CONCERTO FOR CLARINET by Artie Shaw - 9 1/2 Minutes!!

Artie Shaw performs Concerto For Clarinet, 9 1/2 minutes of very fine jazz/swing recorded on both sides of a 12" Victor 78 rpm record and released about 1941. One of my favorites! Enjoy!

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Author Barry Walker (4 months)
This is one of the few tracks, before my time, that I rate very highly...
Wonderful stuff...
Probably the highest clean note at the end of the track you will ever

Author Mike Stuart (1 year)

*Artie Shaw, **Concerto for Clarinet**, 1940*

One of Artie Shaw's best. I love the Yiddish flavors sprinkled in this jazz

Author Marcella Malfatti (2 years)
Dedicato a mio padre, che adorava il clarinetto, Artie Shaw e in
particolare questo grandissimo "Concerto"!

Author Sam Mendelow (2 years)
I have the score for this wonderful Concerto and I played it on my clarinet
more than 60 years ago when I lived in Buffalo, New York and went to
Crystal Beach, Canada every summer to listen to Maynard Ferguson and his
Orchestra when he was only 19. I am now 80 years old and cherish the memory
of this wonderful piece of music written by Artie Shaw himself. Sam Mendelow

Author jazzgent (4 years)
All you clarinet players that try to play this. PLEASE listen to this
before you do. PLEASE!!!!!

Author like a boss (2 years)
i can play this too:)

Author katoukatou kat (1 year)
une merveille !!! merci pour le partage ;)

Author ritewing1111 (3 years)
Artie Shaw was a giant among giants (Goodman, Dorsey, Barnet,Miller, et.
al.).....His music is the most divine this side of heaven !!

Author 48reedman (1 year)
Apples and oranges. Benny on Copeland's clarinet concerto. Try that! Still
love Artie, though.

Author Edward Varjean (6 months)
Sam. I am 83 and still playing clarinet and playing in the community band
in Cottonwood( I am the oldest!!!) I too have the original sheet music
which I bought in 1943 or 44. I play it 3 o 4 time a week trying to get it
like Artie . I have heard only on or two imitators who can play and sound
like Arite. His style and tone!!! I can clarinet now only on my wide bore
1934 Buffett. All my newer clarinets blow too hard and I have no longer the

Author tomrdee (2 years)
I've got this record. I play it on my 1960 Motorola sterio floor model. It
plays good and loud. Yours sounds great. What record player is yours?

Author Edward Varjean (6 months)
Bring up Arties "Summertime" arrangement. Some really great improvs by
Artie. He hits all the perfect sounding notes in his takeoffs!!! Ed Playing
clarinet continuously since 1938! I have some of his 33LP albums (I still
have 3 turntables)

Author Veronica Vero (8 months)
Best Comment Ever!

Author Edward Varjean (8 months)
In 1943 I purchased this music. It was 50cents. I still have the original
music. I play off fa copy almost every week tyring to rememorize it. In
1948 I has almost completely memorized. . It is about 7 pages long and
about. 8 minutes of recording. In 1954 after being accepted into the UCLA
symphony I purchased a 1934 French Buffet.. I have been playing this piece
now for 70 years. Believe it or not my tone and style now is sounding like

Author Ranon Pador (4 years)
Excellent Jazz, song, and composer. =)

Author JFSebastian74 (2 years)
Artie Shaw was the best of them all, a terrific talent.

Author cdbpdx (8 months)
It would take me a lot longer than that! I dig this tune!

Author mewingkittycat (4 years)
The glissandos are so very smooth! Absolutely beautiful.

Author Sam Mendelow (2 years)
I still have the score for this wonderful Concerto and I am now 80 years
old. I played this more than60 years ago when I was living in Buffalo, New
York and would go to Crystal Beach,, Canada to livsten to Maynard Ferguson
and his orchestra when he was only 19 years old. What memories!!!!! Sam

Author wpl955g (6 months)
That's a fantastic story, and great that you're still playing it too! I
keep wobbling towards making my trumpet sound like Harry James, but I'm
young yet...

Author Nicwizz (2 years)
Unplayable for most ! If you can't get those bends right do not inflict
your playing on anyone I say. Artie Shaw was just the greatest!

Author Harry Mouzon (1 year)
Wow! I

Author The Discerning Clarinetist (3 months)
Artie Shaw's" Concerto for Clarinet" performed by himself and his

Author mmbmbmbmb (28 days)
listening joy par excellence ~ thanks!!!

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