All of My LPS "Destiny" Cats!

Since I kinda collect this type of cats, "Destiny" cats, I decided to make a video to show you all of them! :)

I will do a couple of this kind of videos to show you parts of my collection with popular LPS types, for example LPS shorthaired cats, collies, dachshunds, cocker spaniels & great danes.

You can also submit what type of LPS you would like to see in the next video! Let me know in the comments below!


Title: Cipher2
Produced by: Kevin MacLeod

All music is licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0".

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© Copyright 2013 LPShannah

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Author Rainbow FLY Dash (2 months)
excited at that? IDK, BUT I AM! it came in an LPS Doctor package, she came
with a nurse hat,

Author MerimaraTv (2 months)
I have 2:30 I love she !

Author Karlitaocam Alondra (2 months)
i have a flying squirrel it is REALLY CUTE it kinda reminds me of the
shorhaired cat brooke cuz they have the same color wanna trade i have a
flying squirrel and a destiny cat itis really cool i am pretty sure you
dont have it cuz i saw your video i have like 9 destiny cats so yeah let me
know if u want to trade

Author littlemlplover's 2nd channel (4 months)
TO LOOK AT Nicole's lps blog try to look for this pet and look what it says
at the bottom ot says CAT SHORTHAIR....BTW I LOBE MY CAPS LOCK XD

Author KittyKat AJ (11 days)
No offense but i cant believe you dont have any lifted paw tigercats

Author Girlgamerforlife (8 days)
i only have one ''destiny'' cat its the orange with the stars

Author warriors cats littlest pet shops (4 months)
I have the 2031 kitty but the stripes are replaced with red glitter and the
ears replaced with purple sparkles it's my most favorite coz I got it for
my birthday + it's my first one EVER!!! 🐯🐯

Author laurenciajulia (29 days)
I have Destiny!

Author Linda Simpson (1 month)
Can i have ur #1059 lps plz

Author PEEZDUK (1 month)
my friend has a flower postcard pet of destiny

Author lightning bolt (1 month)
I have a tiger looking one

Author PopsicleLPS (1 month)
thank you so much for putting the numbers up, now i can find them!! :)

Author Mythicalfrozenpawz (1 month)
I finally got her!!
My mum went out to pick up something I had no idea about.
She came home with a bag full of LPS.
And this kitty was in there!

Author sapphire blue (1 month)
I have a Destiny cat you do not have here we could trade comment back to me
if you want me to make a video of it

Author NatPopsicle LPS TigerProductions™ (1 month)
“Destiny" cats are actually other types of shorthair cats

Author LPSfanatic♥ (3 months)
Oh meh dawg! I lurv ur accent, where are you from?

Author Elin Olofsson (9 days)
I love the 2258, im going to buy it

Author Dan Mankala (7 days)
can i have pet 2034,1546,626,1137,2517and 1679

Author Carimae Powell (16 days)
I have the cat With Glitter On its ere

Author BabyCaker4 (14 days)
2:20 lol, I guess you could say its a tramp stamp XD hehe.

Author Savvy GTV (14 days)
i have 1 you dont have do u want to trade

Author Kerrie Nickerson (13 days)
I really liked the gray cat for some reason... But there all really cool.

Author TheSweMlpGirl L (20 days)
i have a "destiny" cat that you dont have...

Author taylor johnson (12 days)
I have the last cat

Author LPS Lucy (18 days)
Think of an LPS you want
Post this on 3 other LPS videos
Say kittycat 3 times
Look under your pillow

Author Lolipop Studio (25 days)
Can we trade

Author Beth Packer (23 days)
I would like to see all of your squirrels.

Author Lps Noon (28 days)
This asome

Author j jj (18 days)
i have 258 lps

Author Evalala Fales (1 month)
that's really cool! keep collecting!

Author LPS donna (20 days)
Du är bästa Hannah!

Author Ella Kaarsemaker (27 days)
Can you show me a video of your face 

Author wolfyLPS (28 days)
can you show your LPS pandas?? thanks! ;)

Author Hanna Cole (20 days)
can i trade you one of my destiny cats for a great dane

Author LpsDiva (21 day)
I wish I had Adria hills because she is a really pretty cocker spaniel

Author Elf Vs World (24 days)
I have the cat that you use as your mascot :D

Author Patricia Alamattila (1 month)
I♥ you hannah

Author LPS KITTIES (28 days)
is that brooke's mom? 2:20

Author 206caitlin (3 months)
You don't have Orange kitty

Author Poptartkitty101 (27 days)
my desting cat was difrent one than that becouse i got it as a post card
pet so ya do you have it too?

Author LpsAmeilla is Awsome (1 month)
You are missing only 1

Author Jamie-leigh Parker (1 month)
Can u do beagles plz because ive got a beagle that cums in the cacation set
and now im getting savvy reed as a beagle YAYYYYYY

Author Phoenix Reinle (1 month)

Author Jamie Kim (1 month)
I need one please

Author Eloise Drury (1 month)
i have destiny before her makeover

Author LpsNatasha .S (1 month)
how are you not French you have the accent

Author Jennifer McGee (1 month)
I have a pink one

Author LpsGirl10024 (1 month)
their called walking cats:)

Author Aloe Lps (1 month)
0:38, xD, I almost peeded my pants..

Author KittyKat AJ (11 days)
I call them tiger cats cause i feel like it

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