Endurance Riding

Even though I've never done it, endurance riding looks incredible! I really really really want to try it! Which is why I made this vid. I suppose it's my tribute to endurance riding. Yes, I know, it's reeeeeeeelly bad but oh well. I hope it's not too awful! XP
The song is "Weekend" by Scooter.
All clips are from except for one of me riding at the start.
If you survive watching it, please comment but don't be rude. I know it's bad...

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A video about the Sport of endurance


Author Julia de Kock (1 month)
Coming from a endurance rider the most rewarding thing that you can get is
to finish and of all the footage the best parts were the end and were the
two women were talking to their horses. That is what's it all about, the
bond and love between horse and rider. Why there is only Arabs?? They are
bred to do endurance racing!! :)

Author James Houghton (4 years)
why are they all arabs

Author silverbrooke (5 years)
I don't think it is cruel. Not many horse sports are cruel, I suppose it's
more how the horse is treated and whether or not the horse is happy. =)

Author jett888 (4 years)
@wolfsvain- when you said the Foxtrotters winning than any other breed-
snce this is an ENDURANCE video- i was assuming you were talking about
winning at Endurance- the Arab wins the majority of the Endurance races-
the ACTHA and Natrc- aren't "Endurance" those are most trail riding/grading
types of events.

Author egghead1961 (6 years)
No problem, I know there are people that pick the bottles up, it's just the
first impression that people get. That ride looked way fun. I loved the
shots of the horse's legs moving down the trail. Great footing, I'm
envious. And I LOVE punk rock and heavy metal...just not to horses.

Author jerseyangel101 (3 years)
i have always wated to go endurance riding, it looks fun but i dont have a
horse so i cant

Author Rosie H (4 years)
we compete in endurance as a team in australia , it is the only horse sport
with so many hours and the most amazing rides. try endurance , you'll love
it even more when your an open rider and you can go as fast as you want.

Author silverbrooke (6 years)

Author EPRFowler (5 years)
Yea! Thats the way endurance riders ride!! LOL!!

Author Ntrlhrsgrl (6 years)
...That is a problem :S It helps do have very understanding parents :P Both
mine ride, and my dad does endurance with me. Why not try strapping for
someone?? Its really good experience.

Author 6Saf9 (4 years)
What's the name of the first song? P.S: Great job! :D

Author wolfsvain2 (4 years)
@jett888 I know around here there are more foxtrotters and I get the awards
booklet for NATRC and ACTHA. In them foxtrotters out number anyother breed,
and that's since 1989. I don't know about AERC that's a different thing
than the others. But yea you're right they're both good at it. :)

Author bell ward (5 years)
i cant find enduracne videos on that site?

Author ImkeLoeloe (5 years)
He i do also riding endurance. My mom ride's into the video at 1:00 and
1:30 =) Pretty cool =)

Author dadusika05 (4 years)
Endurance is really fun! I used to work at a barn where we bred and raced
arabians. I love the adrenaline and butterflies I get in my belly when I
race :D

Author Kaitlyn Melaney (2 years)
Awwe i saw Arabs <3 My horse is an Arab and im going on my first Endurance
races next weekend :) They look pretty fun!

Author xImkex3 (5 years)
& 1:30

Author silverbrooke (5 years)
*luaghs my dear little socks off* XP

Author jett888 (4 years)
@wolfsvain2 I don't think your moment about Missiouri foxtrotters winning
than any other breed is correct? Check out the AERC results, FEI- i think
arabians are the dominant breed- but either way- they are both good for it

Author ponytales2001 (6 years)
great vid.

Author Rienziful (4 years)
for now im only a show jumper, but i rly want to try endurance

Author EPRFowler (5 years)
awsome vid! though i don't recommend endurance, i gave it up after ma 5th
time out!!!

Author silverbrooke (6 years)
Thank you sooo much XD I'm so glad you liked it!!

Author JoeJB27 (3 years)
..............I know everyone likes arabians for this, but do you think a
quarter horse would work? :)

Author TheKillerz96 (4 years)
i'll be trying it in the next 3 months !!! yeah !!!!!

Author jett888 (4 years)
@EPRFowler Distance cures A LOT of problems- more saddle time, more
mileage- your "physco pony" will start appreciating rest time. :~{}

Author ontheline16 (4 years)
you should deffitanatly try it! i do it and its a blast!

Author pakatochip (5 years)
These riders have sloppy riding skills... I've always wanted to try
endurance riding. It looks like fun.

Author kokacolarox (3 years)
omg I LOVE THIS SPORT im sooo exited for the next race. im doin my first 50

Author silverbrooke (6 years)
lol you know as much about it as I do. I have no idea where to start! XP

Author CaGaPonies (2 years)
i love endurance<3

Author gyptar05 (5 years)
This isnt badd!!! its reli good :) i do endurance riding and it is
brilliant!! great vid x

Author silverbrooke (5 years)
Thank you so much! ^^ I wish I did! =D

Author TheSimoGamer (2 years)
@EPRFowler Good Luck :)

Author simusik12 (3 years)
This video is absolutely amazing ! :)

Author tokyobarnrat (2 years)
I love my sport.

Author silverbrooke (5 years)
lol sounds like good fun!

Author hottie1pie123 (3 years)
<3 it the best Endurance vid there is I have been doing Endurance for 3

Author horseluver343 (3 years)
I wanna do that! But i'm missing something. . . a horse!!

Author TheKillerz96 (4 years)
how can i put my video to THE ENDURANCE RIDING section ??????try watching
it at Thekillerz96

Author jett888 (4 years)
@Weaponsmaster8595 Not all horse have a "spazzy-edge" to them- my mare
True- who races many endurance events and usually places top 10- is not
edgy at all- nothing- no pulling and very well behaved- but the horses do
get excited as they are herd oriented and want to go/stay w/ the group- the
starts are my favorite part! Maybe more group riding would help your horse
take that edge off it??

Author EPRFowler (5 years)
I've gotten back into endurance and i'm doing awards next year!! On a crazy
mare, lol, but she's fab & i love her!!

Author Amber Straton (2 years)
I love endurance racing. I can enter my horse in an endurance race!

Author silverbrooke (6 years)
Thank You!!! =D It says in the info, but it's Weekend by Scooter!

Author Danee Rudy (4 years)
I am going to my first 25 mile ride at Old Dominion in less than a week.
Just hoping my horse and I hold up well- I have done show jumping at a
pretty high level and have dabbled in most equestrian sports, but this one
seems the most intense! Wish me luck!

Author MsKittyluv1510 (4 years)
i do enderance all the time its thee bestt!

Author wolfsvain2 (4 years)
I have a tennessee walker and a Quarab which I have been training and we
start in May!

Author lizajulia (5 years)
Niiice video! I really enjoyed watching it!

Author good looking (4 years)
good video ,I like it.

Author jett888 (4 years)
Any horse can do endurance- it just depends on how fast or where you want
to finish- remember, the endurance motto is: "To finish is to Win" It's a
sport that allows more breeds than I believe any other type of
race/competition. They have various disances from LD's (limited distance)
of 25 miles, to 50 milers, to 100 milers to multi day rides. It's a sport
that accomodates MANY!! It's about the ride, the relationship, and the
responsiblity of the partnership. So get out there! I LOVE it!!

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