Groundhog Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania

Grounghog Hunting with Leatherwoodoutdoors. Collection of footage from Brock Shaffer, Hunter Ruby, John Royer, Ryan Toth, Brady McCauley, Shane Reed and Trevor Reed all taken in Armstrong and Clarion county Pa in 2011.

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Author Eric Clapton (5 days)
7mm for groundhog hunting? Does that not make the rounds more costly than
they need be?

Author dustin reid (9 days)
No trouble to see the vapour trail. Try using tracers there pretty wicked
to watch 

Author firdaus adi (11 days)
whay you kill ..???

Author PappyDC1 (1 month)
Yikes! Good shootin'!

Author justin b (1 month)
Faggots stop bitching there ground hogs if you don't like it why the hell watching it

Author zets13 (1 month)
When you give a gun to a FAT FUCK with a small cock , nature is in belongs to those poor animals too, you know!

Author Ricardo Olvera (2 months)
what u kill for? just for funny ? 

Author Kendall Stanton (5 months)
Aww I like ground hogs

Author Steve Starr (20 days)
We have so many groundhogs in Pennsylvania, there one of the most
destructive pest we have in this state. If you have dogs or cats, feed the
hogs you kill to your pets. Groundhog meat is a far better source of
protean than anything you will find in commercial pet food. Groundhog is a
very beefy tasting animal.

Author CarpenterHunts (17 days)
Great video guys. As a fellow chucker myself I love the impact shots. Nice

Author EchoFive Knives (5 months)
Awesome vid! SUB'D!

Author Harvey Patton (19 days)
Chucks are fun!

Author Detail8585 (1 month)
Exactly the video I was hoping for, good shooting guys!

Author Parasmunt (2 months)
Unless you eat that meat use that fur your just a stupid asshole.

Even then (and I say that as a vegan)...

Author Eric Clapton (5 days)
Is the 22-250 adequate for hunting coyote? I am looking for an all-round
varmit rifle? Also, would you spend extra for a heavy barrel (a bench-rest
set up)?

Author Dominic Lidderdale (3 months)
how many did yall shoot

Author Frank Sulka (4 months)
Destructive little bastiges. 

Author Cole Rozendaal (4 months)
Hey! Big fan, by the way, and I was quite curious about this. What do you
do with the groundhogs after the hunt?

Author Take Detour (11 months)
No more seeing his shadow. RIP puxatony phil :-(

Author Leatherwoodoutdoors (2 years)
@kevinhunts They are not bad if cooked properly. The best are the small
ones to eat.

Author 1bruise (1 year)
Hard on farming equipment so they smoke em

Author Fausto Toribio (1 year)
Fuck u I was born on groundhogs day

Author Logan Wilson (2 years)
i love how you can see the swirl of the bullet

Author aaaaa0000000000 (1 year)
Damn, the local farmers must love you boys! some of the most enjoyable 8
minutes on youtube!

Author Josh N (10 months)
I feel bad for the little guys.. Then again, I'm not a hunter.

Author southerngraff (2 years)
My favorite channel on YouTube nice shooting guys

Author KamikazeHero6 (1 year)
Down in Fayette county PA the groundhogs don't like to die when you shoot
them hahaa

Author Leatherwoodoutdoors (9 months)
Both prone and sitting. Prone is better, but some bipods have a short
travel range for prone shooting and others have higher travel for sitting
postions. Out of all of us we use a mix of both. Some like the longer
bipods and others like the shorter ones.

Author Durty Dave (1 year)
2:53. Hahahahahaahahahhaa!!!!

Author cody frank (1 year)
do u silence your guns

Author sqc281 (1 year)
Hey good stuff on the segments introducing the rifles and what ammo you ran
through them. I have a question have any of you ran FMJ if so how did it
work out on impact?

Author Peidmonte89 (1 year)
ok well thanks for the input sir.

Author TheJackybobo (9 months)
you just made my day haha he's wavin bye haha

Author GoldenOliver (1 year)
Nite nite...LOL

Author Chad Kusenko (2 years)
7mm mag for groundhog? talk about blowin them to pieces.

Author Leatherwoodoutdoors (1 year)
we mostly hunt clarion and armstrong counties

Author Leatherwoodoutdoors (2 years)
@KoalaBear9526 I would imagine it would if you were close but here in Pa we
are not allowed to use air rifles for hunting.

Author KoalaBear9526 (2 years)
Nice couple of head shots you got there, would a pellet gun using some
hollow point .177 work to take down a ground hog it does for rabbits but
I'm just curious.

Author BAgMsucks (1 year)
Eat those groundhogs their good. look up on google on how to cook them
youll be surprised how good they are.

Author RacingBros153273 (1 year)
I want ALLLL these guns. Here u guys hunt.

Author Leatherwoodoutdoors (1 year)
Im not sure who has the longest kill shot. I know of one or two out to
600-650 yards and not sure if anyone has any further or not, but to find
places to shoot any further are hard to find around here.

Author BassMaster3350 (2 years)
@Leatherwoodoutdoors just attractant

Author Jerry Hicklen (1 year)
Things like this are out or mere stupidity! Hope the letter I sent to PETA
truly gets them on your butt! If you do not believe in that facy feel free
to email and I shall forward you what I sent them! You are sad folk!

Author Cameron Fairchild (2 years)
how many days of shooting did that take?

Author brotherluke96 (11 months)
Lol 2:43 45 Ill Just Lay Down A Minute I Gots A Headache lol

Author Dalton McQuown (1 year)
FACE HIM! haha

Author guitarplayer1338 (2 years)
@Leatherwoodoutdoors alright, thanks

Author TheBiddlerontheroof (9 months)
Lol. "Face him!"

Author crookedarrow archery (1 year)
Great video guys good way to help farmers thin out the whistle pig
population, looks like you guys have plenty of the destructive little

Author bowhunterdave (2 years)
You guys have shown me by far the best recurve hunting and now groundhog
hunting as well. 1st class real guys and no holding back!! I would love to
meet you guys and shoot a few arrows together. If y`all ever wanna shoot
some does here in Jersey, I have the room. PM me for contact info, you can
film here. I kill dozens of deer every year on crop deprivation permits. BHD

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