Mallets in the Mountains

Italian built 0-4-4-0 mallet tanks in the deserts and rugged mountains of Eritrea, on the Horn of Africa.

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Author aloisius1950 (24 days)
Apprezzato!* * * * *

Author Squarerig (4 months)
For those of you who have ever been to sea and had the great misfortune to
put into Massawa for any reason whatever,my sympathy.This is the place of
which the old prophets in the Bible must have been thinking when they spoke
and wrote of HELL!How human beings can exist in this shithole is beyond
me.Massawa:140 degrees Fahrenheit in my cabin;thieves in abundance and no
respite for two whole weeks.I still have nightmares!

Author Wylye_guy (8 months)
Certainly something different to see a steam loco and camels in the same

Author Pellenzer (6 months)
Wunderschön anzusehen! SUPER PICTURES

Author psycotria (2 months)
Is that railway line a real, functional operation, or is it all photo-ops
and run-bys for paying tourists?

Is it meter gauge?

Author Sonia Suczka (4 months)
Ciekawe, mieszane składy.

Author Velia Pustetto (9 months)
The old Mussolini's presents...

Author tacfoley (11 months)
Where on earth did you find the commentator? After five minutes listening
to him all I wanted to do was open my throat on a handy kerbstone.

Ottawa Valley GRS

Author xozyje (1 year)
bien ! pourvu que ce train dure encore longtemps .....

Author silvermaschinereiner (2 years)
Das ist Spitze!!!!!

Author Cyclist0623 (1 year)
I knew people in Europe who would not ride in any car coupled on behind an
Italian one. Not making this up. They wouldn't.

Author Roberto Stephano (1 year)
Muito bonito , gostei de mais , obrigado !!

Author kealoa9 (1 year)
Brakes? What brakes - don't see any air or vacuum brake lines???

Author baselb80 (1 year)
i really liked the angels of the shoots great

Author Fetaw Adu (1 year)
Wow! Great Train show and congra to the people and government of Eritrea
for rebuilding the lines, which must have been done painstakingly smart!

Author alexander1485 (1 year)
apparently theres no airbrakes

Author xozyje (1 year)
matériel encore vaillant malgré son age ! mais il ne faut pas oublier de
faire le plein d'eau dans ce desert

Author Bubak1sk (3 years)
super niečo úžasné)!

Author Ulleval73 (2 years)
very interesting. very....different.....a welcome change from the ordinary.

Author nick199009 (2 years)
i've seen faster camels and the narrator sounds so enthusiastic

Author nicky9499 (1 year)
Those cars look very lightweight, it can't have been too difficult to stop
with just locomotive brakes. Of course, the run-in on the last car would
still be less than comfortable, considering the huge amount of slack in the

Author Cyclist0623 (1 year)
Not sure I'd want to ride in any car coupled behind those couplers! Those
are some funky engineering.

Author max7878max (3 years)
our heritage

Author Irineu6116 (1 year)
Fantastic video - CONGRATULATIONS!

Author Jon B. (1 year)
Looks like they set the brakes manually on the cars.

Author Luiz Carlos Buchmann de Araujo (2 years)
Very good, is beatiful..

Author JackWilliamsMom (2 years)
camels & trains oh cool

Author Hornhausen (1 year)
Very nice video.

Author Railyard Productions (1 year)
Sweet video. Check out my channel if you want to see Mallets in the USA.

Author Kenshiroit (2 years)

Author mark carey (1 year)
Utterly excellent photography! Thanks.

Author traintapes (1 year)
Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

Author David Frobel (1 year)
love it

Author MikadoMakoto (1 year)
If Africa uses Steam. We should start building more efficient steamers as
well. Dream come true there

Author 555aahouse1 (4 years)
Nice looking old trains keep em' running.

Author Ryan Tan (1 year)
One word; beautiful

Author buntik1687 (2 years)
Very cool! Makes me want to visit!

Author VRfan - Train Videos Downunder (2 years)
Interesting centre buffer arrangement

Author Shane D Stokes (2 years)
I love the steam Era absolutely awesome era of the industrial steel & steam

Author Paul Biwer (3 years)
One of the best made train / steam videos I've ever seen with real action
and interest as well as exciting composition. Are these trains still

Author Ramòn Cantù (1 year)

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