Groundhog Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania

Grounghog Hunting with Leatherwoodoutdoors. Collection of footage from Brock Shaffer, Hunter Ruby, John Royer, Ryan Toth, Brady McCauley, Shane Reed and Trevor Reed all taken in Armstrong and Clarion county Pa in 2011.

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Runtime: 8:13
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Author Paul Whitcomb (1 day)
Thanks for shooting those crows, too! The two animals I hate the worst.

Author italianrelic (10 days)
I like the head explosion shots

Author cdfgh1111 (3 months)
Saw one this am ....running under the neighbors house......and he was as
big as the big boy you held up in this vid......he don't know it yet but he
became a short timer today...good vid.

Author ShiningHaxorus (1 month)
1st one was gold

Author zets13 (5 months)
When you give a gun to a FAT FUCK with a small cock , nature is in belongs to those poor animals too, you know!

Author dustin reid (3 months)
No trouble to see the vapour trail. Try using tracers there pretty wicked
to watch 

Author frapesketo (21 day)
I wish some day we'll be watching a video in which a bullet hits you in the
head and the voice will be saying "Shoot him again!Ohhhhh hahaha!Nice shot
Mustafa!That's a big Fucking American Redneck asshole" And the world will
be so much better without your pathetic ass.

Author Ricardo Olvera (5 months)
what u kill for? just for funny ? 

Author Kendall Stanton (8 months)
Aww I like ground hogs

Author Eric Clapton (3 months)
7mm for groundhog hunting? Does that not make the rounds more costly than
they need be?

Author keddy velasquez (2 months)
What is the reason you kill this animal

Author firdaus adi (3 months)
whay you kill ..???

Author Cole Rozendaal (7 months)
Hey! Big fan, by the way, and I was quite curious about this. What do you
do with the groundhogs after the hunt?

Author Parasmunt (5 months)
Unless you eat that meat use that fur your just a stupid asshole.

Even then (and I say that as a vegan)...

Author Goldenchild795 (2 days)
Woodchucks are tough little bastards.. When I was a kid I used to hunt them
with a 22 short and I could never stop them.. It was the only ammo my Uncle
would trust me with

Author Eric Clapton (3 months)
Is the 22-250 adequate for hunting coyote? I am looking for an all-round
varmit rifle? Also, would you spend extra for a heavy barrel (a bench-rest
set up)?

Author tim terrill (6 days)
buck a chuck!!! great shooting!

Author PappyDC1 (4 months)
Yikes! Good shootin'!

Author Bigdog Fang (1 month)
I was laughing the hole time nice shooting

Author justin b (4 months)
Faggots stop bitching there ground hogs if you don't like it why the hell watching it

Author Mitchell Karp (18 days)
How fucking arrogant to say it's okay to shoot woodchucks as they are
pests. What this video demonstrates is how ignorant and unenlightened we
can be when we are all wrapped up in self. I see this video for what it
is; just one more attempt to rationalize acting out of the dark side of our
nature. I believe in karma, so I am not concerned about this individual as
he will get what's coming to him. One cannot escape the consequences of
their actions. It's simply the law of physics; for every action, there is a
equal and opposite reaction. 

Author Ghacobie Bell (2 months)
I say good shootin, just don't go shootin people, especially black people,
we don't like getting shot

Author Luis Morales (1 month)
the human is the only animal that killed for fun.

Author Piixel Forthewin (1 month)
most people that dont like seeing this are from big cities where guns are
shunned and are hated because of hate crimes or because of some local
shootings that went on, this video isnt hurting anyone and it helps the
farmers it's like shooting carp what is the point of that there not used
for anything people dont eat them it is the same concept their a bother to
everyone around just like these ground hogs they destroy crops and ruin it
for some of the farmers there for they want them gone if u are from a small
town where farming is a part of your life u will understand this video if
your a treehugger and dont like video's like this dont watch it because no
one wants to see your stupid comments.

Author Tyler F (2 months)
Freaking red necks

Author Zackery Ferrell (2 months)
on the first shot you can see the grass move from the bullet AWESOME

Author Cgem201 (18 days)
Some really great shooting. Those rifles are super. I used to do the same
with my 22, closer range, but its hard to find ammo anymore. I heard
someone say Obama is buying up all the ammo. These bleeding heart cry
babies on here have no idea the damage these furry pests can do to farms.
Too bad we can't export them to China. They could made McGroundhog burgers
out of them.

Author EchoFive Knives (8 months)
Awesome vid! SUB'D!

Author Detail8585 (4 months)
Exactly the video I was hoping for, good shooting guys!

Author Shane Miller (1 month)
If someone says you're only killing hogs for fun, they are idiots. Fuck
yeah it's fun. But groundhogs (woodchucks, whistle pigs) are nuisances that
leave bulls and other cattle with broken legs and destroy crops, as well as
serving no use in the ecosystem except as food for foxes and coyotes (which
you wanna kill anyway because they destroy your animals). Eliminating them
does no harm, only good. And if you have fun firing your rifle, as much as
you would on a range, what's the difference. 

Author Steve Starr (3 months)
We have so many groundhogs in Pennsylvania, there one of the most
destructive pest we have in this state. If you have dogs or cats, feed the
hogs you kill to your pets. Groundhog meat is a far better source of
protean than anything you will find in commercial pet food. Groundhog is a
very beefy tasting animal.

Author chris hrubik (3 months)
great opening shot!

Author Dominic Lidderdale (7 months)
how many did yall shoot

Author Frank Sulka (8 months)
Destructive little bastiges. 

Author Antoine TANT (1 month)
connard va

Author Macey VoiceOver (2 months)
Shoot em! Face em! I was saying the same thing! You guys are awesome

Author Harvey Patton (3 months)
Chucks are fun!

Author steinderbush (24 days)
Nice vid!! You guys are Marksmen!! that .22-250 round is very strong i
guess! Can you eat groundhogs like rabbits???

Author Luis Morales (1 month)
00:19 a pig boy

Author B1acksh0es (3 months)
If you don't eat them your a cruel asshole 

Author Christopher Maningas (11 days)
Great shooting guys! wish I was able to do this...these bastards fuck up my
moms garden every year....the garden is fenced off and they still manage to
get in. Their a nuisance!

Author Brett Tannehill (21 day)
No animals were harmed in the making of this movie. /flex.. Kill all them
pot hole making f%@ks.

Author junghwan song (2 months)

Author CarpenterHunts (3 months)
Great video guys. As a fellow chucker myself I love the impact shots. Nice

Author peter devit (5 months)
one of the best videos I have ever seen

Author Adam Gavitt (4 months)
I'm going out this week got the 6mm sighted in and ready to go

Author Down'Wind Hunter (3 months)
Thathats what red necks like to do I guess

Author GypsyMoFoJoe (3 months)
Sandy said "kill all the Golfers" not all the Gophers, you git!!

Author Gta King (5 months)
Whould u like it if I fucking shot u ya dick heads

Author xuxixoong (6 days)
The meat must be tasty...can I have some? Don't let it go to waste...

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