Morning Prayer - Part 1 of 2

The finest program featured on the Spirit Channel.
Skott and Behr will show you the light.

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Author thesillyzebra (5 months)
1:50 holy shit

Author Reid Moore (3 months)
holy crap i just noticed terry bruge hiplo is in the good morning

Author jboydgolfer1 (3 days)
@8:01 LOL

Author Bread Sandwich (5 months)
What are we gonna do with these bird shaped tambourines... hmmm

Author 666Nietzsche (1 month)
"Your a bad egg, Brown."

Author Nirvash (4 months)
Oh shit, Sunshine Brule

Author Joe Brizanski (4 months)

Author KyleAKAHerm (6 months)
me me i wanna be a candleman too

Author Saulius Kausylas (2 months)
I wish those songs would be full and somewhere on youtube.

Author 666Nietzsche (1 month)
"the problem Brown is that, um, the teachings of Rang, uhh, were're taught
there are no cave men."

Author jaeden anderson (25 days)
ur a bad egg, Brown!

Author aaronsdavis (5 months)
Plenty of people would join this religion. Including me. Praise Rang.

Author trugangsta4real (6 months)
Praise Rang. 

Author Ryan Silver (1 month)
this is about a thousand levels of funny

Author slop123456789 (6 months)
who is that demented old creep on the bass

Author Libby Peterson (8 months)
does anyone know if Tony Sacrimoni and the GMP do weddings

Author Eoin McKenna (1 year)
Morning Prayer - Part 1 of 2

Author TheTomgunn (11 days)
the brudge is such a gargoyle of a man, lmfao!!! long live lord zed

Author mrzipdisk (25 days)

Author ARFOR DeTWENTI (4 months)
Is that ANIMATED FORREST GUMP a real cartoon??
Cuz i'd watch it.

Author Michael Bennett (7 months)
"Paps farm"

Author Clair Bear (8 months)
those fucking tall chairs..

Author Chris Embry (10 days)
Richard Branson rockin' it on bass

Author DoomerDad (4 months)
Praise Rang! Hosana in the Highest! Ma-maaaaa!

Author Tyrantax (6 months)
me is a candleman

Author Ho! Sir don't carry your jest too far (7 months)
Hossahana ho!

Author lnicoll100 (4 months)
'and men dwelled not in caves.'- Dipkin 1:1

hahaha is that the first line in the Dipkin bible?
praise hosana praise rang

Author Watchdog Goon (1 month)
I know some people who are in this cult.

Author Adrian Adams (2 months)
This is what actual prayer shows look like to me.

Author 1Dollar (6 months)

Author SJDraco (3 months)
praise Rang, is that my pep pep Terry Bruge Hiplo on bass I see?
i give him two kisses and three wet mouths

Author Alia Menetrey (3 months)

Author David Tantamount (6 months)
holy moly. holy hell. 10/10

Author Andrew Nelson (5 months)
Most I've ever laughed / Most I've ever watched the same comedy sketch
repeatedly for over 4 years

Author Macho Fantastico (7 months)
Still more authentic than Scientology. 

Author lucas503 (2 months)
i would love to see an episode of forrest jump adventures

Author TANSTAAFL (5 months)
I un-ironically love Tony Sacrimoni and the GMPs. They rock.

Author americandodgeball (8 months)

Author Robert Nelson (1 month)
Mau maah!

Author Slotter Dawg (8 months)
This could be T&E's best stuff ever. I can't stop watching it. When the
bass player yawns and say Hosanna it just kills me.

Author HaroldMcShaggervillehermensteinflaggenshaggen (6 months)
Is that a '90s james hetfield at 3:43?

Praise Rang

Author Diseco Anto (7 months)

Author zero15388 (8 months)
oh rang dipkin

Author ToxicCityOfficial (2 months)
Every morning.

Author Knowlton Mens (3 months)
"and men dwelled…not in caves." - Dipkin 1:1 

Author Charles Ikojo (5 months)
Great Job!

Author Liam Flanagan (3 months)
One of the band members is from Miike Snow- Paddling Out video

Author TheUndert0ker (6 months)
Great job, capiche?

Author radicallyspalding (3 months)
Someone needs to post the Terry Bruge-Hiplo isolated bass from this track.
You can tell he's really jamming. Praise Hosanna, I give it three hot, wet

Author Dylan Goforth (2 months)
hosanna praise rang dipkin and thank you for that interesting news

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