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Author Bambusowy Pęd (2 months)
beng is for noobs yeaaaa

Author Tee Alliayah (1 month)
These guys are fucking hilarious!! Love them

Author Lance Jones (5 months)
I wonder what search engine Kevin uses...

Author allyangel2007 (2 months)
Why do they keep the front door open? If they closed it, the trucks in the
background would be less noisy

Author winnerscreed123 (5 days)
I love me some hodgies yeahhhh. 

Author Rachel Santana (4 months)
I knew a guy who was just south of 6ft tall who was muscular as hell

Author lola bigcups (10 months)
r u 4 real my aunt who r twins have twins & one her the 2 gen twins has a
set of twins!

Author AnoNeko100 (11 months)

Author Bettye Simmons (10 months)
What is Keith typing?

Author Cotton eye-joe (1 year)
37?? they look so much younger!

Author David Gonzalez (1 year)
damn sometimes Kevin be acting like Lenny from Mice and men haha

Author Russell Grier (5 months)
this is so old but still funny :D

Author Gavin Rhodes (10 months)
HODGES!!! have you guys ever went out with other twins befor .

Author Asia Alonzo-Rodriguez (1 year)
They are just sexi as hell.

Author MidNovembersDream (8 months)
what? Who misinformed you? Nah man, don't listen to those old wives tales
....They'll have you sounding uneducated and ignorant.

Author Metally Yanna (1 year)
wat website r they on

Author Cookie Crumbz (1 year)
you gatta go cuz

Author Daniel Irvin (9 months)
u want some poptarts?

Author Ron Meijers (10 months)
Twins cannot have twins? I know identical twins who BOTH got identical twin

Author Nickoli Melfus (10 months)

Author mynameisdrdoom (1 year)
u want their mushroom tips deep inside u, don't u

Author Skaler Vincenzo (9 months)
I was actually nakked I was just scared lol

Author T.Hanks (1 year)
Their both so sexy <3

Author PWNtwodeadly (6 months)
5:35 loooooool

Author Omar K (1 year)

Author maliyahjeter (1 year)
The first couple seconds of this video was some sexy shit! Ya'll were
giving the camera those come hither looks lol \

Author George Tyson (11 months)
Hey man i feel lonely............. Fuck you !

Author emari1000 (1 year)
lol wtf why? all he said was guggle

Author grondal08 (10 months)

Author Brite Yella (11 months)
"fuckouttheway" tattoo, HILARIOUS!!!

Author nick frausto (9 months)
Do pre-workouts break fast?

Author caramelhoney29 (10 months)
Kevin just started talking about websites lol

Author E Kirkwood (1 year)
LMAO kevin sounds like cleavon little from blazzing saddles

Author Imelda (8 months)
hahah! Googless where its at! Bing is for bitchesss! lol

Author T.Hanks (1 year)
Fuck you man, taste the rainbow xx

Author Paige Hogan (11 months)
Kevin and Keith, how old are you guys' kids? Kevin said he has four and
Keith had three.

Author TripsCloudsPureBliss (10 months)
Somebody please tell Kevin what disheveled means. lmao

Author FonzellJr (1 year)
do they fucking sound like gays to YOU!! they're twins for god sake not a

Author FroggyStyle (8 months)
lol you make it seem like having a twin is fact if the
hodgetwins have kids even though by law they are considered
cousins...genetically they are reall siblings o.O look it up

Author sirhclau (8 months)
i always wonder if these guys just talk like this regularly HAHA

Author BoneusCar (1 year)
lmaohahahah i'm dying right now. you fucked keith up that scream came out
of nowhere and was loud as fuck! 00:30

Author kastriotleci (9 months)
Kevins is a legend lmfao

Author Thomas Botica (1 year)
Learn to swim then bitch!

Author sweetandsaxy (8 months)
Pause at 58:51 and look at keiths face lol

Author Drake DC (1 year)
motherfucker, every time i see a grav like yours i always wipe my computer

Author Bashie Abu (11 months)

Author SuperCutensweet (1 year)
Keith be looking like "Kevin stfu" lmao

Author oiyou15 (9 months)
Watch the video.

Author OJ9779 (9 months)
u guys are awsome!!!

Author djzeber (11 months)
Thought there was some shit on my screen but its ur stupid picture -_-

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