Dollar Store Hitler

After losing the war, Hitler gets a job at a dollar store in Berlin.

This is a parody, and parodies are fair use according to this:

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Author Claire Scully (13 days)
A dollar store in Germany?!?! You are aware that Germany's currency is

Author graceeschannel800 (4 months)
Lol "since we are about to lose the war I've started looking for a new job"

Author Showgirl7able (1 month)

Author xCivil_Protection (4 months)
after those parodies Downfall never will be the same... XD

Author thestone30080 (1 month)
Have you notice that when you go some store they sell DVD movies for less
than $5, they're all box office failure films.

Author Megafooable (5 months)
my favorite part is his name tag. Dolfy

Author Nicholas Roberts (6 months)
What movie is this?

Author Joyce Gleason (3 months)
I like that music at 3:34. It was really funny. Where did you get that

Author DarkTheXone (3 months)

Author GENO AND UBOAAああ (3 months)
A dollar

Author Zavrø (3 months)
Shouldn't it be "Reichsmark store"?

Author dacup555 (3 months)

Author dukesgrill (4 months)
Hitler over-sleeps. Priceless!

Author grimlund (4 months)
"Fegelein"..."Fegelein"....I´m laughing my as off....

Author Flutterzancia Corporation (4 months)
very cool , FEGELEIN XD

Author moarapples123 (5 months)

Author Χρήστος Παπανδρέου (5 months)
LOL, hello my name is DOLPHY

Author Snivinerior (5 months)

Author diiP8 (9 months)
If a dollar means Fegelein, I WANT 9 THOUSANDS OF FEGELEINS

Author AdolfTallentDay ZeroOne (6 months)
2:20 Did Günsche randomly bring that chair into the store with him? Or is
the store selling that? XD

Author Chairman Meow (7 months)

Author Markus Axmacher (8 months)

Author Mark Meyers (8 months)

Author Anthony Ramirez (9 months)

Author ZeroNitroMan (9 months)
Fegelein = Dollar. Seems to legit.

Author flux overdrive (9 months)

Author 9540400 (9 months)
Wow, 1440p

Author rammice (9 months)
Damn that Fegelein

Author Ramon Daniel (1 year)

Author thelovebat (10 months)
I noticed 1440p in the video quality? What's 1440p?

Author HobbaxGames (1 year)
I wish in the job they would give you a second chance in this thirld world
country i love, they don't give you a chance the worst thing is they abuse
of you.

Author Monys (1 year)

Author Erich Kessler (1 year)

Author JerseyMane (1 year)
If you can't take a joke,This website isn't for you.

Author EclipseFreak (1 year)
hahahaha, i love it...very original. Great job

Author Granma Phil (1 year)
And change the currency to BONK!

Author baalsaak (1 year)
Since it's a joke

Author Blitzbanmagarin (1 year)
2:23 weidling = dolfy

Author Hermann Fegelein (1 year)
u r the one who loves me. banging the table in ur office day& night
shouting my name, while i'm banging all the chics in the bunker. so kill
urself first :)

Author randomaccountonface (1 year)
A dollar store in Nazi Germany.. I see..

Author kallestahling (1 year)
Damn you Lenin!

Author LadyhawksLairDotCom (1 year)
Too bad Downfall figurines would be taken the wrong way, isn't it? I'd like
a Hitler and a Fegelein and a Gunsche, please.

Author Köokaburra the Kingfisher (1 year)
Fegelein is DOLLAR. I knew it all along!

Author Hermann Fegelein (11 months)
I told Günsche to do that.

Author tesshu4 (1 year)
good one there but it was Günshe. or something like that.

Author Pavel Morozov (1 year)
I can explain LMAO

Author Hermann Fegelein (1 year)
Just piss off Dolfy with an antic, and i'm all yours darling ;)

Author Herc HQ (1 year)
lol stop it with your 5 accounts xD

Author Hermann Fegelein (1 year)
well, i have an account in 'bank of chuck norris' !!! that will do.. :D

Author Moist Bananas (10 months)
Handover that dick

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