilbert Beilschmidt (6 months)
Self destruct
(MMD)self destructing russia

Author Asha Symons (3 months)
I'm in that weird part of youtube. Again.

Author Caitlin Spence (5 months)
and once again Prussia saved us all! XD in Prussia we trust!

Author kaito shion kirklandcupcakesforall kat (5 months)
*clinging powers activate with >:T face*

Author xXLeahXx (5 months)
That was fantastic. Best 5 seconds ever.

Author Miggypiggy2001 (3 months)
Russia is so cute >3 

Author Tatiana Collado (4 months)
Hahaha!!! I think I just broke the replay button XD

Author Zander Baker (6 months)
me ate bomb

Author kaito shion kirklandcupcakesforall kat (5 months)
.. I LUV RUSS-KUN EVEN MORE NOW~! *cling with >:T*......

Author Amanda Bond (9 months)
Published on Jamaica's Independence Day.... Fuuuuu---

Author iLoveMordecai18 (1 year)
>.> <.< ...Oh, I heard you...

Author uiuna1 (1 year)
must ask, when did my video became a hetalia chat room?

Author uiuna1 (1 year)
uh OUI, c'est drôle >.<

Author Junjun arce (8 months)
Invader zim

Author arista williams (9 months)
russia: yay! hehehe boom!

Author mariogirl33445566778 (7 months)
Me: *Face Palm* Germany: *Random* Um...

Author Michelle Larivee (7 months)
I think I killed the replay button...

Author Yao Wang (10 months)
and they said there was no such thing as too much vodka aru oh and prussia
good luck on not getting belarus to kill you

Author Rogue (1 year)
And my math equation is: Invader zim + Hetalia = my 2 favourite shows =

Author ishBALLAN (1 year)
sounds like someone lit a match under Russia's butt while he was farting
then when he exploded he bleeped out of existence.

Author SapphireBlueEyes7799 (11 months)
....Russia I love you. THEY GOT HIS LAUGH RIGHT. OMG.

Author Anna Stratton (9 months)
Hetalia and Invader Zim.... AWESOMENESS!!

Author Techno360Flips (1 year)
Lol the laugh and the arms ~kesesesesese

Author Sylvia Ben (5 months)
Germany: well u dont see that every day

Author Ivan Braginsky (1 year)
oJo... when did?.... =J= Was i drunk?

Author Ivan Braginski (1 year)
Very okay! o^J^o

Author Jordyn Elena (6 months)
@JadaBarnes it's invader zim

Author Lovino Bonnefoy (1 year)
Hey, now Spain is the only tomato loving bastard....

Author lizeeboo78 (9 months)

Author Feliciano Vargas (11 months)
You did it too, Romano.

Author Jada Barnes (6 months)
Whats is this from

Author IvanBraginski13 (1 year)
Uh.... when did that happen?

Author Navyblue coolkitten (5 months)
Lolz WTF!!!! XD

Author TheWraithOfMooCow (11 months)
wait...what was it you say you only tried one time? "reads posts" Oh!
eating a grenade! I thought you were saying...Nevermind.

Author Ivan Braginski (1 year)
When you let the Commie Party Train come in. o^J^o

Author hannah parmenter (6 months)
hahah dying over here~! XD

Author 94Darkstar (8 months)
Okay why is it that at 0:04, Russia looked like he was taking a shit? XD

Author Biome (8 months)
best 5 in a half second of my life...

Author mariogirl33445566778 (8 months)
Russia...? Are you OK...?

Author xXPoLietXx (1 year)
totally awesome if i must say so for prußen's sake

Author Samantha Morrell (9 months)

Author Maka (1 year)
Prussia and russia

Author Mathias Køhler (1 year)
you're one to talk! kekeke! ~

Author Annika Sutcliff (10 months)
In soviet Russia, Videos watch YOU

Author Taylor Taylorson (1 year)

Author iLoveMordecai18 (1 year)
...I don't know...but... *kisses you on the cheek* ...sorry for being so
hard on you earlier...

Author iLoveMordecai18 (1 year)
Y-you're a freak! You separated my poor Prussia from his brother!!

Author iLoveMordecai18 (1 year)
O.O I love you.

Author HomuHomu Akemi (1 year)
im coplaying as russia this year xD

Author Meghan Mulligan (9 months)

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