Morning Prayer - Part 1 of 2

The finest program featured on the Spirit Channel.
Skott and Behr will show you the light.

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Fortin' with Will


Author KidScipio (1 month)
i feel like this entire sketch originated merely because they came across
those dove tambourines and wanted to use them.

Author Dr Gonzo (2 months)
I demand 1 million more episodes of his epic show!!!
I simply cant have my daily prayer without more episodes.

-Praise Hosana.

Author alfredoking14 (3 months)
rang dipkin may be my all time favourite name from tim and eric but hosta
mahoney is a close contender...

Author vince noir (7 days)
wow. about a thousand levels of sooo deep references to stuff resulting in
not funny anti humor boredom again.

Author xwinger15 (1 month)
Aww I feel bad for Brown Eggz :(

Author Tyler Kemp (1 month)
Doo dah doo doo!!

Author Daryl Revok (5 months)
"Your a bad egg, Brown."

Author Ethan Copage (2 months)
What is the other actors name?

Author trustfire (2 months)
4:52. christ.

Author pulse (6 days)
Brown Eggs

Author TheBaby Seal (9 days)
i jack off to this shit every day

Author ontariobuds (8 days)
I fucking love those super high chairs and love seat.

Too funny!

Author john schumacher (19 days)

Author Rat Dark (14 days)
Couldn't stop laughing at the spirit dancing with Shark part. :p 

Author Nick Kruger (12 days)

Author Reid Moore (6 months)
holy crap i just noticed terry bruge hiplo is in the good morning

Author erik alwill (10 days)
Pray Holier!

Author KyleJordanHenry (12 days)
the bassist looks like martin short

Author Captian Data (13 days)
release date for the animated adventures of forrest gump?

Author Kamil Faizi (3 months)
What is the name of the song that starts around 2:49?

Author Daryl Revok (5 months)
"the problem Brown is that, um, the teachings of Rang, uhh, were're taught
there are no cave men."

Author Chris Reynolds (1 month)
Thank you Rang

Author jaeden anderson (4 months)
ur a bad egg, Brown!

Author jboydgolfer1 (3 months)
@8:01 LOL

Author John Sourlas (1 month)
Honey you're getting a little confused.

Author Professional Spectre (1 month)
You can make a fast car with wheels like that, but I also like shrimp.

Author definty (1 month)
Not far off real religion

Author Isaac Farhi (1 month)
As a Christian, I keked 11/10

Author JohnathanCook (1 month)
tims rockin the joel osteen cut a little too well. number one hansy boy

Author lowercase21 (1 month)
How did I get here.

Author Steve Kemp (1 month)
those bigass chairs god damn!!! i died

Author aaron philby (1 month)

Author Erin Hutson (1 month)
This is my favorite Tim & Eric skit!

Author zee339 (1 month)

Author Randy Olander (2 months)
I am opalled at the desrespectful way Almitey Rang is poretraid in this
teribal vidio ... I no that the true foolowers of Rang wood be so angry
at what Tim and eric did... Thay will be punished so hard for wut thay
said but Rang will only punish them becuz he loves them so much and he will
send them to that whorabul place he sends unbeleavors that dont love Him
and say the good thngs he kneeds to here I wil pray for tim and Eric
because thay live in Merica and thay kneed to be good people like all
mericans shud be.

Author J.C. Davis (2 months)
THREE rang dipkins?! That's one too many. Hosanna. 

Author Jimminy Lummox (2 months)
It's been a challenging year for me. My wife gained an enormous amount of
weight. And I thought that I could come in here and learn the ways of your
religion and I could be better and I could be a, just a good person and for
once in my life be accepted.. Hosana.. I'm not a good person.. but I want
your forgiveness and I want you to enter my life and enter my spirit and
fill my heart with your blessings, and I'm saying sorry to you...

.. They want to smash the brown egg too.

Author Dan 123 (2 months)
One of the best skits they ever did, but you just can't make new episodes,
they wouldn't come out as nice and original as this one did.

Author tantummodo mortem habet significatum (2 months)
That is quality programming.

Author Ryan Silver (5 months)
this is about a thousand levels of funny

Author SirLorence (2 months)
Hoo hoo haroo

Author Posh Jesscott (2 months)
lol that fuckin furniture 

Author thesillyzebra (8 months)
1:50 holy shit

Author Shaquawana Bankerton (2 months)
me is a candleman

Author Tristan Bedell (2 months)
bear with me here

Author Chelsea Hotte (2 months)
All praise Rang

Author TrveMetalManiac (2 months)
I wish the morning prayer band had Ron Don Valente. And maybe David
Liebe-Hart. Its just David's Pruppets scare me.

Author zee339 (1 month)
he made the illuminati triangle

Author Ryan Murtha (3 months)
"I would prefer the voice of Tom Hanks, but I could live with Tom Arnold,
Will Forte has the voice of an angel. Praise Rang in the Highest. Hosana.

Author redcorncob (3 months)

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