Fuego XII and Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz at 2010 WEG Grand Prix Freestyle

Please play on 360p for best viewing! Here is Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz with Fuego XII 2010 WEG. This was the little horse THAT COULD! JUST AMAZING TO SEE! I will be putting more video up! Please check us out at!

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Author cjdres2010 (4 years)
Thank you for posting

Author baylee93 (4 years)
That. Was. Amazing!

Author Bianca Terrell del Castillo (3 years)
i wish there were more horses like this at the top level they really bring
the culture into the sport :)

Author Mysticluva4eva (4 years)
did any one else get chills watching this?!?! and i LOVE the spook at the
end :)

Author Hannah Westbrook (3 years)
@Cardino1993 *Grey I think he's better than Totilas - uses his back end
more. Totilas just does working trot with his back end in his extended
trots and if you compare him and Mistral Hojris or Fuego XII then they both
step over better in half pass and actually lift their back ends off of the
floor (Totilas's expressive front end distracts the eye)

Author CPohlkamp (4 years)
What an excellent performance. Too bad he only got 4th overall. He is
pretty amazing, rider and horse!

Author maneimports (4 years)
You are very welcome! Keep enjoying!

Author Karen Mollman (4 years)
Watched this Friday night and they made me cry! A pure joy to watch. Don't
know how they held it together with all the crown noise. I wish people
would remember that these horses have their roots in the origin of dressage
and that warmbloods used to pull the plows. :) Hope to see many more
Iberians in the future!

Author vixitrixalina (3 years)
this makes me cry a little with happiness every time i see it - the music
is SO uplifting and Juan and Fuego's bond is just inspiring... this is
horsemanship at its best. it's so clear how much Juan loves his horse and
how proud he is. this was the best ride of the night.....maybe one of the
best i've seen, i may be converting from camp Totilas to camp Fuego!

Author bryan gauson (1 year)
what a display the judges must have been embarassed to put him 5th when he
gets a crowd reaction of this magnitudewell done be an individual not a

Author Black Horse Productions (4 years)
Thanks for posting this, it's lovely to see an Iberian horse showing what
they can do at the top end of dressage. A fabulously entertaining test...
and those flying changes on a circle followed by one-times with just a
single hand on the reins was just jaw-dropping!

Author LuverofHunters (4 years)
absolutely beautiful! (*:

Author tanya2horses (4 years)
@caballoselin Not highly the beginning tho , he could not keep
his feet still and throughout the test his feet were always more than
ready. At the end he was over startled when the rider celebrated his
performance by shooting up with his hat. Throughout he looked a little too
wound up on the top line but what a fantastic effort for both horse and
rider, in a highly nerve racking situation. I just thought it was an
amazing performance by both when both were under that much pressure.

Author MagnoliaDreaming (2 years)
I agree whole-heartedly. :)

Author ccfandalusians (4 years)
Thanks for sharing. I was fortunate to be there in the audience and can add
that this was a majical performance!

Author Simone Klemenz (4 years)

Author youhaventgotaprayer (4 years)
Amazing horse really! But isn't it Fuego XII?

Author kikingfriesian (2 years)
Andalusian, Pura Raza Espanol, or Spanish horse.

Author Zayden G (3 years)
@caballoselin Gotta love those sensitive horses. They notice every
movement. Whether you meant it or not. XD

Author Oliebol1123 (4 years)
@mafiatf or just horse dancing

Author yorkiesnbarrels (4 years)
What a WONDERFUL horse-

Author cheeseanbacon1 (1 year)
Stodgy judges indeed! It would be wise for them to review the history of
dressage and remember that the Baroque horses (Andalusians especially) were
the inspiration for the military moves that are performed in the dressage
ring today. High time the Spanish horse gets the credit it so richly

Author SomethingBlue13 (4 years)
This was an amazing performance!! I was there and can't believe he only got
an 81.45! What a great pair of horse and rider.

Author Jefrma (3 years)
1:10--> Now think and remember: am not ´trying´ to put either horse down-
when totilas made this move, it was all AWWWW Wow!!! But when a (lets get
real ppl) spanish horse does this, it gets less. why? because to a horse
like that, it aint such a "surprisingly" great act, more like normal would
you say? but still, it looks BEAUTIFUL and GREAT dont get me wrong ;)

Author OkamiNoYume (4 years)
Absolutely gorgeous animal, lovely performer, and the rider didn't
hyperflex him. I'm glad. However, his piaffe left a bit to be desired. It
didn't look as floaty and even as the Warmbloods, but nonetheless, great

Author tanya2horses (4 years)
I enjoyed most of this performance. The horse even tho nervous was lovely
to watch and the rider trying so to give the horse a go with no
reprimanding of movements not perfect. I would prefer to watch less perfect
movements in favour of harmony than the other way around. who cares about
the medal....yu show off. way to go.

Author bryan gauson (1 year)
this is free style the judges have got it wrong surely this was a medal
performance based on the 6 horses I viewed who also had errors not the
horse of this ones callibre or quality it simply dances and the typical
exuberance of a spanish rider who loves the horse and riding and what a
time to put on this performance

Author Laikangarou (2 years)
It's a PRE, Pure Spanish breed... also know as Andalusian.

Author transgirlnz (4 years)
simply stunning - everytime i watch this i wanna cry ..what a horse..what a

Author LovedbyLew (4 years)
What a Graceful Animal & Super Friend to ALL ...I am sure ~ Amazing !!!!!

Author Susan Buschmann (2 years)
this music is wonderful. Like to know the name of the song.

Author sango1161 (2 years)
he's beautiful

Author sufenta67 (2 years)
This was, by far, the most scintilating performance of the evening.!! The
audience response was incredible. I thought there might be a riot when his
score was announced and placed 5th, I think. Stodgy judges probably did not
like/approve of Juan Manuel's antics.....the audience did. It was as if
Juan Manuel and Fuego didn't care what their score was...they were
performing for the fans and NOT the judges.

Author mondydsp (4 years)
In a age where so much dressage has descended into 'pull-and-kick', Munoz
Diaz just provides an exemplary example of proper riding and superb
horsemanship. Such a pleasure to watch his riding.

Author chrissyluvhorsey (4 years)
yay for andalusions!!! its so nice to see a horse that isnt a big huge
warmblood do so well at this level. its a shame that they werent in the

Author 3popmatapoesia (4 years)
thank you so much for the video =D his ride was just the AWESOMEST!

Author jinetepre (3 years)
Fuego XII ha dejado claro la funcionalidad del PRE para la Doma!

Author LaCabanaNG (4 years)
You can support Spanish team in facebook ¡ YO ESTOY CON LA TORDA !

Author xemily09x (4 years)
riugvjkdfnasdbfiucjx my heart rate is so elevated after watching this. I'm

Author KimMinh66 (4 years)
Merci pour la vidéo ! Je suis fan de Fuego XII et de son cavalier !!!!!

Author LaCabanaNG (4 years)
Great moment, my friend, for ANDALUSIAN HORSE. Thanks for sharing

Author Maria Korine (3 years)
This horse is beautiful. He does a gorgeous half pass and extended trot,
and had some very nice moments when in passage. Very nice leg action, i
hate that thats the new fad, but he does it very well! Love the ending,
what a well deserved ride!

Author Bette Beane (4 years)
Wonderful to see what a horse can do when not "held onto" and forced.

Author cjdres2010 (4 years)
I was there and it was the most beautiful ride of the evening. the horse
was relaxed an the rider was amazing. It will be my fondest memory of WEG.

Author birdsboropa1 (4 years)
I was there for this and yes the medal winners were just that, but this
horse brought amazing heart and personality to the ring and had everyone on
their feet for the longest standing ovation if not the only standing
ovation of the night! For me, this horse was the winner, he truly brought
something wonderful and unexpected to the ring, he brought everyone to
their feet and I was shocked to hear the crowd boo the judges.

Author yorkiesnbarrels (4 years)
I completely agree with Birdsboropa1, I saw good horses and better scores
that night, but I am certain everybody went to their homes around the WORLD
remembering this special ride! The crowd told Feugo about his fine job- and
it will not be soon forgotten.

Author Oliebol1123 (4 years)
@mafiatf Fuego XIII and Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz at 2010 WEG Grand Prix

Author elsabio62 (3 years)
@pitchblackdam38 Same horses are for sale in Yeguada CARDENAS. in ECIJA

Author Cardino1993 (4 years)
The answer of Totilas, only in white ;)

Author gottoride2 (4 years)
Amazing!!! I love how the rider flew up his hat and the horse spooked a bit
at the end :P hes like WHOA whats happeneing xD lol so cute :) awesome

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