The Big Hoax: Aircraft Loses Wing, Lands Safely (is not the best pilot ever)

What's wrong with this picture? Plenty.

Read more, here:

... and if anyone's still unsure, drop us a line and we'll explain what a spar is and what it looks like inside a wing.

Or watch real amazing feats of aviation:

DHL Shot Over Baghdad

F-15 Breakup Report:

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Author cencalmatt (21 day)
Not fake. This really happened! I was there for the whole thing!

Author hpshiker (1 month)
Well the first red flag is the plane is spinning the wrong way, the wing
would still produce lift even in the nose down mode causing it to spin the
opposite direction from what is show. Even with full aileron input I doubt
the pilot could keep it from spinning let alone get it to spin in the
opposite direction, which is what is shown.

Author rickonami (3 months)
Guys common... It's a CG. 

Author Bigdaddy Dave (3 months)
Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video

Author Mega Davis (3 months)
Anyone who believes this video is real no doubt voted for Obama and would

Author Xplorer (6 months)
AVWeb, you retarded, just put some sample pictures of this video into
photoshop, now play a bit with the contrast and luminosity : here you go,
the white lines are still there ! ( but it's visible anyway, without it )
douchbag ..... insulting this great pilote for free ....

Author jerseyforlife (2 months)
all the people claiming "this is fake"...GREAT JOB! you figured out
absolutely nothing! The whole fucking point of this video is to show us its
fake. No need to say its fake when the video does just that. Fucking

Author Richard Thaxton (2 months)
Yeah...and next you'll tell me there is no Santa Clause and Easter Bunny.

Author JohnNiemsMusic (5 months)
On 9/11/01 the videos were all fake too! There are so many problems with
the videos that day as a 300 ton aluminum plane hitting a 500,000 ton steel
structure would have crumbled to the ground. 

Author Bobby Z (6 months)
Nah, two different planes. The white lines are plane as day in similar
positions in space relative to the source of light both before the loss of
the wing and the landing. The black understripe at the nose is sharper
after landing than before also. 

Author MinecraftBuilder33 (15 days)
Not to note the huge change in engine noise between landing and flying.
Also how he was able to stop instantly and keep the plane in the air at
arround 20-40 MPH yea...

Author Gota SENPAI (3 months)
this explains the other video

Author steelmesh (6 months)
Wow that was soooooo real looking!!!

Author Vicente Morales (1 month)
C,mon a plane can`t bronce like that

Author Charles Sepulveda (1 month)
Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video

Author roy thornhill (1 month)
Oh for crap sake, it's a rc plane, there is a video on YouTube showing the
behind the scenes, good grief.

Author thetubeweasel (1 month)
Wow... who cares if it's fake? That's standard fare for many of these
things on the net after all. Judging by the comments, I'd say that some of
the posters are so fucked up abusing others, they are beyond psychological
help, and together with most of the others need to learn how to spell. What
the hell ever happened to education?

Author Hernan Le Mat Villalon Santos (1 month)

Author Mark Griswold (1 month)
The one that lands is more than likely an R/C plane.

Author djskagnetti (2 months)
Maybe you should actually explain how it's fake or else shut the fuck up
and not make videos. The only fake here is you.

Author Darren-Edward Oneill (2 months)
Very very simple - I know my airplanes and this is no current full size
aircraft in production anywhere in the world - it's a very generic sort of
mix of a few types, Empennage of a Giles (minus the high-mounted stab) nose
of ...any of them, canopy of an Edge, wings of the Extra 330 or MX2 - the
dynamics are a dead give away but before even analyzing the fact that this
aircraft does not exist gave it away for me

Author Xplorer (6 months)
you guys are stupid. this is real. the video doesn't allways show at its
best the white lines on the nose and on the tail, but they exist even if
because of the reflections, the metal paint and the white lines sometimes
merge together. this is 100 % real.
the real light can play some tricks sometimes ... this is evident here. (
oh, and i do special effects )

Author crudehaulerusa (2 months)
awwww. i been duped wonder i have trust issues

Author Peter Johansson (2 months)
Making of: Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video
Its a part of an advertising for clothes. No amazing pilot. So, case

Author Toby Cameron (5 months)
I don't know how Xplorer can say the sudden, drastic change in contrast
(aka the vanishing stripe), lighting, and granularity of the footage is
even *possible* in the space of thirty second's worth of "live" footage
...or use it to support his contention (that this vid is of a real,
fullsize plane with a pilot) when my very point is that is what emphasizes
its fakeness, showing where different clips were spliced together. I don't
care if the alterations were footage of R/C or CGI, the point is, there
were alterations, this is NOT a seamless live single take, as it pretends
to be. There is also the "making of" video and the physics of actual
flight which tend to disprove the reality of this video. Xplorer is
defending the indefensible, it's time to stop being trolled by him/her/it.

Author Danny Feere (2 months)
I saw this on a tv show! It's fake! At one point they switch out the plane
with a remote controlled toy airplane aha

Author cleiton da silva da silva (2 months)
awesome how stupid ppl can be hahahh no wonder why ppl believe in every
alien video...think about how many money histories can the curiosity
by fear or whatever its just hte industry of money idk if all that its
innocence or brainless..

Author 42trini (2 months)
Fake but possible IF the aileron controls for each wing are separate.
Aerobic aircraft have powerful enough engines for vertical flying. So full
power, left rudder to keep nose up and wing vertical. Then at last second
before hitting the ground, hard left on the stick. Will be a very hard

Author Farglesword (8 months)
I saw that video a few years ago, probably shortly before this was posted
in 2008. If anybody believed that, they are a fool.

Author dfissell (3 months)
umm you know it was an rc plane and done for a clothing line 

Author Derpin Bird (3 months)
I saw a video of a guy doing this with an rc plane but they have a alot
more thrust to weight ratio.

Author kondor40 (3 months)
:))) Ask real aerobatic pilot in your neighbourhood what happened with
undercarriage if you "drop" plane from such height like on video. Sound on
video is real from electric rc model, but also rc model isn't able to land
in such way without damage.

Author Age of Aqua (3 months)
Look at the bounce!!, it must weight as much as A...........RC plane, wow
what a coincidence! lol

Author David Jackson (3 months)
Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video

Author Deal With IT (3 months)
so fucking fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Roger Burtnick (6 months)
Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video

Author john parlour (4 months)
I liked Pobinrs comment.
I was a light aircraft pilot and can’t see any reason why this isn’t
possible. I have also done physics at the Open University and can’t see any
problem with that either. With an RC plain it would be just as difficult if
not more so. I agree with TizEIVito that it is probably a real plain with a
jettisonable wing. If it’s CGI then then it’s very cleverly done because
the animator also knows a lot about light aircraft and physics. All this
about stripes and different helmet colours is just stupid, what’s one of
the first things you do after landing safely? maybe remove your helmet.

Author Don McDaniel (8 months)
Oh, I'm not denying it was a hoax, I'm just pointing out that the answer
that was given, 'the stripe' wasn't a valid reason for it being a hoax, not
that it wasn't a hoax, that’s all.

Author johnnie sm Han (5 months)

Author mixingof12 (8 months)
It looks like a huge rc airplane

Author TizElVito (5 months)
I've seen it live...
It's a prepared trick, very dangerous but calculated.

Author D3moknight (8 months)
This is college art class grade CG animation. The weight and movement of
the plane is all wrong and even the color values don't match the rest of
the scene. It is OBVIOUSLY not real. Why call it a hoax or a fake? It is
just someone having fun with VFX.

Author Laurie Beth H (8 months)
Obvious CGI

Author MrGreengoggles (8 months)
anyone can see its computer generated. How did people even think this was
real in the first place?

Author Oz Warren (8 months)
Is there anything real left in this world? 

Author Lemony Snicket (8 months)
Fake....Viral vid for a Clothing Company clearly written on the tail end of
the body. Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral Video

Author Leslie Egling (6 months)
Could have fooled me - in fact it did.

Author Lonnie W (6 months)
For those of you arguing all you have to do is go watch?v=naSZBdJoEbM or
search youtube for "Making-Of the Killa Thrill 'One Wing Landing' Viral

It's FAKE .. they used an RC plane, a real plane for the ending which was
digitally altered to look like the RC plane.. and some CG manipulation.. 

Author ripayne (6 months)
The video is on You Tube of the crew making the film. It is a large RC
plane with a stunt plane double at end. German engineering.

Author Paarl Perle' (7 months)
who cares if it's fake, who cares if some claim to be aviation experts ...
I bet it fooled many a person who are too egotistical to admit they were
fooled ... it was an absolutely awesome advertising campaign!!

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