Lugia´s Song (Deep Remix)

This is my Deep Remix of Lugia´s Song from the movie "Pokemon 2000 - The power of one"
Hope you like it^^

Here´s the download link:

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:17
Comments: 869

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Author TheHeroOfMilkAJ (6 months)
Make a ten hour? ^_^

Author zibbz80 (3 months)
So much nostalgia. The three first movies was absolutely the best!

Author Ture Turesson (5 months)

Author TheTreekoboy (6 months)
This just makes me cry with nostalgia

Author Jokohaha (3 months)
So many memories ≧﹏≦

Author Natman358 (2 months)
Oh dear lord the memories ;3 *runs up to the attic to find old VHS tape*
time to relive my childhood!!

Author Madelynn Nieves (6 months)
If pokemon eas real I would live in the johto region

Author Axel Andersson (2 months)
Remix? It's just pitched down. 

Author Supposedly Shiny (6 months)
I loved Johto... 

Author Alexa Radway (4 months)
i think laxus is right

Author MOXANDNUNZAart TM (7 months)
The song of my life made even better. Thank you for making this. :)

Author EppiBoy (4 months)
Your link doesn't work mate

Author Bryana Corrigan (7 months)
+TheJayz44 actually that sounds kinda cool...they compliment each other in
a way :)

Author AsobuGēmu (3 months)
makes my skin crawling everytime *.*

Author Broly the Yveltal (8 months)
Lugia is so majestic.I wish Pokemon was real.Then, I would have a Lugia.

Author coaster3002(lolfunnycp) (2 months)
too much nostalgia!!!!!! i really have seen better days but at least i
still play pokemon

Author Dynamite Grizzly (3 months)
...all you did was slow it down

Author SilaceJay Wazzup (7 months)
I need the god! THATS ALL I NEED IN DP GAME!!!

Author Mark Venning (7 months)
i wants that majestic beast i need that majestic beast i needs it!

Author Shigenari Imaishi (1 year)
Listening from since 2000 and still listening to it 2013! And to the 22

Author themot1onmaster (11 months)
OMG this brings back memories. this movie changed my life

Author Wolven407 (1 year)
However, there is hope for the ones you've left behind. The things you did
before your horrible fate came to pass may not have left an immediate
impact, but rather, a seed, planted in the minds and hearts on the ones
you've left behind. You will be remembered, and the seeds you have tilled
and planted will flourish into ideals, morals, inspiration. You will always
be known as the last one to find true beauty in a broken world.

Author irene menzel (1 year)
I love this song ^^

Author dolphinluver16 (10 months)
ok thats it im 16 and i still love him i wish he was fucking real :"D its
so beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author trixwinkz (1 year)
This song brings back so many memories. This song stil reminds me of the
start of the pokemon journey that began after watching the movie. Its 13
years since i saw this.. and im 18 now, and still a pokèmon fan.

Author zashisouthpaw69 (10 months)
we don't need it to be real with all the hope these Pokemon give off to
children everywhere and the grown up children still hanging on to there
generations its already real its living in all and everyone of us thats
ever aspired to have a Pokemon of our own it will not ever die no matter
the generation no matter the age its already real there is nothing that
cannot be accomplished that is what iv gained from this this song resonates
through my soul every morning and im passing it to my kids now.

Author Memento Mori (1 year)
Thank you your excellency.

Author SpartanUzumaki117 (9 months)
People say MewTwo is the best Pokemon.... I tell them that they are so
wrong.... There is one pokemon out there, and they say that he sings his
lullaby with all his might, with the power of the Sea, he proclaims to be
The Guardian of the Sea... his name is... Lugia.

Author Laxus Dreyar (11 months)
I too wished and prayed to god to make lugia real.. i bet with the hopes
and dreams of all the kids of the world and the adults who believe as
well.. lugia is forming somewhere deep in the oceans.. and will one day
reward us with a sighting :)

Author sinperuser12 (1 year)
i agree kinda piss me of when they do that every single time

Author pkmnmewloverkitsune (11 months)
Just like Lugia, this song is amazing, beautiful, strong, and majestic.

Author Makoto Diclonius (9 months)
those two are constantly duking it out

Author Petrol Oil (1 year)
I used to think that Lugia was a tough, badass pokemon, but it's more than
that. It's the guardian of the sea and is the owner of very calming theme

Author 98Greener (1 year)
Man, this is freaking beautiful.

Author Lugia714 (1 year)
I second this. Lugia was my first legendary Pokemon and he will always be
my favorite.

Author Errorz92 (1 year)
I want this in 1080p!!

Author Georgie Bear (1 year)
This song could bring world peace.. :,3

Author Jacqueline Roberts (10 months)
I was a fire type trainer. I am attracted to the fire and psychic elements,
always have been. I hate grass and water though I've never been able to
tell why though.

Author Aksel Thorne (11 months)
Yes!!!!! A version that won't hurt when I have a headache! ~ Thank you~

Author Bowser Tron (1 year)
Best movie & song ever

Author MrShugg3 (11 months)
He meant since Celebi is in the pokemon movie Together 4ever (tbh I don't
remember the name but atleast that's the reference)

Author Joseph Archer (1 year)
Yes, it definitely will.

Author Jacqueline Roberts (10 months)
...I know how to report internet crimes.

Author PsychotherapistDH (11 months)
Anyone feel like this song puts them in a trance? Nothing else is there
except you and this song, calmed, relaxed, sometimes teary eyed?

Author Norbert Langerak (9 months)
You managed to make one of the best Pokémon songs even better.

Author Rebecca Pucci (1 year)
Pretty good.

Author Elsa Frozen (11 months)
Like it more then the original lol

Author tophatgamer duane (1 year)
i cry at this song every time its so sad but good

Author ricky gomez (11 months)
... : )

Author Rebecca Pucci (1 year)
Oh my. 0_0 This seems to fit the song in an odd way...

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