black ops 2:Zombies tranzit how to build nav card reader

this video starts off round 1 leave the bus depot and pick up the board thats in the alley were the three burst gun is.take the short cut to the town after leavin the the safe and take out money build the pack a punch upgrade olympia and m1911 go across the cornfeild opposite to knotch der toten were the power tower the table then go to the diner were the radio is and build that then go to the town to get the nav card reader then to the bus depot to get the meteor build that and u just built the nav reader still dont got the right card yet but i will get it.ull have to build the board before any other parts so the parts are 1.wooden board, reader,4.meteor rock. the parts wont be in the same place like the nav reader will be at the town by the dumpster were the gun box is or it could be at the farm by the fridge or outside by the garden.the board could be at the alley or the power room the meteor wil always be in the bus depot

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