Austin & Ally- Steal Your Heart (first look)

I do not own this video... Guys.... Omg I'm crying ..... What the heck are you doin Austin? :c I was really mad at first but... I don't know what to do with my life anymore...

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Author mustachegirl101:) (1 year)
thank goodness because i was freaking out

Author emily hargrove (1 year)
hey i was wondering where you have seen tunes and trials at.can you send me
a link to it please

Author Kyrie Lynn (1 year)
Laura marano ;p And laura is fun and lovable and a great singer so idk wtf
are you talking about..

Author Alicia Jusinski (1 year)
when is this gonna happen?

Author Miss Benefit baby (1 year)
no... i read in the spoilers of tunes and trials, this episode, he sings
for all his ex girlfriends, but ally because the songs is FOR HER!! ya i
know how was kinda freaking out! he SINGS IT FOR HER CUZ HE NEVER WANTED TO

Author Kyrie Lynn (1 year)

Author Audrey Suwarno (1 year)
No, the songs written for Ally but Austin n Ally decided to wait to
officially date cause it was too awkward

Author melanie0219gonzalez (1 year)
I agree

Author Abby Niño (1 year)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! WTFUDGE IS RONG WITH uuuuu auslly way better every person
knows it am I right

Author Taylor Price (1 year)
wait.......if ally and austin are already together did he change his

Author PumkinPie6 (1 year)
I thought the song was for Ally? NOT kira!!!!! >:(

Author Omarque Sharpe (10 months)
me to

Author Abby Niño (1 year)
Calm down its for ally but he doesn't didn't u read the other comments:/
mika love

Author Vanessa Ostorga (10 months)
Keep scrolling for the right lyrics

Author jhenny ramos (1 year)
What the heck

Author Neha Mistry (1 year)
Did anyone else notice Trish had glasses

Author Ausllyplus Seddie (1 year)
where and how did you see it please send me the link!

Author 19DeeDee44 (1 year)
Okay ppl!!!! So austin writes this song about ALLY and he sings its to all
his past girlfriends amd telling them that ALLY stole his heart!!!!! K ppl
so he is in love with ally!!! Just to clear everything up :)

Author TheHungerGamesNo1Fan (1 year)
Guys don't worry he does not sing it to Kira as you see at the end he grabs
that girl from magazines and made up stuff (the one who can't SPEEK
English) but he sings to everyone he's been out with but ally because the
song is about her and apparently at the end trish asks why he dident sing
to ally and he admitted it was about her

Author Abby Niño (1 year)
Are u the real laura marano? @LauraMarano

Author Sophia Breslin (1 year)
And before the girl you got me crazy he says I got it bad,

Author XxAwesomenessxX (1 year)
no its for Ally he sings the song to everyone but ally because its about her

Author Valery Ramirez (1 year)
What is Kira doing here? SHOO KIRA! POOF!GONE!

Author baileymcmanus02 (1 year)
Oh god was he signing that to kira

Author ukiss4ever7 (1 year)
And I don't think she will because she knows Austin likes Ally, not her.

Author Sweet (1 year)
Jeez, you children need to calm the hell down. The show is called AUSTIN
AND ALLY. Even if they're not together in this episode, it's obvious
they're going to be together in the end. So stop freaking out over Kira
(who is a GREAT character, btw) and just enjoy the show and the song. It's
not the end of the world.

Author Lexi collins (10 months)
i think he wrote it for ally because those were all his exes.

Author Kyrie Lynn (1 year)
eww kira ewwwwww never what the crap? kira and Austin will never work out

Author lynn miller (10 months)
Is this episode already out ?

Author Kyrie Lynn (1 year)
relax the song is really for ally but he's to shy to admit :p

Author demilovato6789able (11 months)
What happens is that austin sings te song in court beause some lady said
that it was her song. But austin wrote it.

Author patrick grammer (10 months)
the song is about ally he is hiding it so ally wont know

Author Mahlet Getenet (1 year)
but she is pretty here and in real life

Author izzybizzy423 (1 year)
Omg Laura do u have a channel

Author TheSkyeCrumbles (1 year)
It's because the song is about Ally so he didn't wanna sing it to her, but
all of his other ex-girlfriends.

Author Disney Lover (1 year)
just wait for the episode GOSH!

Author mika love (1 year)
HAPPENED TO AUSLLY !?!??!? :'( this is craycray :0 TEAM AUSLLY WHO

Author Eric Avakian (9 months)
Love the song

Author ljlgjf (1 year)
Still can't stand Kira...I couldn't from the beginning

Author TheBoothbyx (1 year)
Are you fucking kidding me!-.- WHYYYYYY T-T

Author mayelin uribe (10 months)
and at the end of the video he says to trish it was for ally not kira but
she still sucks

Author HannalovesR5 (11 months)
lol u dunno what to do with ur life anymore after this? whats gonna happen
when the show is over? ik i dont even wanna think about it all ill have
left is r5

Author HannalovesR5 (11 months)
he sang it for ally to kira and brooke his ex girlfriends im thinkin its
makin them jealous in attempt to get ally back lol

Author Jeffrey Estimond (9 months)
that a good song

Author Eric Avakian (9 months)
I love the song

Author Vanessa Ostorga (11 months)
Supposedly this episode is supposed to premier in October but I might be

Author Olivia Dickson (1 year)
He's shy to sing to ally FFA

Author Jordan Muegge (1 year)
Song sounds awesome! Are they in a court room?

Author ajay mccarter (1 year)
yeah ;( < / 3 i know its sad it happens in the next episode coming up it's
called "couples and careers" ;(

Author Sophia Breslin (1 year)
This is the lyrics to the part where they are still talking in the
background: girl you got me crazy, the way you dancing, your gonna make you
make me steal your heart steal your heart cause no matter what you do I'm
gonna steal your heart

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