[MKWii] Custom Track Expert Shortcuts

Watch the second one here!

In this video, I demonstrate all of the shortcuts that I know on CTs that have some "risk" involved in them. All of these are from MrBean35000vr and Chadderz' CTGP Riivolution track pack. Getting the footage + making this video took a long time to make so I hope you all enjoy and get something out of it. Be sure to spread it to people you know who are also interested in CTs Also, the Top 10 is based on my personal favorites. (not on usefulness or difficulty) It starts at 6:10.

The mushroom with the cross through it symbol shown in the top left are the shortcuts in the video done without mushrooms.

The Sunset Ridge invisible mushroom shortcut I found is really epic and I have no idea why he put that in the track but it's awesome nonetheless. xD

#6 of the top10 list is extremely difficult with the flame runner shroomless as shown in the video but not too bad with mach bike.

2:13 is really hard to do with 1 shroom like I did and land on the boost panal. It's much easier to just use another shroom when you land since you'll most likely hit the wall.
5:48 will normally count you out of bounds but if you go at a certain height like I did then you can bypass the whole city area.

This video shows all the shortcuts that are useful for wifi play and actually have some difficulty. The lap counts on every single one shown in this video. I don't show any of the track-breaking glitches because those shouldn't be done online.


-Troy (TWD98)

Sonic Adventure Battle 2 - Cosmic Wall
Envy - Heaven
Nightcore - Witchcraft

Update: #3 and #1 won't count the lap anymore due to a patch

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Author Ethan Jones (14 days)
I love how at #1, RIGHT as Funky Kong lands it, the music starts again. :0

Author Toad King (3 months)
I did the Mushroom Valley shortcut shroomless.

Author Adam Li (2 months)
My official number 1 fav youtuber and mushroom peak is my official number 1

Author mydias cis (6 months)
i did make the musroom peaks short cut at musroom george!

Author Fusio MK (8 days)
Awesome ! 

Author CreeperElement (26 days)

Author CuZZiC4n (1 month)
dat impossible game soundtrack tho

Author CaptainUltarius (4 months)
6:10 perfect music timing
EDIT: Sorry, make that 8:10

Author Accj21 (7 months)
At 3:46, wouldn't it be easier with a jump?

Author dj weito (8 months)
for the online :(

Author Jennifer Martino (2 months)
#3 lol

Author Trickys Disputes (8 months)
Your a nerd you play mario kart and your like 30
Get a life

Author alberto garufi (4 months)

Author Brad Smith (8 months)
Troy can I play with u while you are recording today ill be on at 2 on
150cc ok my name is Bradley :D♥

Author SlimeyKing321 (8 months)
4:29 How do you move over at the starting line? I use a gamecube controller
so gamecube controller explanation would be better but any explanation
please! :)

Author ENinjah (8 months)

Author KC Tabuu (8 months)
+TWD98 How many shrooms did it take for the kinoko cave shortcut?

Author Leslie Esslinger (2 months)

Author SidTheEpic (9 months)
Impossible game music? cool.

Author waluigi battery549 (6 months)
Trickeys Dispuit shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Accj21 (1 year)
The music at 8:11 is perfectly timed.

Author Popular Moo (10 months)
how do you get custom track in mario kart

Author gamerkyle2402 (8 months)
Rainbow dash road... cringes

Author Lonnie Vestal (8 months)
What was the last song

Author AlexPlaysNintendo (8 months)
Oml. You introduced me to nightcore. I love you so mich. Im such a
nightcore fan now

Author gamewatchable (8 months)
Found a troy impostor :)

Author TristPlaysMC - Minecraft Mods, Parkour, Mario Kart & much more! (8 months)
They don't work Chaytone1 because I have the new update 1.3

Author Princess Di (8 months)
Also in rocky cliff

Author Nan Jeon (8 months)
Troy,nice moves back there! I'm good at [MK]Wii but you are better then me.

Author William Linnes (8 months)
what is the song on Your grumble Volcano record

Author Effie Miller (8 months)
The last song is called witchcraft

Author Joe Brown (1 year)

☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube so he can destroy the new comment system
/ \

Author Samio bro (5 months)
this guys frickin boss

Author Princess Di (8 months)
I meant rainbow road

Author TheWaynesworld2012 (9 months)
lololol i love the sab2 soundtrack

Author cooly seb (5 months)

Author SFG17MK (9 months)
oh my god i cant stop watching this, especially the spindrift you make at
5:19, i love it! <3

Author Kristian Frederichsen (9 months)
what was the last songs name?

Author Princess Di (8 months)
Commenters,you should watch rtct 5 where justin leaves troy because he does
not like rain bow

Author Aidan Cagney (11 months)
How do u get on this?!?!?!

Author pokemon2475 (1 year)

Author Andy Nguyen (1 year)
He downloaded it and he has a sad card

Author Mons223493Chase (1 year)
The Sunset Ridge Invisable Mushroom Shortcut is Extremely hard to find but
easy to do.

Author MisterMarioKart (1 year)
I think Cloud Carpet is off of F Zero

Author Shock0fLightning986 (1 year)
@Vojta Yoshi Custom tracksNintendo tracks noob

Author SuperMKWiipro (1 year)
1:04 was cheap

Author D3V0N M0R3L4ND (1 year)
troy you beast all the time

Author ♠☼SwagOnMyMind☼♠ (1 year)
Do u have a problem with cena -_-

Author Nicolas Andres segarra argotes (1 year)
Wuaaau O.o Suscribirme

Author Jazi Fastlegs (1 year)
Too boss

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