Bro. Paul Porter sings the gospel hit "Two Wings"

filmed at The Star of Bethel MBC, Cleveland, Ohio
Special Guest: Paul Porter
sings "Two Wings" and tells his inspiring healing testimony

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 8:32
Comments: 65

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Author Clarence Bell (1 day)
too much theatrics! Just sing, and let it be under the unction of the holy

Author Noble McDowell (2 months)
bbbbooyyyyy!!!!!! whewwwww ! All I need this morning is 2 wings.

Author InkPost Radio (6 months)
Paul Porter Sings "Two Wings".

Author Albert Miller (7 months)
Paul porter is the man. One of mf my favorite gospel singers

Author Beverly Dennis (7 months)
I enjoyed him in Clanton Alabama a Kevin Booker benefit program Morning
Star Church

Author British Justice (1 year)
It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O
Most High. Psalm 92:1.AMEN!!!

Author Marion Taylor (8 months)

Author Marion Taylor (8 months)
MY MOTHER !!!!!! V---I---C--T--O---R---I----A C---O--B--B--S
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Author Marion Taylor (8 months)
THANK YA !!!!! 

Author Marion Taylor (8 months)
I L---O---V---E CALLING YO' N--A---M---E !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Author Marion Taylor (8 months)
I AM ... H---A----R----M---O---N---Y SANG !!!!!!!@!!!! 

Author 1962dodger (2 years)
sing it paul

Author Braztx (2 years)
If God(not likely) were to give his child TWO WINGS to fly, then they would
not FAIL us in the middle of the air! There would be no need for another
pair to be brought to us. Sounds good but tis not Biblical..!!!

Author aepps20012001 (3 years)
You betta SANG Paul!! Would I be wrong to add, that he is one fine MAN too!!

Author lmplvsjesus (3 years)
He is real and you can feel it. Enjoyed him on 1/2/2011 in Montgomery
Alabama. He allows the spirit to flow. Can't wait to have him back in Bama.

Author pushupful (4 years)

Author MsCreamy07 (4 years)
Two wings yes lord.You better say that Porter.

Author ImagesbyJoy (4 years)
@sonya3020 -- God bless you

Author Paul Mason (11 months)
Two wings, well you can't be expected to meet the lord in the air with one
wing do ya, on wings like eagles thou shalt soar, Jesus is living in the
air we all breath, breath of life keep breathing for me hallelujah, Jesus I
love Thee for all you do and are yet to do

Author ranmae57 (4 years)
paul is clownning his butt off!

Author Commonwood (3 years)
Lord have mercy!!!!!...Paul you done showed slap out!!!!!!

Author Felicia Curry (1 year)
To Bishop swag1 It is my prayer that you be very careful for lying on the
Man of God because I would never hit on anyone's wife because I'm married
myself,maybe your wife wasn't paying attention to the word for you to speak
these words falsely. May God Bless you!

Author Ladygost85 (3 years)
you don't kow how long i have been looking for this song! Thank God for
you! Oh I love this song! Just had a praising shout pow wow in this house!
Thank you! From MS as well so love me some down home singing!

Author tighmir (3 years)
I have a question for that lady behind him... But never mind... Lol. Two
wings! Veil me lord

Author pacedeli24 (2 years)
@bishopswag1 for real

Author tina valentine (9 months)
POWERFUL testimony!!!!!!

Author Liberty House (3 years)

Author Quanay Isom (9 months)

Author MaySun74 (1 year)
That guitar is getting a beating!

Author biggredd (2 years)
Porter showing out

Author Jamie Washington (9 months)
Thank God for your healing Bro. Porter. May God continue to bless you and
give you the increase.

Author rhonda morris (1 year)

Author ThePython30 (3 years)
Yeah Mississippi in the house

Author Wayne Glover (1 year)

Author S. Renee McGILL (10 months)
Love this, Paul is so blessed,,

Author Eldeen Morgan (11 months)

Author MsNtoney (3 years)

Author SuperBigboi83 (4 years)
I love this song. God speaks loudly in this song as he blesses he voice.

Author Sam Proc (3 years)
This is brotha is SANGIN

Author Evg. Pamela Jackson (2 years)
You betta say that

Author C.P.M. McClarty (4 years)
Sang Porter!

Author Preacha Tim (4 years)
Alright you betta sing!!!!!

Author teresa c (9 months)
I love this guy. Show out> would love 2 see him

Author starr610b (1 year)
This video is really something... Just listen to it not only to the music
but listen to the words it reaches way down in your soul both mentally and
physically, God is good all the time and All the time God is good.....
Blessed be thy name...

Author rmbb10 (3 years)
Sang it.

Author Shareese Hamm (3 years)
I agree with you Implvjesus...I had a wonderful time in the name of jesus.
Paul showed up in Montgomery and he showed out. "TWO WINGS"

Author ImagesbyJoy (4 years)
I enjoyed this -- I am ready to go to church. :) God Bless you!

Author sonya3020 (4 years)
Jesus, for my baby in Heaven. Thank you!!!!!

Author B Smooth (2 years)
Paul porter is amazing...i wish he had a video of him singing "I made it
through" tho lol

Author Emilee Banks (2 years)
man can have doubt and if we need Jesus to meet us wit another pair i
believe he would thank- you Jesus

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