Sega Genesis Classic Game Console [UNBOXING]

This is an unbiased video unboxing of the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console. This device was created & developed by At Games ( The Sega Genesis Classic Game Console is the brand new Sega Genesis. It includes over 80 build in games, and support for real cartridges & controllers as well!

You can purchase the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console in October 2012

The video was produced by Tony from the Classic L337 Gaming & Electronic Podcast.
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Sega Genesis Classic Game Console
Sega Genesis Portable
Sega Genesis Classic Game Console Review
At Games
Video Review
Ultimate Portable Game Player

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 5:02
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Author Zane Capps (11 months)
just tried it and it is possible to use a genesis controller on an Atari
flashback 3

Author jeremiah johnson (5 months)
I have this and I have mortal kombat arena and toy story game 

Author Michael Wright (1 year)
I hope the wireless controllers work well

Author antoineedmundson21 (1 year)
Walgreens have these!!

Author Randy Purser (1 year)
just got it

Author Met3lAngel (1 year)
Since when was the genesis known for good sound?

Author TheCodedtestament (1 year)
I loved the Sega Genesis- I was the first kid on my block to get a Genesis
and all the neighborhood kids would come over to play Golden Axe. I have a
lot of fond memories of the Genesis. I was interested in this system
because it already included a ton of incredible games and the controls are
wireless. I got the system for $28 and thought the deal was too good to be
true and, it was. The wireless controllers are not responsive. They do not
work unless you point them directly at the console and even when you do, a
button press does not seem to register. For any true gamer, this ruins the
experience and is unacceptable.

Author MultimediaJay (2 years)
As an example, this unit on Amazon's going to sell for $60. A refurbished
Model 1 Genesis with the stereo headphone jack is available for $50 at
JJGames. :o) It's just so frustrating seeing all these clone makers keep
doing this, kind of like all the NES clones that mess up the synthesizers
on the sound chip lol.

Author Lofzy1 (2 years)
Trouble with these remakes is they are all mono the genesis / megadrive was

Author leecroft2011 (2 years)
Now why doesn't Nintendo do this and re realise a new SNES with two
wireless SNES pads and have the machine with pre installed SNES games, it
would sell well.

Author CeeJay Ent. (2 years)
Not 2 sound cheesy, but can u really get up 2 80 games on dis console
without purchasing a single game? I'm plan on getting this console.

Author jacobdas13 (1 year)
My friend bought a Sega genesis and loves it.

Author GamersBlogX (1 year)
well it a cool box.

Author MultimediaJay (2 years)
Yeah these are kind of like the Atari Flashback in that respect, though at
least these things have cartridge ports. :-D Still though, pre-CD consoles
have proven to be pretty hardy thanks to the lack of moving parts. I still
have my original Super Nintendo circa 1994, and Mark from Classic Game Room
still has his original Model 1 Genesis from 1989, and there's enough
electronics hobbyists online these days that getting the old systems isn't
all that tough. :-)

Author bigdude2 (2 years)
I'd like to know as well. The cartridge pictured is clearly a Mega Drive

Author Dallas Dal (2 years)
Well Now I know I'll not be getting this product because it's only Mono
while the Genes was Stereo. Mono? Stupid, this is 2012 the era of 5.1 HD
home audio system and game consoles that take advantage of these surround
sound systems it's not the late 70s and mid 80s of the Intellivision,
Colecovision and Atari days where the systems hooked up via the antenna
input on you TV and had mono sound. Genesis was one of the first systems
that started the Stereo game system era.

S-VIDEO & STEREO SOUND output that we need.

Author MrStrawberrytofu (2 years)
Just bought one of these yesterday at a Rite-Aid, also saw a Atari next to

Author Jesse Helbig (1 year)
Nice you would never need to put a cart in that. Sure there emulated but im
sure there in good quality

Author Michael Nguyen (2 years)
just bought one for 25$ ;)

Author tricia18aug (2 years)
I saw this at Rite Aid today. I didn't bother to ask what the price was

Author jgfjgfify (2 years)
Just picked up this unit! Review: Looks cool. Great game list. Good overall
build quality on the unit(actually took it apart) and controllers. Video
emulation is good for the most part but composite-only holds it back. Audio
emulation is pretty decent(still sounds nice, but lacking from originals) &
mono-only holds it back. Games play great & proper speed. Bland menu w/no
options. Overall, pretty decent unit! But NEEDS improvement. NOT worth web
price of $60! Got mine for $39 at Family dollar.

Author Robert55964 (2 years)
I want one!!!

Author AaronsGame (1 year)
you stuiped bitch mabye we want a Sega Genisis like we had when we were

Author MsCrazybitch85 (1 year)
Is that all you got?

Author phillip isaia (1 year)
Is the first sega game is sonic the hedgehog

Author Georgio Mosley (1 year)
Hey! I soo want one of these. Dollar General has only one left for $40. I
got a $5 off coupon for it too. I act like a lil kid when i saw it lol

Author Daniel parish (1 year)
Can it run the 32x?

Author lancer737 (2 years)
I can't find a list of game this thing comes with, does it have any Mega
Man games, and will it play 32x sega games?

Author Scott Smith (2 years)
does it really matter? its not like the genesis was known for its amazing
stereo sound.

Author Scott j Sulivan (2 years)
Alex Kidd, Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Arrow Flash, Bonanza Brothers,
Chakan, Columns, Columns 3, Comix Zone, Crack Down, Decap Attack, Ecco,
Ecco 2, Ecco Jr., E-Swat, Eternal Champions, Fatal Labyrinth, Flicky, Gain
Ground, Golden Axe (all three), Jewel Master, Kid Chameleon, Mean Bean
Machine, Ristar, Shadow Dancer, Shinobi III, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic and
Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog (1 & 2), Streets of Rage (all
3), The Ooze, Vectorman (1 & 2), and Virtua Fighter 2.

Author David Setser (2 years)
does this play both 16 and 32 bit games? how do you charge the

Author aithanjames (2 years)
would anyone know stores i could get this from here in Australia?

Author mike lud (2 years)
anybody know where the game list is at

Author drdrillvga (2 years)
love these things, looks really cool

Author MsCrazybitch85 (2 years)
That Sonic Genesis Ultimate Collection doesn't have just Sonic games: it
has nearly game on this thing and some it doesn't. The ability to play old
genesis games is a nice perk, but you can exactly buy those at gamestop...

Author FCA1975 (2 years)
OK the unbox is done, do you have a video for actual gameplay? That would
be more helpful to me.

Author MrMspittsburgh (2 years)
Every where I go there sold out ;( and not getting any more does anybody
knw where I could get one

Author Raul Cipriano (2 years)
40 bucks, if it has the classic bomberman game i will buy my dad one for
christmas. He loves that game reminds him of his childhood at the arcade.

Author Pakamaskwan Kakititak (1 year)
You're a woman; you should be in the kitchen.

Author Diabeedis (1 year)
Here's another tip: Buy the actual Sega Genesis and get Sonic The Hedgehog
with two controllers because it's always the best way to play a retro video
game: On the original console with the original cartridge and controller.

Author nhball93 (2 years)
are you aware this has much more then just sonic?? Plus it can play old
genesis games. last time i checked nethier my ps3 or my 360 had a slot to
put a genesis game in. Ill check again tonight thou in case anything has

Author DAYMAN564 (2 years)
youre so lucky. ive been looking for one of these. no luck in finding one.

Author YoshiAngemon (2 years)
You know what? Since Capcom's gonna be stingy, and NOT release The Wily
Wars on Virtual Console, I'll just wait until they make a MegaMan 11, and
they'll have the Wily Wars Bosses as DLC Levels. Don't worry, I'll buy
those bosses. I bought the MegaMan Killers Levels in MegaMan 10!

Author Stinger2578 (2 years)
$28 today for DollarGeneral (dot) com "Cyber Sunday".

Author King B. James (1 year)
Can't believe he spent almost 3 fucking minutes talking about the fucking

Author Georgio Mosley (2 years)
Wow i just found this video, & i was just telling my friend i wanted a
Genesis. Let me know when the review comes. Great video man, but its $60 on
the website

Author MasterSonicFlash (1 year)
Wow...this was in the 1991?! Wireless controllers the size of your palm and
the console is so epic and looks great. I really wished SEGA would make
their own new console this year.

Author jgfjgfify (2 years)
$28? Wow. This is a pretty decent product despite its flaws, so the normal
price of $40 is hit & miss. For $28 however, that makes it tough not to
recommend. The wireless controllers suck but the console itself is of nice
quality and games play great with a wired pad.

Author 91robotboy (1 year)
Does the Batteries Included?

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