Prostitutes Caught On Camera

Couple of prostitutes were lurking the streets so we brought them in for questioning

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Author Fat Lip (2 months)
bunch of hicks trying to get free BJs

Author Donald Iarussi MFA (4 months)
reno 911

Author Kawala420 (9 months)
Rednecks get a camera and this is what we get, Genius

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author Young Hollywood (1 year)
Wow no way! Really!?!

Author 12Alforja (1 year)
charming joke. Cute and gorgeous girls.Thanks for the entertainment.

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author lumpymoose200 (2 years)
Dangle is a Lt.

Author YouMadBrooX3 (1 year)
Mam Mam Mam HO

Author The Ace Luxury (10 months)
Can i buy dat?

Author ridge2244 (1 year)
totally fake

Author jeffburford (1 year)
Stupid. . . . Fake Cops.

Author Tommy guns (2 years)
Those girls are adorable, their not hookers.

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author Scott Davidson (11 months)
One more time for good measure.

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author Courtney Holmes (1 year)
Haha Best Part: " Anything you say or do will be used against you in the

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author The1yaluv2h8 (1 year)
This is fuckn garbage

Author Marc Knight (1 year)
Cops are fourteen?

Author Troy Baker (10 months)
lol hilarious

Author walid obeid (10 months)
what a stupid cunts the boys and the girls

Author nighamike (2 years)

Author transformer908 (2 years)
Dude sound like a pimp and not a cop

Author Harvey Sugeng (1 year)
mam mam mam mam mam

Author ThePower1987 (2 years)

Author Young Hollywood (1 year)
This is Chris Hanson guys, please take a seat.

Author Kelsey Amell (1 year)
I just love how everyone says "fake!" like we don't already know...he says
Lieutenant Dangle.... does NOBODY watch Reno 911?.... lol

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author HellGhast96 (1 year)
Too cute prostitutes what a waste

Author mrdouglas51510 (2 years)
How much do you think they would charge to let me fuck them in the ass???

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author nickmendozatv (2 years)
Ma'am ho

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author RLazar788 (1 year)

Author Sarah Ziemke (1 year)
Totally adorable girls. Hope they know how gorgeous they are. They are
funny especially the front girl.

Author TheTortugaTanker (2 years)
fail video is fail

Author Nickolas Angus (1 year)
Duuuuuuh it is fake cops dumb ass

Author Alberto Jimenez (1 year)
You say officer dangle ? Hahaha was this in Reno too. ?? Hahahaha funny.

Author serutcip1 (2 years)

Author catfishR61 (1 year)
Mam mam mam hoe Smh fake

Author Ryan Johnson (2 years)
"how do you protest" LMAO fail

Author J axxboss (11 months)
These rednecks are trying so hard to sound intelligent and official, but
these girls see right thru them. Rednecks with cameras are funnier than the
people they are filming.

Author crucialconflict02 (11 months)
reno 911

Author Riki Davies (1 year)

Author smalltownman73 (1 year)
Cute joke. The girls were hot!

Author zzhamstring (2 years)
They look like twins?

Author j6lacrant (1 year)
I know her dad.

Author Del Preston (1 year)
You're right, but don't sit here and tell me that most of the mainstream
rappers out right now aren't corny as hell either. White t-shirts and baggy
pants? Tacky and corny. Over-sized snapbacks turned to the side with the
sticker still on the bill? Corny as hell. Wearing sunglasses inside ? The
stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. Look at Lil Wayne, motherfucker
wears leather gloves and skinny jeans, that's pretty goddamn corny.

Author halovandal1 (1 year)
the chicks sound more manly than the guys.......

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