Drummer Hannah Ford NAMM 2012 - recap

This year was once again another GREAT time at the NAMM Show in Anaheim CA. It's nearly impossible to capture everything done in 3 days and place it into 5-6 minutes so we just threw together some highlights. It's pretty obvious it was a good time had by all.

**The backing tracks on this video are both performed by "Bellevue Suite" Hannah's Rock Project

For more info on Hannah go to

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Author tim johnson (8 months)
Just in case if anybody is wondering. Hannah Ford is married to a black guy
named Joshua Welton/singer

Author chowin52 (8 months)
A shining light this girl. A natural superstar. Much respect.

Author nazaruddin abu zaharin (2 years)
She is cool. Wish she would one day visit Kuala Lumpur ..

Author spocksbeard76 (2 years)
How to ruin my freakin day

Author Daniel Tipton (2 years)
I just wanna know if Hannah is single? Does she have a special someone in
her life?

Author collinsantinio115 (1 year)
Hannah Ford is so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Author Jeffrey Jones (1 year)
What can you say about the video, its Hannah Ford the best dam girl drummer
around today.

Author funkeemon (2 years)
This girl is making money by playing drums, most of you can not do this.
So, shut up.

Author MugginFuggin (2 years)

Author juddgreg333 (2 years)
funniest part of this whole video, the creepy guy when the camera spans
left when she is playing

Author Edward Bourque (11 months)
Hannah does NOT need to form a group, everyone should pray that they MAYBE
have the privileged of being a part of her band, AND YES SHE IS THE BOSS.
No questions asked. And that is all I have to say on that subject. Knowing
who the best is and learn. So long sweetheart and remember, You are the
leader now. So long for now, Ned♥

Author 49supraman (2 years)
I was checkin out a Ludwig HH snare on utube and ended up here..oh
well...good drummer though :o)

Author wmkm808 (2 years)
So much critics in the should take it as a blessing that the
music gods blessed us with another talented musician instead of saying
shit..and im pretty sure she'll blow you away in a drum battle just
saying ...dont hate

Author Stonepeaks (2 years)
Very pretty and sexy, but needs to learn and develop a lot. Sounds like a
14 year old.

Author PLADProdandArtistMgt (1 year)
The team at PLAD screen hundreds of media site comments daily. This is
necessary because we WILL NOT TOLERATE any disrespect or inappropriate
language at ANY time on any of our artists sites. It's simply uncalled for.
WE POST ALL COMMENTS, EVEN CRITICAL ONES, as long as their submitted with
professionalism and respect toward the artist. BE NICE - GET POSTED
otherwise don't waste your time or ours.

Author 18icefrost (1 year)
thank you^^ God Bless^^

Author MonsterMetalManiac (1 year)
Did someone here really just compare this girl to John Bonham??? Jeez...
come on man. Better comparison would be Debbi Peterson of The Bangles or
Roxy Petrucci (very solid drummer) from the band Vixen. Let's just hope
Bonzo can't see this ! He'd probably be rolling over in his grave right
now!!! lol

Author Kidfixer (2 years)
Its like Britney Spears...only WITH talent!! Hannah needs to form an ALL
HOT girl super group with Orianthi on guitar, Stephanie Ashworth on Bass,
and Christina Scabbia on vocals. There may be hotter choices, but those are
the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

Author darrihea19 (2 years)
Hannah Ford is a amazing Drummer. I like her Kit setup and the way she
plays. She has awesome feel and she's quick too. Thanks to her i play with
Vater sticks. God has given her an amazing talent to play like she does.
She somewhat reminds me of John Bonham when she solo's. John uses a lot of
feel as well. Keep going at it Hannah, you're an awesome inspiration!

Author osterkenn (1 year)
check out the ring at 2:35

Author Jimmy Young (1 year)
Enjoy drums music!...

Author Briandrum (2 years)
The backing track sounds like a lot like Bon Jovi.... Intentional or not,
it's time to update your sound!

Author Michael Morell (2 years)
She is GORGOUS!! And the fact that she can play drums at the same time
makes a unique combo!! :O

Author Dadan Radiman (1 year)
coolest steady depleted. already never been to Indonesia what has not?

Author blasphemytard (2 years)
Let me see her play bleed by Meshuggah or the dance of eternity bu dream
theater. Why must women music players get SUCH a boost just because of
their looks...

Author darrihea19 (2 years)
It all matter on opinion. Hannah is good for what she does, she hasn't been
playing too long, neither has that five year old. If you have those two
drumming in the same room and have a bunch of people, they're all going to
think with their opinion. There really isn't "The best drummer in the
world" because there is so many people that can play really well. It all
matters on someone elses opinion.

Author Nico Wild (2 years)
I will be there 2013 Ohh yeahh i will be there ....

Author Nomzilla (1 year)
Wow! She's so fricking gorgeous.

Author 18icefrost (1 year)
what is the title of 2 songs?^^

Author beth kirwin (2 years)
She is a load of crap i know a 5 year old that could play way better hahaha

Author AspiringRocker729 (2 years)
Eh, the jazz stuff she does is just as hard as Bleed (Certainly not Dance
of Eternity; there are very few songs more confusing than that), just in a
different way. Don't think she's not an excellent drummer.

Author vxla (1 year)

Author PLADProdandArtistMgt (1 year)
First song - "Just Love" Second song - "New Day"

Author PLADProdandArtistMgt (2 years)
Hannah is married to singer/songwriter/producer "JOSHUA"

Author liljovich (2 years)
Just love is awesome :)

Author PLADProdandArtistMgt (2 years)
Thank you liljovich! Glad you like Just Love! Bellevue Suite will be
releasing a BRAND NEW WORLD Debut Video to a brand new tune called "RESCUE
ME" on May addition be on the look out within the following week
or so for a LIVE video of Just Love. We appreciate the love and support.

Author HomeroMrx (2 years)
you`re Beautiful ¡ you`re Beautiful ¡

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