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CNN's 'holograms' just smoke and mirrors
Asher Moses
November 7, 2008 - 11:05AM

CNN's US election night stunt, in which reporter Jessica Yellin and rapper appeared on set as three-dimensional "holograms", was little more than smoke and mirrors, physics experts say.

In what was billed as a world-first, Yellin appeared to be beamed from Chicago into the network's New York studio for an interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer. But, in fact, Blitzer was looking at little more than a red mark on the floor.

Blitzer made every attempt to hide the fact that the hologram was fake, saying "Jessica, you're a terrific hologram" and that he liked the hologram because "we can have a more intimate conversation".

Yellin likened herself to a character from Star Wars, saying, "It's like I follow in the tradition of Princess Leia."

A second "hologram" interview was aired between another anchor, Anderson Cooper, and, who, like Yellin, was in Chicago for President-elect Barack Obama's election night celebrations.

"It looks exactly like in Star Trek when they would beam people down, that's what it looks like right here," Cooper said.

But Hans Jurgen Kreuzer, theoretical physics professor and holography expert at Dalhousie University, told CBC news in Canada that the so-called holograms were simply 2D images superimposed onto the TV broadcast.

The images were in fact tomograms, or images captured from all sides - in this case by 35 high-definition cameras set in a ring inside a special tent - reconstructed by computers and displayed on the screen.

A real hologram would have meant the images were projected into space, which did not occur as Blitzer and Cooper could not see their interview subjects.

Some have criticised the use of holograms - real or fake - in news broadcasts at all, saying the whole point of sending reporters on assignment is so the viewer can get a sense of the environment and the event they are covering.

To perform its stunt, CNN used technology from Vizrt, based in Norway, and SportVu, based in Israel.

In an interview with Norwegian publication DagensMedier, Vizrt technical director Ole Jacobsen said that, contrary to CNN's claims, "it's not technically a hologram", which would be the company's "next challenge".

Despite CNN's trickery, there have been many mainstream uses of real hologram technology, including several in Australia.

The National Sports Museum, located at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, includes a 3D hologram of Shane Warne, who tells visitors of his most memorable moments.

In May this year, Telstra's chief technology officer, Hugh Bradlow, was beamed from Melbourne to Adelaide to give a live business presentation.

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Author kagebun (2 months)
that didn't explain anything. It was more how they captured the image than
displayed it. I think the magnificent thing about holograms; the thing
that's really sci-fi about this whole thing is having an object be
displayed in 3-dimensional space using just light. Um... what the heck went
into that?!

Author Boughan (6 years)
Look, I dont want a big back and forth here like what usually happens in
these things, but just bear in mind this: Just because you personally do
not understand something, that does not necessarily make it impossible.

Author ollie tibot (5 years)
Green screen technology has improved hundreds fold since the 80s, the
outline around the people has been easily removed decades ago, like in MIB.
Myself being a technician in the field of electronics, all you need is
syncted camera motions from both sides and that's half the battle. Even the
technology to operate on someone halfway across the world has been
acheived, wouldn't this be a cakewalk? I just find it odd a multi-national
company like CNN would use such out of date technology.

Author Jackpotxx (6 years)
ya thats wat i thought cuz it looks like a green screen

Author docscot11 (6 years)
if u understood wat a hologram is and how it work u would know that that
was a hologram, wait untill u see our tank that use this technoligy to make
them invisible when the sneak up on you and you hear the noise but cant see
where they are.

Author jbaker88 (6 years)
My question is is this a volumetric display or a post rendering to viewers?
i.e. can the reporter see him from the same perspective as we would through
the T.V. I dont think this is a hologram as most people would think it as,
but a 'TYPE' of hologram. Therfore IT HAS been debunked. I think CNN has
miscommunicated to us what there attempt at a hologram is.

Author kphag (5 years)
Don't be a nay-sayer. The technology is a new application of ideas that are
coalescing around this need. And yes, there IS a need for this kind of
stuff. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving, live,
holographic picture is worth a thousand (flat) pictures! That's a lotta
words! But guys, c'mon, you have to admit that you can think of things that
this would be cool for. And not just cool, but possibly really very
important. We'll see where it goes from here.

Author Jason biser (6 years)
This isn't a debunking... It's still a real hologram, all this did was
explain how it worked. Any hologram is created from quote unquote, "smoke
and mirrors". Thats just a metaphor for the scientific method through which
the illusion is created. New technology never ceases to amaze me!

Author miranda zen (1 year)
Hologram giant monster in Japan is real where tourists watch, this is fake
all green screen.

Author Tavio Davis (2 years)
lol watch the tupac hologram now!

Author Lucas Newman (5 years)
so you wouldn't see it at all if you were actually standing in the room

Author barsorro (6 years)
In practice, isn't that just a sophisticated, 3D version of the "blue-box".
Calling that "hologram" technology does seem somewhat phony if it's only
the TV audience who can see the "beamed-up" image of a figure. Actually,
for me the trick was more irritating than fun -- I don't dig this kind of
play-pretending. I must say I find it even a little upsetting to see
politicians give speeches using prompter devices. If they have no practice
in it, the result looks really fake.

Author laureneit (6 years)
I don't understand how that is a hologram if the person standing there
can't actually see it. Sounds more like Augmented Reality to me. It's cool
that there was a 360 degree view of the person though.

Author djnallad (5 years)
lol dont you mean 'Blue Screen"?

Author dimisdas (5 years)
google "green screen". You will get your answer. Jackpotxx is correct.

Author Tavio Davis (2 years)
lol that hologram of tupac sent me here

Author Walabio (6 years)
It is just greenscreen. Some newsstudios like Naked News going all of the
way back to the 1990s, have only virtual newsrooms with all of the
background being greenscreen. Meteorologists have presented in front of
greenscreens since the 1960s.

Author phuboy (6 years)
Thats not a hologram. A 2nd image is overlaid onto the original, just for
the viewers sake. The reporter can't see the interviewee directly and
vice-versa. This has been done a billion times before in film and TV. The
innovation here is that it was done in a live situation.

Author Daniel Martinez (5 years)
It sucks because the interviewer doesn't actually see the "hologram".
Technically it is a hologram. If you want me to explain then leave me a
comment to make an explanatory video reply and I will reply ASAP.

Author thomasmccom (6 years)
CNN always tries to make the story about themselves. Oh, btw, "green
screen" technology isn't a hologram, and it's been around for 40 some years.

Author hibbtechtron (5 years)
I love how we are at a world crisis with the economy and are looking at
another depression and people are worried about advancing in communication
rather than trying to fix our shattering economy! It really blows my mind
sometimes what people choose to spend their money on.

Author Luke Natalicchio (5 years)
God yes we do have holographic technology. Its made of a extremely complex
system of lasers that when intersecting at certain points create visual
light, and when applied to camera's and movement detection you can have a
touch hologram. We are still quite a long ways off before these become
standard household items. Give it 30-50 years, right now the military and
some very rich engineering and art/architecture firms have them.

Author Chrisindapurplehouse (5 years)
Just because they use a green screen does not make it the same green screen
effect u see in movies green screen is needed for a lot of thing
particularly making hologram images as u need to remove all background
infromation ie ppl lighting rig etc in order to do that they need a green

Author Vonnesera (5 years)
I'm a film student. The color of the screen depends on what camera and
format you shoot the movie on. (green or blue) most big galactic films such
as Starwars was shot with Blue, where others such as 300 was shot on a
green screen.

Author plsod701 (2 years)
heavy video

Author leif011 (5 years)
Until we figure out how to freeze light in space or just freeze light in a
set path we will never have holograms. ...would be great but.

Author lukeskywalker7878 (5 years)
its the only way or the hologram will pick up the BG

Author James Hennessy (6 years)
I liked wolf saying Great ratings thats all your there for not as a public
service just for ratings

Author cti cit (5 years)
Thats stupid, its just a chroma key effect.

Author Boughan (6 years)
The reason they did a green screen around the subject in chicago was to
isolate the image of the person before shooting it over to New York.
Otherwise the hologram would have had a bunch of blurry background haze all
around the subject. The Green screen was simply used to elimate that. I
mean seriously, its a news organization that has a reputation to maintain,
why are they going to risk it with something this silly. Its CNN and it was
an election. Thats all the ratings they need. Idiots.

Author selibucaz (5 years)
theirs a red x on the ground that hes staring at... i think its good acting.

Author Schiz0phrenicRabbit (5 years)
oohhhhh so its not a free standing hologram this disappoints me greatly and
angers me because it lead me on to believe it was

Author Brian Shirley (5 years)
It's a Hoax. Not even a Pepper's ghost, just a green screen composition !

Author yaelbj (5 years)
good one lol!

Author retaliationtrigger (6 years)
its not a real hologram its screenplay there was no actual 3d person in the
studio it was only greenscreened and then added to the fottage in the
studio live

Author DeathCail (6 years)
I believe they are real but watch "Holographic Vehicle Displays" in the
related videos. That might be real but I doubt the was real footage in that

Author wishIdpaidattention (2 years)
whatever is conceived and believed is achieved.

Author popomaniac1 (5 years)
what a moron who cares maybe some people want to continue living normally
but you have to ruin everyones fun and if it pisses you off why do you love
it cause your a moron

Author JeanLouie (5 years)
This can't actually be an original idea can it? I mean, big deal, it's not
impressive, it's editing in footage shot somewhere else onto the studio

Author iarwain1 (5 years)
Post processing. The big breakthrough is that it is being done almost real
time. Robotic camera tracking, high def cameras, high bandwidth, high
speed, low latency networking, and high speed post processing to put it all
together in near real time for the audience. No, the actors do not see the
"hologram" except on the monitors.

Author itscard0man (5 years)
they wouldnt be calling it a hologram if it wasnt, alot of you people
refuse to understand..everyone in the studio can see the person like they
are actually there ( in 3d walk around them and everything ). . if this
wasnt the case why would they make such a big deal that the weather man
does everday ? also the reporter even stated "its like there right here " u
people are some people are fucking idiots if u think they are making this
big fuss about post processing...

Author dentonbrowne (5 years)
@Archaebob no only the viewers see it, ppl try to make things seem so
futuristic and complicated were all that was needed for this to be a
hologram is greenscreen room of cameras like they had and have those
cameras feed to a computer and edit out or make a background and simply
project the live feed, humans are so stupid, we only use what is it? 20% of
our brain? and yet we take somethin so simple and try to over complicate it

Author dentonbrowne (5 years)
@lukecnat its really not that complex they just make it seem so, if the
were to have cameras rotate very fast in front side and back of ur body
like a scaner or like cnn say they did and have cameras all around u take
video and transfer it to a cluster of lasers that emit a mutitude of colors
to break up shapes and colors and contrast, its not that complicated, its
like a live tv interview being shown by a projector, very easy to do, i
dont no why we try make it complicated

Author Memesphere (6 years)
Wow, Wolf is a major kiss-ass

Author KingofDApin (5 years)
the technology is real their just trying to act like their the first in all
of it...but their not

Author ThatGuy878 (5 years)
lmao XD

Author retaliationtrigger (6 years)
so you are saying they are actually projecting a 3d image in the room with
the people in the studio? i fucking dont think so...

Author thepryest (5 years)
woohoo another faggot learns adobe after effects

Author Chrisindapurplehouse (5 years)
Its not fake thats what a hologram is what did u think it was?

Author yaelbj (5 years)
believe it can be viewed by the TV viewers but not but the person in front
of the hologram

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