Bergen Open 9-Ball 2013 - Efren Reyes VS Niels Feijen FINAL

FINAL Efren Reyes (0) VS Niels Feijen (0)
9-Ball, Race to 9, HC
Score: 9 - 2

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 68:52
Comments: 48

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Bergen Open 9-Ball 2013 - Niels Feijen VS Alejandro Carvajal

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Niels Feijen (0) VS Alejandro Carvajal (0) 9-Ball, Race to 9, HC Score: 9 - 2


Author joshua dizon (9 months)
galing ni efren talga:)

Author 13b1cdw10g (9 months)
I've never seen a more lethal, dominate 9-ball performance than what I saw
Neils Feijen do in the 2013 mosconi cup. 

Author samer alrooge (10 months)
this is not fair , Actually efren reyes he is the best pleayer in the hill
world really if you got one mistake with him , he well gonna finished all

Author onlycash (10 months)
is it just me or r the pockets super big....?

Author kevin parr (10 months)
Not the typical Niels we are used to seeing. I don't think he was 100%
mentally there. Efren didn't beat him. He beat himself. 

Author Jason Xin (1 year)
Bergen Open 9-Ball 2013 - Efren Reyes VS Niels Feijen FINAL

Author Joshua Burton (1 year)
Bergen 9-Ball Open 2013
Efren Reyes VS. Niels Feijen
Finals (Race to 9)

#pool #billiards #efrenreyes #bergenopen #twentythirteen #nineball
#billiardroom #poolsharks #everythingbilliards #racetonine #professional
#nielsfeijen #professionalcorner #crazy #awsome #new #youtubevideo 

Author bitatawa umbrakato (1 year)
what kind of table are they playing? is it goldcrown 4?

Author cousinx1976 (1 year)
Match starts at 0:10:10

Author imx3030i (1 year)
Efren Bata Reyes in the building!! This guy is quite possibly the best pool
player we will see in our lifetime and he is so humble its amazing! He is
truly deserving of the title of titles and the future generations should
take note! That is how you do it with class!! Efren is a 7 star world class
grand master! I realize this every-time i watch him play.

Author Roger Henry (1 year)
Also looks like they are racking high. 9-ball on the spot as opposed to the

Author khuong le (1 year)
efren #1

Author nickolas kline (1 year)
Niels isn't a bad player it's just that moment when the student learns from
the master.

Author Ric Juliano (1 year)
The great Efren the Magician, already at 60 and still got that magic
touch... see 13:17 and 54:25.... always entertaining to watch the living

Author Raqi Lewinsky (1 year)
These players are nothing to him no effort at all!

Author kingstaff4 (1 year)
Efren is truly one of the best out there. I've seen Efren pick racks apart
that nobody thought he would. It's hard not to respect a player of his
caliber. Not a fan of Neils, I was pleased he got taken out by the magician.

Author Kenneth Evia (1 year)
Labo nmn

Author gavin abellera (1 year)
championship ba ito?kc parang nagpapraktis lng c efren the king

Author meng pilay (1 year)
three balls has to cross the headline or make them after the break to
continue on

Author Women147 (1 year)
the break on 19:30? the one goes down? why efren is on the row?

Author Handsome FILIPINO (1 year)
That is our Philippine Pool Icon for you! A very humble, down to earth and
with sense of humor from Angeles City Pampanga Philippines!

Author Roger Henry (1 year)
Ok. Yeah I see that only the 1 and 8 go up table.

Author nimajnebrm (1 year)
Efren is still so amazing... he does make the game look effortless while
Niels seems to require more planning for his shots, and hits them harder
than required. Efren hits balls with pocket speed as much as possible and
moves the cue ball gracefully

Author Randy Neil (1 year)
Efren is still the Master of Cue Ball control and the King of Kick shots
and bank shots, no need to do jump shot. Many Americans have learned
position play and shot making ability from Efren, a true legend indeed.
Unequalled and still so humble, not common in a sports superstar.

Author nibols23 (1 year)
and the legend wins again!

Author NightwalkerAOR (1 year)
I love Efren Reyes even more than Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Uriah Heep
(background music).

Author Randro (1 year)
I just asked me the same question... The only thing i could guess is a kind
of special rule for this game... But don't know what kind of...

Author Thomas Hansen (1 year)
Just me, or is that really big pockets?

Author Charles Pinkett (1 year)
my time was off it's 19.30 the third rack

Author Charles Pinkett (1 year)
Ok the third game which was 19:45 Niels broke the balls and made one
however Efren starting shooting, What Happen there???

Author choo choo charlie (1 year)
why do they have to use this funny rack which slows down the game?

Author Andrew Ryan (1 year)
Niels is sooooooo boring to watch! Gah, he makes the game look so
difficult. On the other hand, like always Efren plays effortless. I will
give Niels one thing, he's a BEAST at 10 ball on a 10ft. Watch his match
against Alcano.

Author sinichi maki (1 year)
neils is a master of bigfoot tables... but still the magician works his

Author MrShark4488 (1 year)
Efren turns 59 on August 26th

Author Emilio Bolivar (1 year)
Reyes Knowing that he's facing number 1 in the world .He inspired and
brought the best of his strokes ,and raise so big . I delight his game as
always even if loose .He has a natural talent for this game. Congratulation.

Author aleluve13 (1 year)
i dont know if you already know the answer to ur question by the time i
answer this but after the break atleast three balls needed to past the
middle of the nils break was an illegal break.

Author patrick taporco (1 year)
soft break

Author Julian Trumpp (1 year)
Wow, Efren at its best! He plays a nice little 1000 Accu-Stats Rating! Long
time no see ;)

Author cristhian andres castro anchundia (1 year)
El mejor jugadór de billar pool de todos los tiempos

Author xaodxtvk (1 year)
that clapping sound in the end sounds like a chinese firecracker

Author fastballonly (1 year)
13:19 Efren kicks in the 5. I know I have to say I am not surprised, but it
is an awesome shot!!

Author ABVNRML2U (1 year)
I really like The Fruit Roll Up rack. *SMH*

Author Charles Pinkett (1 year)
Yes you already answered my question, thanks again

Author Mr. Ravi Varma (1 year)
Yes I agree cant even believe it. even i was very sad since i workout well
for abs but nothing was coming. Listen one of my friend working in fitness
field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. you
can see it here

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