All of My LPS "Destiny" Cats!

Since I kinda collect this type of cats, "Destiny" cats, I decided to make a video to show you all of them! :)

I will do a couple of this kind of videos to show you parts of my collection with popular LPS types, for example LPS shorthaired cats, collies, dachshunds, cocker spaniels & great danes.

You can also submit what type of LPS you would like to see in the next video! Let me know in the comments below!


Title: Cipher2
Produced by: Kevin MacLeod

All music is licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0".

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© Copyright 2013 LPShannah

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Author LPS mustache (12 days)

Author Ale luxury™ (3 hours)
I have the #1537!❤ I named her Candy😃

Author Madison Spaulding (1 month)
I wish I had a destiny cat but I cant find any because OF THE DUMB UGLY
NEW LPS!!!!! my opinion

Author Lps Rosie Tube™ (5 hours)

Author Starburst LPS (2 months)
Me: Mah cousin Christopher is watching :P

Author LPS Swirls (1 day)
I have Hannah and another destiny cat and I call them “Hannah Cats” ~>.<~

Author Magic Surprises Productions (14 days)
I saw the destiny cats in ebay

Author kymir ibragimov (15 days)
They arnt called destiny cats they are act oily walking cats any way great

Author Jenna Evans (26 days)
"She has this,like, star on her...butt" I laughed sooooooo hard at that.

Author Kit.KatsAJ (1 month)
Omg the second to last one is my fave lps in which i have lol i also have
the orange glittery one i use them as sisters!

Author LPSGloria Productions (10 days)
The meow manor brings me memories, i lost it tho.... anyway i lost the
small cat in meow manor but i have the #2034

Author LPSCheerio (25 days)
hey! (in a nice way) It would mean the world to me if we could trade! this
is probubly the wrong video to say this, but yeah. Please. Im your biggest
fan and it would be awesome if we could be friends. I love all of your
videos. I am a lot younger than you, according to your questions and
answers video, but yeah. Still. I m not that young, though. Just saying. 

Author Jayflight Grayleaf (17 days)
Honestly. Its a maine coon look it up on google lps Maine. Coons.. sorry
cuz but its a maine coon forgot to tell u

Author Lps Cutie (2 months)
Do all your LPs longhaired cats real haired cats and beagles oh and saint

Author wolfy morton (1 month)
O-0 I Think I have one

Author Elizabeth Jones (12 days)
I have that yellow and orange stripped one 

Author yummy cookie (8 days)

Author SuomiHauwa (1 month)
3:17 i have that cat too and it was my second lps i EVER got :DD

Author Kathy Jennings (21 day)
Sorry about the 'gor' spelling. I am using a small phone and I have big

Author Ayesha Iqbal (16 days)
I counted and there was13 of them

Author susie h (12 days)
Do a vid where you show all you Jack Russell 

Author lesliedoney1 (13 days)
I have the one that has the attitude of destiny!

Author Rachel Kneeland (10 days)
I have the one you are missing....

Author *Destiny*&Dakota Lps809 (1 month)
Awesome !😀

Author Elise Nicole Perkins (1 month)
I have a destiny cat lol

Author Littlest Pet Shop Cookies (1 month)
+laurenciajulia Me too! She has a lot of dirt marks! What do you use to get
rid of the pen? Cause I Don't Know how though but has pen on
the back of it's head on mine. And how do u get rid of rust on their necks?
Can you use nail polish remover for the pen, dirt marks, or the rust!
Please answer me Soon!

Author Gwenlps 81 (1 month)
I was number 2!!! and I love the part with " I'm naked!!!" XD

Author lpsloversrule122 (1 month)
i finally have two lps lpshannah does not have or maybe more........

Author My Sugar Angel (1 month)
What is destiny cat's real name? Is it really called destiny cat?? Its cute

Author Derpy LPS (1 month)
WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! you have alot of "destiny'' cats and where did you get
all of those pets?? i only have 4 of those

Author the holy red wolf!!! (2 months)
I have the blond one with the kinda orange stripes on her back and she has
green eyes

Author Haley Mackinnon (25 days)
Where's destinys evil twin????????

Author Hailey Singleton (1 month)
How you fill about your mascot that is how I fill about brittney my mascot
I love her so

Author Madison Knott (1 month)
u should make a vid about destiny's backstory.

Author Kathy Jennings (21 day)
Hi LPSHannah. Can you do turtles gor me?

Author LPS Stopmotion (1 month)
plz make a video about idk wut animal but the creatures that in LPS cool is
known as Micheal and in LPS popular it is known as Nathan 

Author Andrea Melendez (4 days)

Author Medrea Washington (23 days)
Those are short hair cat's. 

Author TheMinecrafters (1 month)
Could you do a video of all your bunnies please? 😊

Author jpc4God (26 days)
Nice destiny cats.

Author WaterMelon LPS (1 month)
I have the one at 2:08!! OMG :D

Author tiffanyjoel moore (1 month)
where did u get ur lpshannah

Author Mariebeth Alcaoron (1 month)
OMG did u know your lps main person eye is ugly i mean look at it it looks
ugly eww

Author Littlest Pet Shop Cookies (1 month)
#1546 Littlest Pet Shop Shorthaired Cat/Destiny Cat Came in "Pets on the
Go." "Pets on The Go Snooze n' Slumber" Set

Author Sparky5599 (1 month)
bonjour Hannah.......
ok that's not creepy at ALL

Author rina sen (2 months)
LPShannah where you live,I know how you look like but please tell me where
you live cuz I'll give you some of my LPS!No afence I'm not mad at you^_^
Oh yeah I live at 109 Wentz st PA
We'll can I have 1 cat and one destiny cat and one Great Dane
Sorry I made a run on sentence so yeah. ^_^

Author Renee Luijerink (2 months)
Have to place a comment... I couldn,t delete it. (I'm on my IPad.)

Author AbbyGTV (1 month)
They are r actually short haired cats

Author dog1075hy (3 months)
I got that cat at 2:10 :D

Author susan ceredon (27 days)
And I have 4:00

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