aaye bhi akela jaaye bhi akela (Devindra Pooran)

hindi song.We made our entry into this world all alone, and we shall leave alone. On careful analysis, we find that life is very short and it is nothing but a fair.

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Author Jai Etwaroo (5 months)
Devindra that song was nicely done, I love it.

Author rubindra choudhary (3 months)
so wonderful is your voice cant know you are so great keep up he good work

Author Kieran Badloe (6 months)
Never heard someone singing better than him... 

Author rubindra choudhary (3 months)
hansa goberdhan wishes you all the best

Author amir baig (1 year)
Lotus the last phrase is as follows: Look how Mansoor has finished his for
his with Allah SWT You came into the world alone and will be going alone
when you demise.

Author kangrooqantas (1 year)
very nice well done nice and excellent voice

Author kakasepahi (4 years)
@fyzharo1 u r very right. i have lost my younger brother 16 years back, yet
i see his face in this song

Author Asiftabrez (4 years)
Super Hit Singing.

Author Noor ul Basar (11 months)

Author amir baig (1 year)
Lotus, You came into the world alone and will be going alone when you
demise. Your life/death is of two moments of your life time if you
understand These are sayings for innocent This world will never be yours
and for anyone The last resort for mankind is life after death When you
make a friendship don't breakup friendship even if life is at stake don't
breakup your friendship don't turn away your eyes and turn your face away
from friendship for this worldly life and never breakup friendship

Author amir baig (1 year)
"aaye bhi akela jaaye bhi akela" The meaning of this phrase is : You came
alone in this world and Insha Allah O Taala you are going alone from this
world to your Creator Allah SWT "Do din ki zindagi hai do din ka mela"
Meanings: our life is actually of two days and the fair of our life is fair
of two days cycle if you really think and understand

Author 667721 (2 years)
devindra pooran you are the second mukesh we have and i think you are doing
an excellent job and keep it my brother god bless.

Author Shoeb Amin (1 year)
you have a very good voice. singing is slightly off rhythm with the tabla.
but really well done. i hear you are from new york(from john and sandra); i
live 15 miles north of new york. hopefully our paths will cross each other.

Author Jason Rampersad (2 years)
Such a wonderful song....

Author kevinkkb (4 years)

Author BabyV612 (4 years)
Very nice! <3

Author kakasepahi (4 years)
kea saachi bat hai. What a fact !

Author fokoffyuhmudderkont (4 years)

Author fyzharo1 (4 years)
very soothing when mourning a loved one...

Author Ejaz Arshad (4 years)

Author amir baig (1 year)
Excellant and beautiful voice of Devindra Pooran and orchestra.Lovely voice

Author bruckwall (2 years)
devindra...... share chune chap.... flush! sing deh chune

Author munesh77 (2 years)

Author amir baig (1 year)
Lotus, The meaning of first phrase of song is as follows: "You came into
this world from your mothers womb alone and when you demise you will be
going back To The Creator alone after your death".

Author Anthony nangle (4 years)
i love it, so true. thanks

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