Hitler and farts FUNNIEST OF THEM ALL

Hitler has a meeting with his staff immediately after a rich lunch in the cafeteria. A dictionary of flatulence results.

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Author kim stevens (6 months)
this is funny.....nearly wet myself

Author mrsgstd (2 years)
This is really getting old. Only the first of these done is really funny.

Author kossur brown (2 years)
this made laugh so hard that i felt my voice box move

Author JRalloveragain (2 years)
Arkansas barking spider fart! LOL!!!! I fell off my chair at that
one....omfg! LOL!

Author Joey Meal (2 years)
OMG The Wife's Not Home Fart Is The Longest And Loudest

Author FegelKirby (2 years)
You named these farts?! Lol xD

Author Amanda Hopper (2 years)
wife's not home for the last one i meant

Author DeOne DeOnly (1 year)
I wet common relief taco bell fart all the time

Author zombieshit3085 (2 years)

Author Aaron Drabble (3 years)

Author 12NadaSurf12 (2 years)
@theultimatepower66 i think you have OCD

Author SidsMexicali (3 years)

Author TheMohguy (3 years)
whats the name of the hitler parody were he wants to go to der tacos but
everybody else wants hiel pancakes cuz of the farting problame hitler gets
when he eats der tacos or something

Author blondes4annasophia (2 years)
I can smell that room in my mind... Wife's not Home fart was the best.

Author Jackie Dring (9 months)
haha Organic Fart ....LMAO

Author revolution0519 (2 years)

Author liketheuniverse11 (2 years) one..., man, you almost
killed me!! I laughed so hard I almost threw up all my dinner, LMFAO!!! All
the fart names are terribly hilarious, hahahahahahahahahaa.....THANKS! :D

Author dannyuzi4u (3 years)
funniest i have ever seen

Author Roblo2010 (3 years)
i shat myself literally at "10 year old boy fart"

Author Cutewhitedove (1 year)
should have english word while they talking

Author obxellis (2 years)
well.....if the wife's not home then......FART!!!!! for five seconds.

Author noah Nordstrom (2 years)
barn owl fart!? i find that offensive to my kind.

Author SamBrev (2 years)
thumbs up if u farted while watching

Author Amanda Hopper (2 years)
my faverate fart was who shit in the back seat indian buffet shit the bed
choke on this fart wife isnt home hahahahahahahahahaha lololololol XD cant
stop watching this

Author 1stcopahittheground (2 years)
@liketheuniverse11 You say it all. I was crying........crying so hard, i
couldn't take a breath. The "shared pants" did it to me. I got to say
thanks for that.

Author cocopelad (2 years)
hahaha this also made me laugh.. watch /watch?v=gCLZvaMZ8IA

Author 12NadaSurf12 (2 years)
@12NadaSurf12 *disorder

Author NaN1ghtc0reK1tty (1 year)
Omfg I laughed so hard

Author DeOne DeOnly (1 year)
Barn owl fart LMAO!

Author TheEverlong12 (2 years)
It's like a censor fart trololololol!!!

Author theultimatepower66 (2 years)
i laughed the hardest at the wife's not home fart and the voice of the
toohless one. and the thank God im alone fart.

Author kyleere994 (2 years)
i had to pause the video twice because i was laughing so hard i couldnt

Author mollypu (2 years)
made. e fart... -_-

Author Amanda Hopper (2 years)
1:56 who shit in the backseat?fart i laughed so much that: fell off my
chair made my throat hurt laughed for a whole weak

Author theultimatepower66 (2 years)
oh damn. im starting 2 smell farts and they're not mine.(leaves the video
and sprays the room with lysol and holy water) IS ANYONE ELSE STARTING TO

Author redcard0 (2 years)
20 people have gas

Author protorpedo (3 years)
i sharted my pants (BLOOOOOOOOOPP)

Author kossur brown (2 years)
i would of literally died if you put subtitles

Author Motormouth Chopper (2 years)
It'd be even funnier if there were subtitles.

Author moviemaker1004 (2 years)
How the hell you can gives these things a name? ROFL xD

Author theultimatepower66 (2 years)
@12NadaSurf12 btw my dad REALLY farted so DUH i would start to smell it.

Author JONATHAN PEAKE (2 years)
Blessed be the great wind hammer. This should be in a dictionary!!! hahahaha

Author Daniel Teunissen (1 year)
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time

Author acdfg56 (2 years)
HAHAHAHAHA This Made MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author hasan ta (1 year)
hail hitler

Author Angel Mendoza (3 years)
so stupid.

Author Shitzuo Hiewajima (2 years)
Wifes not home fart XDXD I nearly died from lack of air watching this,

Author 12NadaSurf12 (2 years)
@theultimatepower66 obsessive compulsive disorde, let me google that for
you. jk, you do it. and i have it about that so i was being ironic

Author kossur brown (2 years)
this would have been funnier with subtitles

Author halenrick1 (1 year)
Uh oh fart lol

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