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Author EditsByVibe (2 months)
got it for about $50 at guitar center, such a great buy

Author JohnnyO Ozelius (1 month)
Amazing features. I just wish I could play all those styles like this

Author lilzambezi (4 months)
I wanna punch myself in the face for not grabbing it on black friday.

Author bmikev (2 years)
Demo the 120 head =)

Author gwugluud 77 (2 years)
I like how you can see where the knobs are set from more than 6 inches

Author jjneet (2 years)
I'd like to see one of these on the G20 please.

Author tomek127612 (2 years)
Whats hap with diagrams for old products acoustic????????????

Author tomek127612 (2 years)
Im need diagram for Acoustic rock 100 colaboration series made in mexico.

Author Joshua R. Deal (10 months)
You'll need a guitar with P-90 pickups and either a modded Plexi with a
Boss BD-2 or a Marshall JCM2000 DSL to sound like Green Day.

Author Neon Vjicic (8 months)
Yes, it should be on the back of the amp next to the effects loop inputs

Author ThaBoss720 (1 year)
After seeing this review I'm definitely getting this amp

Author Brock Carlson (1 year)
cool amps, but what a confusing name xD

Author Nick Winand (1 year)

Author Angelika Bertrand (2 years)
Question. Please Email answer to I have the
Acoustic ab 50. I want to use my head stereo set on it. However, I can
still hear my guitar even thus I put the head set on. What am I am doing
wrong? Thanks.

Author xMetalx2777 (11 months)
You should do a review on the G20.

Author WhenIGoCrazy0 (1 year)
dose it come with a amp cable???? yes or no ?

Author Jesse Galindo (1 year)
I have that amp its cool xD

Author Geekstinkbreath123 (1 year)
What settings should I use for a Green Day Like sound? And does this work
well with pedals?

Author Badbrandongmarine (1 year)
i have this amp and it rocks it sounds sooooo good and it gets really loud

Author littlerocket68 (11 months)
nice amp, but that Music Man helps

Author diceman1000 (2 years)
i had the G20 for a short time, GREAT little amp for a straight clean or
dirty tone. and loud as hell... but, i found a JILLER deal on a Fender
Mustang II and sold the Acoustic to get it...

Author MRawesome689 (1 year)
1:55 to 2:00 BACK IN BLACK

Author cdmnumber3fan (1 year)
Great amp! I love it!

Author KIRSTENgrounds (2 years)
I have the G20, it gets loud, my parents get mad, best amp ever :D

Author Zachary Taylor (2 years)
yeah the 120 head try song ska tones

Author MrCrowley1018 (2 years)
you should do a demo of the 120 or 100 wats solid state combo amps, im
really curious to see. interested in purchasing

Author Eugene Smith (1 year)

Author Doomicus Metallicus (6 months)
Is it just me or is the gain on this one sound better than the head 120
solid state?

Author hydroturd (1 year)
I liked the amp, but this company is owned by guitar center!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Author chunk4572 (2 years)
I want to see the demo of the 120W Head and 412 Cabinet, I may have to pick
one up!

Author shuttahshades (11 months)
Bought it as my first amp. Had it fir a year now and it sounds really good

Author Loquaciousgamer (2 years)
I just got the G20 and it has a decent tone and nice crunch. I traded in my
Ibanez practice amp to get it and I have no regrets.

Author shawnknuijt1 (1 year)
i just bought this amp today and it's a good practice amp. i got it from
guitar center. it was only $45. it can get very loud.

Author divgtrslingr (2 years)
Acoustic amps are known for great bass amps,, but for guitar???

Author hydroturd (1 year)
oh right! LOL. With no offense to Acoustic, GC employees often seem like
they should be working at toys r us =P

Author Geekstinkbreath123 (1 year)
Cute. Thanks for nothing troll.

Author ugdarg (1 year)
to sound like green day simply turn the 'shit' knob to 10

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