Pond Barracks 2011

Here is a video tour of the old barracks in Amberg, Germany. There is one set of barracks that looks unchanged, but the rest have been remodeled.

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Author Ken Durham (2 months)
Great video, I was stationed in How Battery 76-80, had a great time there
and met some locals from Hirschau and spent alot of time over there with
some buddies.

Author Ray Clarkson (3 months)
Wow,really looks different 83-85 L troop..

Author Charles Harlow (2 months)
We were stationed there from 1960 to 65. If you are standing on the parade
ground facing the Mess Hall 1st building on the right was K Troop! Where
dad was.

Author vincent sartin (2 months)
I Troop 85/86

Author taint1111 (1 year)
Thanks for the tour, I was stationed there from 1984-1986 in K-troop. Many
nights i remember coming back thru the main gate from a long night at the
Melody ... Speedy would drop us off or we would stumble back on foot . Hans
got us back one night in his Chevrolet.. I do miss that place!!

Author trywynbry (1 year)
Thank you for that revisit. I was there from 89 till after the desert May
of 91

Author tedstigers (2 years)
Glad you enjoyed it. Going back there brought back a flood of memories, but
it wasn't the same without all of my old buddies.

Author tedstigers (7 months)
I don't recall "the Swoop"--what was it?

Author 1KIOWAWARRIOR (2 years)
Wow...what a flood of memories for me. I was with the 4/2 ACR at Feucht
Army Airfield from 1987-1991, but was assigned to 3/2 at Pond for a year as
the Squadron CDR's helicopter crewchief. I met a lot of great people there.

Author bushwick (1 year)
Did the base really close in 92? i thought it was 95. i also heard the
shoppette remained opened for years after because of all the americans
still there.

Author NoSpamz4Me (6 months)
I was there 85-87 in HHT. Man, the old homestead sure has changed.

Author tedstigers (2 years)
It was worthwhile, and I appreciated the opportunity to go back. It was a
little sad to see HQ gone and HWB gone. Time rolls on I guess. I was also
there during Desert Storm in HWB.

Author tedstigers (1 year)
No, I am from Fla. I only knew a few guys outside of HWB. Kenny Campbell
was one of them, and he was from TN, but I mostly hung out with the guys
from HWB.

Author trywynbry (1 year)
I forgot to mention the downtown video. If you were asking me. No Idont
remember who you are. But are you from Nashville?

Author trywynbry (1 year)
Oh yeah. Sorry. I was part of L-Troop. You mustve been in HWB for the
effort you put in to find the misplaced barracks. Thanks again and God Bless

Author tedstigers (1 year)
Yes, I was in HWB. I am glad you enjoyed the video. I also shot some video
of downtown. Thanks and God bless.

Author chaiyz1 (2 years)
Wow, that place has sure changed. BTW, in 89 L troop moved to the building
closest to the mess hall and I troop was the one closer to the HQ building
that is sadly missing now. Funny that H battery building is gone as it was
the last building occupied before the post closed in 92. I was in I troop
back then. Lots of memories, can't believe Roma's is gone. Wonder if the
Happy Rock is still in Wieden? Still "always ready"!

Author tedstigers (1 year)
Who could forget Speedy! I wonder whatever happened to him? Last I heard he
went to jail.

Author queenbee317 (2 years)
Thanks so much for posting this. I was there from 90-91 and went to Desert
Shield/Storm with 3/2 ACR. Of the two former barracks you mentioned as
belonging to L and I Troops, the one closest to the old mess hall was L (my
unit). I had always wanted to go back, but having seen your video now, I'm
not altogether sure I'd want to. Was it a worthwhile experience for you, or
did it make you a little sad? There was something about that old post that
got into the blood of everyone who served there.

Author 1KIOWAWARRIOR (1 year)
Sad to see Pond Barracks has gone the same way as 4/2's home at Feucht Army
Airfield where I spent 1987-1991. I spent almost a year at Pond as the SQDN
CDR's helicopter crewchief along with my pilot CW2 Toby Schlink. Had some
good friends there.

Author 37RRSmith (1 year)
Pond Barracks was also once the home of D Btry 2/57 ADA (IHAWK) until circa
1985 or 1986 when IHAWK units started to de-activate in Germany.

Author tedstigers (10 months)
Bingo! What's up Carpenter? What are you doing these days? I thought by now
you would have rejoined the Navy and won the world championship of Tecmo

Author Steven Helmick (2 years)
Thanks for posting the vedio. I was stationed there 87-91 in I troop. miss
that place.

Author NoSpamz4Me (6 months)
Col. Bird! Everyone called him "Swoop". As a matter of fact, I believe the
steps going into Headquarters were called "Swoop's Stoop".

Author mike carpenter (10 months)
LOL no I went on to Ft. Bragg are we deactivated. After that I got out and
worked as a kitchen manager for Applebee's for ten years while serving in
the national guard. I did get back to Germany once in Munich for only a few
weeks. Spent most of that time in the field. Right now I am a General
manager for Burger King. So you live in Florida? I live in North Carolina.
We should try to get together sometime this year. I'm willing to come down
there in November.

Author 37RRSmith (7 months)
When did they de-activate Pond Barracks??

Author Ron C (7 months)
I was there when they were deactivated.

Author mike carpenter (10 months)
Take that back. Corby? My memory isn't what it used to be.

Author Ron C (7 months)
so do you remember the Swoop?

Author Charles Harlow (1 year)
I was there for 1 month in 2009, just visiting people from my mom's side of

Author drunkstoner21 (2 years)
I was in how battery from jan 77 to june 79, mud diver for life. I loved
listening to the german people speak the language, and they made the
greatest beer I've ever tasted. I spent many a morning running to the ammo
dump and watching my motor sargent spitting up and smoking a pall mall red
right after. I really enjoyed being with all the girls that would have me.
My friend Bill Spears took my girl gerlinda from me but it was good for
him, we played some good basketball together.

Author Sniper5SFG (2 years)
Wow! I was there in 1986-88 timeframe. I was with 536th MP Co and we lived
in How Battery Barracks. Some of the things in town I remember are the
Melody Club, owned by Hans, the Tropicana, and the Scala bar. The guy at
the cleaners off post had a collection of guns at the lockup and was a
cowboy action shooter. We came in one night a little tanked up and broke
into that mess hall which was unlocked, and dug into some apple pie...

Author tedstigers (1 year)
Dude, have you figured out who I am yet?

Author Reggie Neel (2 years)
I really enjoyed the video. I was in How Battery from late 69 to may 71...
My wife is from Amberg and we were there in august 2010... We were told
that the apartments at Pond Barracks house refugees from Bosnia....

Author mike carpenter (1 year)
I was there when they closed it down. Served in Desert Storm with HWB.
tedstigers you and I probably served together. I was with 2nd squad with
SSg Johnson.

Author tedstigers (9 months)
I think we are going to do a reunion or something next year with some of
the guys. I am in touch with Schoener, Lancaster, Adams and Roberts.

Author Charles Harlow (1 year)
Nice video. Sure has changed. We left there in 1965, I was 15 yrs old and
lived in the housing area outside side gate. Went to elementary school on
base there. From there we transfered to Ft Riley. Brings back lots of

Author tedstigers (7 months)
1992 I believe.

Author mark gwartney (2 years)
nice video,i was with i troop from 87 to 90 then went to desert storm with
the big red one out of fort reiley ks.wish i could have gone with the cav
from the 3/2,hope ecvey one is well,alaways ready

Author mark eberlein (7 months)
i was stationed in amberg from 78-81 with delta batery 2-57 we shared the
barracks with how battery.thanks for the trip down memory lane

Author Ron C (7 months)
My wife and I have been married for 31 years. We met in Amberg, her family
still lives there. We would go to the Roma all the time, we miss it. Thank
you for the video. Are Camp Reed and May still around? BTW my name is

Author Rosette475 (6 months)
I was born there in 78...Military but off base.

Author BugsWisely (2 years)
I was L troop 77-78. Sheridans and 60's. When i was there L troop was in
fact next to headquarters, and the gym; just like chaiyz says. 'Throwing
cruits out the window'. Later depicted in the movie Buffalo Soldiers with
Wakeen Feenix and Ed Harris with the suggestion the soldier had fallen off
the roof while fixing como equipment. Ed Harris of course negates that
premise. L☺L My MOS was 11 Bravo so i was lucky enough to get reassigned in
Wiesbaden and Mainz woo hooooo!

Author lubovgeorgeable (6 months)
I was in M co from 86-90. Our building is one of the few too remain. Great
memories. Thanks

Author James Varnes (1 year)
Great video, I was stationed there from 1977-1980, I-Troop, 3/2 ACR. We
occupied the first barrack on the right after you came in the front gate.
Looks strange now! Had some good meals at the mess hall. I remember the
carnivals they used to have on the parade field. Great times. I remember
going to Camp Roetz and Camp May for 30 days at a time to run patrols on
the German-Czech border. thanks for sharing.

Author mike carpenter (10 months)
Your Martizez our driver right? And yes I still drink a lot of coffee. Not
quite a whole pot.

Author 37RRSmith (7 months)
I was stationed in Schweinfurt at A Btry 3/7 ADA @ Conn Barracks , I knew
soldiers who were stationed at D Btry 2/57 ADA which was at Pond Baracks

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