12 valve cummins burnout

95' Cummins getting rid of some tires...and fuel

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 1:35
Comments: 112

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Author StinkMonkee (3 months)
decent rig save for the nut behind the wheel and that reeeeeediculous stack

you know, surgery is the only solution for that penis problem you got dude.

Author Coalroller59 (3 years)
Pretty boss, man, pretty boss

Author erin averyt (1 year)
hi what year is the cummins ?

Author Hollistan (3 years)
Sounds amazing, what size stack is that 7" or 8"??

Author Dustin Mitchell (4 years)
governor springs and injectors with pump tweaking?

Author Venom746 (4 years)
this makes me want to get a 12v for my next truck... I already have a 98.5
24v now to find a 95-98 12v and I'll be set.

Author cumminsdiesellover01 (4 years)
ya it does but i can do the same look wit h a mitre cut and another piece
of pipe then just paint it barbeque black cuz its pretty hard to get your
hands on that kind of stack from caterpillar

Author joes1234567890 (3 years)
Does anyone know where I could get a cat stack for my 95 12v cummins

Author Carbonexpress97 (1 year)
You cant watch this video enough lol

Author Upstate Redneck (2 years)
Got stack?

Author daltonjames22 (4 years)
where'd you get your traction bars?

Author erin averyt (1 year)
hi love hearing this idle loop what horse power is under the hood?

Author JonO387 (3 years)
1:22 for anything interesting.

Author cameron947 (3 years)
Hey man first off awsome truck! But if you don't mind me asking what mods
you you have done to your's? And how did you advance your timing? I have a
97 dually with the wastegate line disabled, custom 100 plate FF, AFC
FF/tuned, BHAF and staright pipe and I sure can't smoke tires like that
lol. thanks and keep the coal rollin!

Author salsa1034 (3 years)
@jakethesnake121394 i found a 1997 dodge 2500 cummins heavyduty version,
dana 60 front end, dana 80 rearend,regular cab, good 12 valve cummis inline
6 engine with only 195000 killometres, new injector, pump, bosch 40 lbs
injectors, 4x4, 5 speed manual tranny BOUGHT IT FOR$ 2900 dollars

Author Tyler Schwoerer (2 years)
I got a 94 12v 5 speed. with alot done to mine. to make her lope like that
is all in the fuel. i got a 4k gov spring kit on my truck and she lopes
like that pretty good. 5k's are gonna make it lope ALOT better, but if ur
not turnin AT LEAST 550 hp at the wheel, dont waste your time with a 5k kit

Author dirtydiesel1000 (2 years)
what pump mods do you have done? badass truck.

Author FordssuckPERIOD (3 years)
sweet sonding cummins bro

Author Keith Williams (1 year)
Because, like the rest of us, you are now addicted to diesels.

Author 08farmer (4 years)
Dude live the CASE IH badge where did you get it at

Author Mr97Powerstroker (2 years)
I just bought a 97 12 valve ext cab dually today and its supposed to be all
stock with a little pump work. I test drove it and its all fine. On the way
home I smashed it and hit. 40 psi fast so I let off it. Is 40 psi to much
for an all stock motor? Should I get studs?

Author erk409 (3 years)
I could listen to that idle all day.... wow

Author randytune88 (3 years)
@jakethesnake121394 12vs are cheap anymore

Author Rose Fillardeau (4 years)
my buddie had a done out 12 valve an it got stolen n writin off pour thing
a beautiful truck

Author JonO387 (2 years)
Hahaha, nice boner you have over a truck there.

Author anomjames (2 years)
or click 0:00 for a sick fuckin idle .. dumbass

Author patrick woods (4 years)
my favorite video on youtube

Author DrakeDawg63 (4 years)
7 inch stack? Is that off a dozer?

Author 1996cumminspower (4 years)
i like that stack i might do it to mine

Author kody stiberger (3 years)
how'd you get your idle like that?

Author Christian S (1 year)
Cat stack is sick

Author MrJakediesel (2 years)
I have the same truck kinda, lol how much u think it weighs?

Author theycallmerebel (3 years)
is that thing stock?

Author bungholio13tp (3 years)
hows the auto tranny holding up?

Author MegaCumminsboy (3 years)
give me your stack!!!

Author zfaylor (2 years)
IH used Cummins engines in a lot of their equipment not to mention thats
what he farms with...why do you have chevy and ford both in your username?

Author DieselPowerCummins (3 years)
@jakethesnake121394 why don't you just buy one then.....

Author Fox Body (3 years)
@randytune88 yeah but its hard to find one in good shape and 4x4 manual for

Author whitmore95 (3 years)
@joes1234567890 call this guy. X-Rated Diesel Service 586 651 3677

Author dharoks6 (2 years)

Author dylanmurre123456789 (1 year)
why do you keep saying the 12v, what other truck could you be talking
about? you only have to say, how high is the stack? or are you just trying
to sound smart?

Author 0dasvn (4 years)
nice Case IH sticker fag.

Author EatnFordsShitnChevys (2 years)
Why would you have a IH sticker on a Cummins? Idiot.

Author panthersroc (1 year)
what's done to it, i like the little lope it has goin on

Author scoomagee (3 years)
P pump that was a waste

Author Gotercummins (3 years)
did you get that stack off a website?

Author ian hopper (3 years)
u are my hero!!!

Author Luke Moore (1 year)
could you have picked a busier road? i so enjoyed waiting for the traffic
to clear up, of course looking at that stack i can tell you aint too bright
are ya

Author TheMilitarynut (4 years)
That looked like a stack off of a CAT D9 Bulldozer!!

Author shepkimberly (3 years)
@nevadacoalrollers yeah, thats true

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