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Author BeigomaStudios053 (4 months)
7:53 where is that beautiful place

Author geoxpapas (7 months)
Based on it's physical, chemical and thermodynamic properties, why don't
these scientists look at CO2 as the more likely compound that forms
extraterrestrial ice as the main constituent of Comets rather than H2O? If
they are really as objective as they want us to believe, they would examine
and present all the real and factual possibilities, not only the ones that
suit their personnel theories and subjective opinions.

Author Rene Delrinam (6 months)
look at 40:00 when it hits the water ...that is a mix of beauty and

Author Murkie Waters (4 months)
oh no what will we do if this happons im going to get some pussy than evan
if i have to pay for it LOL

Author Rene Delrinam (6 months)
Impossible do not imagine if Sheomaker Levy 9 falls down here...

Author Miss Gobble (7 months)
Couldn't the flood, or perhaps floods, have been created by earthquakes?

Author Miss Gobble (7 months)
02:58 Okay, who flooded the Netherlands? Or the Hollands in this case.

Author Taekwonjoe75 (7 months)
Say it with me: NEW-clee-us. Not NEW-kya-lus. 

Author jtronn (7 months)
I love the introduction that poses the destruction of San
Francisco…Hypothesis: Comets are the ultimate solution to gentrification.

Author bud oracle (1 year)
Does anyone really think that if science established the exact date of an
impact with a life changing impactor that this would be made known by
authority? Even if news of it leaked out there would be a discrediting
campaign with no expenses spared to keep the vengeful mob at bay. Death by
comet impact would be swift and easy compared to what some people who have
been tormented and screwed with by their leaders, bankers, judges, cops.
Some people would take torture to new heights

Author jasper mcmillan (11 months)
About all I can do is TOTALLY agree with you on every point. Our so-called
leaders aren't really leaders at all.

Author lakecrab (11 months)
Stand, stick out your chin, shake your fist at the devil, you will be
cooked before all the nasty descriptive stuff ready to be
welcomed to your new home in eternity.

Author lakecrab (11 months)
I feel comfortable with the Comet theory as both an engine of creation and
destruction. I will remain open to anything new and with as much scientific
backup. Creation remains to be a divine process, in my opinion, but at some
point on the line it is a physical process too.

Author Evert Meulie (1 year)
Why does it say 'HD'? The highest resolution YouTube offers this clip in is

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