【Kagamine Rin • Len Append】Love, Hate, Love!!

Aye, It's not letting me add the song info so just ask for things and I could probably help. ;w;

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Author Kraze2341 (6 months)
what anime? or is it just fan characters?

Author MyeandOblivion (3 months)
o_o at 404, reference to Butterfly on your Right Shoulder! 

Author Rin Kagamine (7 months)

Author DeathToPopsicles (3 years)
@rosepetal29 yeah, I'm highly aware of that :3 just admiring the cuteness
of his accent.

Author MangaAndVideogamer (2 years)
Len's faces are the best in this. XDDD

Author XxMissbombomxX (1 year)
There are subbed versions all over YouTube. xD Just type in Like, Dislike
eng subbed :3

Author 2bedtime (3 years)
Add english subtitles please! ^^ Love this song! c:

Author elloKirby (2 years)
You know I feel ashamed of myself cause I thought at this whole pv rin and
len were using their regular voicebanks instead of using their appends...

Author Momiji Takanii (1 year)
*flails* IVE TRIED BUT THEY'RE ALL- Oh... *derp*

Author KatiecatKarolynpeace (3 years)
is Len's fly down in 2:03? o_o

Author Yuri Kim (3 years)
FFFFF SO cute! *^*

Author yuiphantomhive1 (2 years)
oh god len.....ftw...who the fuck would like to put a bottle cap on his

Author Christine Loh (3 years)
len so ugly when grow up

Author kuroxxciel (2 years)
Hope Len's songs were all appends so his Voice will sound like a Man~

Author Pineapple Time (3 years)
*sees top comments* uggh... you know, Rin is in this video too! D:< stupid
youtubers... *grumble* ...only talk about Len... *grumble* stupid girly
boy... but I still like this video. Rin is so cuute~

Author Tartaryn138 (2 years)
@FantageEve Len: YOU KNOW IT -pervy face- Sorry... i just had to... 8D

Author Rozeluxe Eienhart (3 years)
Hanatan's version of this song is LOVE. <3 Rin x Len, go! 8D

Author MaximumR123 (3 years)
i loled so hard on some of the faces Len made :D but this is soooo cute :3

Author NibbleTheKitty (1 year)
LOL. Len is a stalker!!!

Author Lufflable (3 years)
1:27, She has six fingers x:

Author MoroFullmetal (3 years)
@zoewoewoowoo Both top comments in one~! FTW! XD

Author TrancyRabbit (3 years)
I have the biggest smile on my face right now~ >v< Such a cute song. I want
english subs now damn it!!

Author Kissmekitty1 (3 years)
X3 cutest video ever!!! KAWII!! <3 XD LMAO 3:25 omg LMAO!! XD

Author Rena Heart (3 years)
@lenkmine :D really?!

Author XShadoumonsutaX (2 years)
Anyone else see the subliminal Bleach advertising at 3:56?

Author Tyxks (3 years)
The song is called 'Like, Dislike' is that why you can't find the lyrics?
^^ . . . There's always differences in translation. ' 3 '

Author Zantillia (2 years)
LEN?! D8 You... You've changed.... T^T Though its nice to hear his high
voice is still as feminine as hell. xD

Author Gumi Mastherson (3 years)
I love song!!!! :D

Author bananas are cool (3 years)
is there a download link~~~

Author Joanna Mendiola (3 years)
so this is what len leard from kaito ....

Author yanimefuntime123 (3 years)
i wuv her picture in 3:35

Author Brianna Day (1 year)
Len is forever a pervert... —_—'

Author bonkai99 (3 years)
3:24 is the best part of the entire PV.

Author Lurexia (3 years)
Isn't this song called "Like, Dislike"? (Or "Suki Kirai"?)

Author animechukokoro (3 years)
@animechukokoro scratch that! I made a mistake, it's not! Gomen!

Author XxMissbombomxX (1 year)
~Patpat~ There there. ;u;

Author Flakynne (3 years)
Who dont love this video??! :O

Author gbmaster22 (3 years)
I love this song but on the nico nico website it was called "Like,Dislike"
so i was confused....But i still love it.

Author 02Tsukinawa (3 years)
@TrancyRabbit There already is a subbed version ovo

Author Amalie TehFujoshi (2 years)
LOL at 2:39 XD he's a man now

Author canary767 (2 years)
Do i like or dislike Rin and len? *smashes LOVE button* Sorry i raped it
then it broke

Author Pineapple Time (2 years)
that annoying moment when the top two comments are EXACTLY the same...

Author xmaple1x (3 years)
Best couple ever !

Author CopperPudding (3 years)
The art's so cute!! X3 I wish I knew what they were saying...;3;

Author MizukiYamaguchi (3 years)
Dear Replay Button, sorry that i broke you. yours truley, MY

Author Rinny Chan (3 years)
(Love,Hate Love) Love(Suki) Hate(Kirai) Love(Suki)

Author batch (2 years)
i laughed so hard at the way Len looked at 2:38 and 3:25 lol. nothing
offensive its just really funny XD

Author cameron (3 years)
FUUUU THIS IS WHERE MY DESKTOP CAME FROM I thought it was random but its
from this PV. Hmm.

Author Mackenzie Krueger (3 years)
2:39 . . . beautiful . . . ._.

Author Momiji Takanii (1 year)
Is there a subbed video?.. ; - ;

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